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									A Competition to promote Harmony throughout Europe and the Countries of the World

                             CONCOURS CICERO
                            CICERO COMPETITION
                             CONCURSO CICERO
                             CONCORSO CICERO
The name CICERO is an acronym in Latin, as you can see above.
CICERO is enjoyed by students of Classics from Edinburgh through Europe to Tunis;
from Australia to the Caribbean!

This innovative competition is organised by teachers of Classical subjects around the
world for their 6th form students, illustrating that a study of our Classical
heritage provides a worthwhile and valid reason for young people to interact with
each other across their national boundaries.

During the week beginning Saturday 26th March 2011 students in different
countries are taking part in the 5th annual CICERO competition with live video-
conferencing when possible, or by an exchange of videos and photos.

                        INTERNATIONAL PATRONS

        Federico Mayor Zaragoza,
        Director-General, UNESCO
              1987 – 1999

       Federico Mayor Prize 2011      A Ray of Hope UNESCO Youth Ambassador prize
         for the winning school            for the winning student worldwide
UK students are competing for both Worldwide and national prizes:
 Cash prizes of £150, £100 and £50 in all three categories –
  U6 translation, L6 translation
  Cultural test: ‘Jason and the Argonauts’.

                                               Boris Johnson says
                                              “VOTE FOR LATIN!”
                                     The Mayor of London has sent a video
                                    message for the UK page of the website
                                       and also a signed book as a prize.

                         Best-selling novelist Lindsey Davis (a former
                         President of the Classical Association)
                         has supported CICERO from the beginning and
                                   has again sent signed books
                                       for 3 lucky winners!

                                                  Professors Peter Wiseman,
                                                  Edith Hall and Mary Beard
                                                  have sent signed copies of

              is donating a booktoken to be used at its online store

CICERO has no independent funding and we are extremely grateful to our
    generous sponsors – without them there would be NO PRIZES!
          Please look at the back page for details of financial sponsors.

Previous winners of the Federico Mayor Prize :
2007 : Collège Stanislas, Paris    2008 : Bedford School, England
2009 : Lycée Henri IV, Paris       2010 : Lycée Mistral, Avignon

UK Trophy for the school of the U6 Latin
translation winner presented by ..

2007 : Royal Grammar School, Worcester       2008 : Bedford School
2009 : Hazelwick School                      2010 : Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls.

               11.30 – 11.45 am      Registration

               11.45 – 12.30 pm      Lunch

               12.30 – 1 pm          Welcome, including CICERO videoconferencing

               1.10 – 2.10 pm        Cultural Competition

               2.10 – 2.25 pm        Break for competitors

               2.30 – 4 pm           Translation competition

               4 pm                  Tea/Coffee and depart

Malvern St James School                                     Manchester Grammar School

James Allen’s Girls’ School, London                    George Heriot’s School,

Ladies’ College, Guernsey

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