School supply list by HC120831154435


									                                    School Supply List
                              Providence Classical Academy
                                       Grades 2-3

Scissors (sharp 5”)
Ruler (both cm and inches)
2-.77 oz. (22 gram) Elmer’s Glue sticks
4 oz. Elmer’s white glue
Plastic school box
48- #2 pencil, wood pre-sharpened
Map colors (24-count)
Pink Beveled Eraser (2)
Highlighter (any color)
2- Folders with pockets & brads
Notebook paper (1 pkg.)
2-spiral notebook s (college rule)
2-1” white 3-ring binder w/5 count dividers
2 boxes of 120ct. Kleenex tissue
2-roll paper towels
1-pkg. graph paper (Office Max)
Black sharpie
Hand sanitizer pump
1 Jumbo container Clorox Wipes
*Mp3 player
6 – AAA batteries for Mp3 player

12x18 50 ct. assorted colors construction paper
12x18 50 ct. white construction paper

Latin Supply List:
1- Folder with pockets & brads
3x5 white index cards (200 count)

*Mp3 Player: $35- Purchased through Providence Classical Academy for use at school.

* The MP3 Player will belong to the student to use at school for spelling, grammar and all other memory work. At
the end of the year this will be sent home for the student to use or can be held over for the next school year.
Last year’s approved Mp3 player is acceptable for the 2011-2012 school year if it is in working condition.

Please send an oversized old t-shirt for a painting smock. Thanks!

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