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					 Introduction to
Decision Making
  A 6-hour training for new
  SBDM Council members

Schools are ever-changing to
meet the high demands in the
21st century. What are school
councils doing to assist schools
in meeting these high
Kentucky’s Education Goals

1. Use basic speaking and math skills;
2. Apply core ideas from math, sciences,
   arts and humanities, social studies, and
   practical living studies;
3. Become independent individuals of good
4. Become responsible members of a family,
   work group, or community;
Kentucky’s Education Goals

5. Think and solve problems;
6. Connect and join experiences and new
   knowledge; and
7. Express their creativity in visual arts,
   music, dance, and drama.
The main school-based
decision making statute

KRS 160.345
         The School Council
Administrator   Teachers   Parent   Total
     1             3         2       6
     2             6         4       12
     3             9         6       18
  Required SBDM Policies
• Curriculum                 • Assignment with State
• Staff Time                   Standards, Technology
• Assignment of Students       Utilization and Program
  to Classes and Programs      Appraisal
• Schedule of Day/Week       • Consultation
• School Space               • Committees
• Instructional Practices    • Wellness
• Discipline and Classroom   • Writing
  Management                 • Advanced Placement
• Extracurricular Programs     Courses
Required SBDM Decisions
• Primary Program            • Principal Selection
• Flexible Grouping          • Mandated School Council
• Annual Review of Data        Member Training
• Meeting Frequency and      • School Budget
  Agenda                     • Reporting of Student
• Meetings                     Progress
• Number of Persons per      • School Improvement
  Job Classification           Planning
• Determining Textbooks,     • Professional
  Instructional Materials,     Development Plans
  and Student Support

Based on the knowledge
learned so far in this
session, what is one
decision area where you
believe a policy is
needed? Why?
       Regular Meetings

  KY Open Meetings Statutes

Why is a regularly scheduled meeting
important? Why would a school council or
the school council committee need an
Consultation is defined as the act of
conferring or deliberating with two or
more persons on some matter. With the
case of school councils, consultation
occurs when the school has a
personnel vacancy.
      Principal Selection
Principal selection is one of the most
important decisions that a school council will
make. During the principal selection
process, effective school councils should
value all opinions and work to
strengthen the entire team to
create positive results for
     School Improvement
• High quality instructional practices
• A well-designed curriculum, assessments,
  and instructional materials that are aligned
  with state and national standards
• Strong school leadership
     Unbridled Learning
1. Next-Generation Learners
2. Next-Generation Professionals
3. Next-Generation Instructional Programs
   and Supports
4. Next-Generation Schools and Districts
             Need Assessment
     Desired State                Current State                  Need (gap)

100% of 3rd grade            60% of 3rd grade             40% of 3rd grade
students will use phonics    students use phonics         students must be
knowledge and word           knowledge and word           provided with
parts to figure out how to   parts to figure out how to   interventions and
pronounce worked they        pronounce words they         strategies to learn to use
do not recognize.            do not recognize.            phonics knowledge and
                                                          work parts to figure out
                                                          how to pronounce words
                                                          they do recognize.
of Data
Root Cause
      Smart Goals

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

2.Instructional Supplies

What is one item about
school improvement that
you will take with you to
your first school council

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