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Main Features Of Clc Blocks.

   CLC Blocks are very light in weight – Density ranging from 400 to 1800 Kg/m3 can be produced as required.

   CLC Blocks are excellent for Earthquake Resistant Housing due to light weight – reducing dead weight by more than
    50% of the normal concrete. Multi-Storey high rise towers constructed has saved cement and steel to large extent,
    which can be verified on STAAD-III Computer Programme.

   CLC Blocks are excellent for Thermal and Sound insulation which keeps the house cool in Summer and warm in
    Winter saving energy/electricity for cooling and heating.

   CLC Blocks are “Environment-friendly” using more than 30% of “Fly Ash” from Thermal Power Stations and
    converting directly into valuable Building Materials. CLC Blocks will also replace “Clay Bricks” which is destroying
    Agricultural top soil. Our Technology will save Environment and Ecology from the hazardous & polluting material –
    Fly Ash and prevent destruction of Valuable Agricultural Land.

   CLC Blocks Production Plant can be Stationary or Mobile Unit – to be mounted on truck to manufacture CLC Blocks,
    Prefab reinforced Building Elements, and In-Situ Moulded Housing at site, will save breakage, transport charges and
    delay, etc.

   Cellular Lightweight Concrete is a self flowing concrete with ball bearing action to avoid Honeycomb and Voids in the

   CLC Blocks being light weight the handling and transportation is easy. The construction speed is 5 times more than
    the Clay Bricks construction.

   In-Situ Moulded Housing is excellent technology to Produce 5 to 20 houses per day by using simple machinery and
    moulds. The fast construction speed is a first necessity for quick Rehabilitation of Earthquake affected villages and
    towns or for the Rehabilitation of the villages displaced due to the major “Dam Projects” besides the Rehabilitation
    programme for the Slums in the Metro Politan Cities.

   In-Situ Moulded Houses have no joints and hence it will not damage by high intensity Earthquake or Cyclone. The
    doors, windows, sanitary and water pipes are inserted in the Moulds before pouring CLC in the Moulds resulting into
    a compact house without any maintenance cost for a long period.
    CLC Blocks are used regularly in more than 40 countries and more particularly by the Developing Countries.

    Micro Air Cells of CLC are intact, not interconnected as it is produced by Stable Foaming Agent. Therefore our
     product has very low Water Absorption avoiding any leakage, seepage or dampness in the walls and ceiling.

    House built with CLC Blocks do not require inside or outside plaster but if insisted only 6 mm thick plaster is
     sufficient for internal and external surface.

    Steel reinforcement is not required for the Ground Floor Housing with Sheet Roofing or CLC Panel Roofing. Any
     shrinkage can be avoided by using Synthetic Fibers, which adds to the strength of the concrete.

    CLC has basic raw material of Cement for the appropriate strength and hence the strength is increasing every year
     on Aging of the Concrete.

    CLC do not require stone aggregates and the Slurry of Cement, Sand, Fly Ash, Foam and Water can be pumped
     easily in length and height.

    CLC is excellent for Snow bound Cold Regions/Zones and also for Hot climate Desert Zones for the comfortable
     living. CLC Blocks can be produced in the remote Snow bound areas by our Mobile Production Unit. CLC Blocks can
     be transported by Mules to difficult terrains since the material is light weight.

    CLC is excellent Fire Retardant and can be used for fire fighting operations etc.

    CLC is excellent for Thermal Insulation and sound Insulation.

    CLC is excellent for Fire Breaks in the Buildings.


    1. 600 X 200 X 250 (24 X 8 X 9)
    2. 600 X 200 X 200 (24 X 8 X 8)
    3. 600 X 200 X 150 (24 X 8 X 6)
    4. 600 X 200 X 100 (24 X 8 X 4)

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