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Course Offerings 1st sem 2013 by 7UDEc2g



                                              TENTATIVE COURSE OFFERINGS

SA 102          Sociological Analysis                                                                  Dr. Saloma-Akpedonu
                A discussion on the concepts, approaches, and themes of sociological inquiry; beginning with the
                philosophical origins of sociology and ending with its ascendancy as a major social science discipline. The
                course discusses how these approaches view social reality from different yet complementary points of view.

SA 103          Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences                                              Dr. Abad
                A research methodology course that presents the concepts and tools of quantitative social research –
                particularly the survey – for gathering data. Students learn to design and conduct a survey, analyze the data,
                interpret results, and present conclusions.

SA 112          Health, Culture, and Society                                                         Ms. Roldan
                An analysis of anthropological and sociological works, focusing on the claims
                and conclusions presented, the research methods used, and the different theoretical approaches
                employed. The skills needed for qualitative data collection are developed by designing and
                implementing research projects.

SA 109 /        Theories of Development                                                              Dr. Lim
Socio 296 /     A survey and analysis of socio-cultural, political, and economic theories of development. Topics include
Anthro 262      theoretical models such as modernization, dependency, world-system, and neo-Marxist/neo-Weberican
                versions; neo-functionalist theories; governance/democratization models; and postmodernist critiques.

SA 115 /        Environment, Culture, and Society                                                      Dr. Lim
SA 240.37 /     An inquiry into basic ecological concepts currently used yet often poorly understood. The course utilizes case
Em 260          studies to clarify feedback relationships between particular societies and their environment, and then
                proposes practical research strategies for students to use in conducting anthropological fieldwork with an
                ecological orientation.

SA 117/         Introduction to Archeology                                                         Mr. Canilao
Anthro 225      An introduction to archeology as intimately related to environmental issues. Paleobotany, geomorphology,
                zoo-archeology, and other allied scientific disciplines provide information that allows for anthropological
                interpretation of man’s adaptation to his environment. The course also looks at the Philippines in terms of
                environmental archeology.

SA 119 /        Introduction to Cultural Anthropology                                           Dr. Zialcita
SA 210          A study of the concept of “culture” and patterns of behavior. The course presents the practical aspect of
                learning to understand why people think and act the way they do in order to make sense of both one’s self
                and society.

SA 124/Soc 272 Complex Organizations                                                                Dr. Arce
               A study of the structures and processes of industrial and other large scale formal bureaucracies, including the
               effects on various factors, such as the well-being of organizational participants, worker organizations, and

SA 126 /        Social Inequality                                                                   Dr. Eviota
SOC 275/        A study of inequality as a matter of patterned structures, not as something randomly distributed between
ANTHRO 275      individuals. The course look sat inequalities between nations and between groups, and examines the
                intersections of these inequalities and how controlled and exploited groups respond to social inequality.
SA 118 /         Sex, Culture, and Society                                                             Dr. Eviota
SA 237           A study of sexuality as a socially and culturally constructed behavior focusing on how it is acquired and
                 reproduced in everyday life; how it is experienced within and among different groups; and how it is
                 connected to social, political, and economic systems.

SA 163/223       Muslim Societies in Asia                                                                      Dr. Oliveros
                 (3 units) An examination of Islam as a living religious tradition of people reacting to their societal environment and
                 to the tensions of the modern world. Topics include the impact of Muslim revivalism, Muslim separatist
                 movements, and similarities and differences of selected Muslim communities in Asia.

SA 157/240.35 Introduction to Cultural Heritage                                                     Dr. Zialcita
               An introduction to the knowledge and skills that are basic to the preservation and promotion of dakilang
              pamana, or one’s cultural heritage.

SA 199.11/224 Presentational Skills in the Social Sciecnes                                        Dr. Abad
FA 190.4 /    A seminar on the use of voice, body, and mind to communicate ideas in the social sciences at the classroom,
LS 199.11     conferences, meetings, lectures, forums, and related public assemblies.

SA 201           Fundamental Statistics                                                                 Ms. Lopez
                 A course on the basic concepts and operations of statistics. Focus is on univariate and bivariate measures of
                 association and interferences, and basic multivariate analysis. It also introduces students to SPSS for
                 Windows and emphasizes on the understanding and application of statistical concepts in social science

SA 205           Research Techniques                                                                Dr. Abad
                 A course on the logic of empirical research in sociology and anthropology. The course examines the suitable
                 approaches to a variety of typical research problems; their advantages and limitations; and their translation
                 into specific plans for investigation.

SA 211           Introduction to Sociological Perspectives                                                Fr. Rivera, S.J.
                 An introduction to the classical and contemporary sociological theories. Topics include the role of theories in
                 social science research; influential schools of thought in the sociological discipline; and the context within
                 which they emerge.

SOC 300.1        Proseminar on Methodology                                                             Dr. Abad
                 A seminar on problems and issues in contemporary social science, both macro and micro
                 studies, proceeding from major sociological perspectives: functionalism, conflict, and interactionism.

SOC 301          Seminar in Anthropological Analysis                                                    Dr. Zialcita
                 An analysis of a wide range of sociological studies to assess how sociologists deal with important
                 Theoretical issues using various methods, sources of data, and philosophical assumptions.

SOC 302          Seminar on Issues in Sociological Theory                                             Fr. Rivera, S.J.
                 An intensive examination of classical and contemporary issues in sociological theory. A critical analysis of
                 selected texts is done.

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