Substitute Folders should include: by HC120831164256


									                                         Sub Folder
Substitute Folders should include:

       -Teacher’s Name & Room Number
       -Teacher’s Schedule
       -Copy of the school’s bell schedule
       -Evacuation/Emergency Information
       -Seating Charts
       -Class Lists
       -Classroom Expectations (including dress code, electronics & tardies)
       -Referral Forms
       -Nurse Referrals
       -Classroom Expectations & Consequences

Emergency Lesson Plans – The lesson plans need to be easy to understand and should be a
master that can be used to make copies for your classes. There should be lessons for five days.

An example of a sub folder has been included below. Please feel free to use some of the
information in the example for your folder.
     Vela Middle School
      801 S. Palm Blvd.
         427- 3479

    Principal: Dr. Alicia Noyola

        Assistant Principals:
        Mr. Ruben Guajardo
          Mrs. BJ Cooley

          Mrs. Sandy Rios

          Front Office Staff:
Christina Ochoa, Front Office Contact
Margaret Gonzales, Attendance Clerk
       Nancy Garcia, Registrar
          Mrs. Garza, Nurse
                        Information for the Substitute

Teacher Name: Mrs. Kortan      Room#: SL-3
Grade Level & Subject: 7 Grade Science
Team: UTSA Team
Team Leader: Mr. Salazar – Room # 7-4 (Please see Mr. Salazar for any
questions you may have regarding my schedule or any of our students.)

                                Daily Schedule

1st Period – Personal Conference

Adv - This is our homeroom; it is a 20 minute period. No assignment needs to be
completed for this class

2nd Period – Team Conference (During this period, our team meets; however, you
are not required to be part of this meeting. No students should be in the room
during this period.)

3rd Period – Science

4th – Period – Pre-AP Science
       (During this period, you will hear a few bells. Please make note that the
students are not release until the 3rd bell. This bell rings at 11:43 A.M.)

5th Period – Lunch

6th Period – Science

7th Period – Pre-AP Science

8th Period – Pre-AP Science

9th Period – Science

       **Include any important notes that will help the sub throughout the day.
Remember that if students need to go to the learning lab, simply indicate the names
of the students who are allowed to go. Do not include any notes of the students’
academic plan, such as Special Education, 504, etc.

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