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									Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2013 - A single engine, but more dashing and less greedy.

The new generation B-Class 2013 will be several arguments to convince consumers that when he
arrived on the market in November. First, the engine, then the new box 7-speed dual-clutch and
safety equipment and technology, and finally, a new look inside and out. In addition, the car will be
priced at very competitive starting $ 29,000, a price lower than the previous generation. But it has
much more to offer.

One model, one engine

Forget the past criticism of the standard engine naturally aspirated. Mercedes will offer the turbo
version - at least for now. At the time of this writing, the manufacturer does not plan to add engines.
The B 250 2013 draws its power from a new four-cylinder turbocharged 2-liter more powerful and
more energy efficient. It produces - attention drum roll - a power of 208 hp and 258 lb-ft. Nobody
can say that the lack of car engine, or force. Remember that the cavalry of the old model had 156
horsepower turbo. Compared to the previous generation, there is a significant difference - a gain of

Automatic start / stop ECO series

 This engine promises a very good energy efficiency. Moreover, it has also been possible to reduce
fuel consumption by equipping the vehicle function start / stop ECO series. This feature automatically
cuts the engine when the vehicle is stopped.

Gearbox 7G-DCT

This mill is associated with a new gearbox 7G-DCT dual-clutch transmission with manual mode. This
transmission contributes to better fuel economy and enables better acceleration and faster times.
The function of multiple downshifts 7G-DCT allows, if necessary, demote several reports instead of
engaging each report one after another. In addition, thanks to the dual clutch, gear changes are
almost imperceptible.

Safety equipment serial impressive

The security features included in the base price of the Mercedes-Benz are numerous. The equipment
includes COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST system, which warns the driver of a collision risk. Using
radar technology, it continuously monitors the gap to the preceding vehicle and optimizes the
braking power as a function of the distance to the preceding vehicle. The list also includes 11 airbags,
the ADAPTIVE BRAKE with HOLD function, the detection system ATTENTION ASSIST, the Electronic
Stability Program (ESP), disc brakes 4-wheel ABS and BAS, the wipers with rain sensor and flat tires.

Dynamic new look

Class B went to the gym for a few workouts. Note the more athletic profile and flanks well cut. And
with options available, it can offer all the luxury, all the technology and all the protection you want.
Customers can customize according to their tastes and needs.

The following systems are also available:

System DISTONIC Plus
It automatically maintains the safety distance with the preceding vehicle,

COMAND APS with HDD navigation and DVD changer;

The Blind Spot:

It monitors the area that the driver is not able to visualize in his rearview mirror and exterior mirrors

It informs the driver by a visual signal if the system finds another vehicle in the area,

It informs the driver with an audible signal if the indicator is despite the visual signal.

The alarm Lane liabilities:

It alerts the driver by means of vibrations in the steering wheel as soon as involuntary exit of the
route followed is detected,

PARKTRONIC with the device using Active Park:

It seeks to make a parking space by using ultrasonic sensors,

It can take control of the steering wheel to quickly and accurately direct the vehicle to enter the
parking found;

Reversing camera:

She can see the COMAND display the area behind the vehicle.

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