Grant Supply Request Form 1 by PL37mQi


									                                       OWEN COUNTY SCHOOLS
                              REQUEST FOR MATERIALS – GRANT FUNDS
                                 GATES, RURAL SCHOOLS, TITLE I, TITLE II
                     This form is to be used for all purchases involving the grant funds listed above.

       Staff member requesting materials will be responsible for entering the requisition into
                       eSchoolMall once the request has been approved.

Requestor’s Name                                 School/Office OCPS

Date                                    Vendor

Description of Items to be purchased:

Objective(s) of purchase (include how the materials will be used as it relates to your Classroom Needs and/or CSIP):

Select grant that would be used to pay for materials: Gates

Estimated cost of purchase:

All grant purchases made must be pre-approved by the Director of Instructional Support to ensure alignment with
school system policies and instructional priorities articulated in the school and/or district Needs Assessment and/or
Consolidated Plan.

    1. Materials purchased with grant funds must be clearly marked/labeled with the appropriate grant name.
    2. Technology purchases funded with Gates money must also have approval by Kentucky Department of Education.
    3. All serial numbers and model numbers must be documented and submitted to the Director of Instructional
       Support for the purpose of inventory when technology equipment or other equipment is purchase.
    4. Classroom teachers must keep an inventory of all items received using grant funds.

Approval-Director of Instructional Support:                              Date:

NOTE: This section will be completed upon receipt of technology equipment:

    1.   Item____________________________Price____________Serial #_____________________Model #_________
    2.   Item____________________________Price____________Serial #_____________________Model #_________
    3.   Item____________________________Price____________Serial #_____________________Model #_________
    4.   Item____________________________Price____________Serial #_____________________Model #_________
    5.   Item____________________________Price____________Serial #_____________________Model #_________

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