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									                                                            Clay Shoe Sculpture 10-11

Mrs. Panico and Mrs. Fitzgerald
8th Grade - Shoe Project Criteria

                           CLAY SHOE PROJECT
  1. Detailed sketches of shoe are completed in sketchbook. Each viewpoint is
      drawn out.
  2. Shoes are constructed using slab and coil techniques.
  3. Shoes are 3 dimensional, realistic and balanced.
  4. Shoes are at least 6 inches in length and no more than 6 inches in height.
  5. At least one realistic, simulated textural element is visual on surface of
  6. Shoe design elements create movement and draw the eye completely
      around the sculpture.

    1. Create 3 sketches of your chosen shoe. All sides of shoe (3D) must be
       shown in sketches (top, bottom and side). Be sure to indicate where
       you will add texture.
    2. Use reference photos and your sketch as you create your shoe. This
       will help you visualize how to construct it out of clay.
    3. Construct shoe using slab and coil techniques. You may create a
       pattern of your shoe to be traced onto the clay if this will help you
       construct the base and sides.
    4. Add simulated texture to create a realistic looking shoe. Look for
       different tools that will help you achieve your desired affect.
    5. Dry slowly to avoid cracking.
    6. Once bisque fired, shoes are glazed and re-fired.
    7. Complete shoe critique.
    8. Optional: shoe box is created to house your shoe. Please decorate your
       shoe box with things that relate to you. Images should be put on using a
       collage technique (overlapping images).

Shoe Box Criteria:
Once your shoe is complete, please begin to gather images to decorate your shoe
box. These images will be put on using a collage technique. Below are some
ideas to consider:
                  Personal photographs
                  Magazine images reflective of personal interests
                  Cut out words that apply to interests or self
                                                                  Clay Shoe Sculpture 10-11

Note: Please refer to your modeling handouts for clay techniques and tools needed.
Remember you need to budget your class time wisely. If you need additional help or time
to work on your project, please make arrangements for after school help. Dates are
posted on the board (classroom) and on the website under extra help.

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