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- Bayt Lothan:

Bayt Lothan is a private non-profit organization. It is a community service institution whose primary
objective is to nurture arts and crafts in Kuwait. To that end it organizes workshops in arts, crafts and


- Dar Al Funoon Gallery:

Since its inception in 1994, Dar al Funoon has established itself as supporter of Middle Eastern art which
remains dynamic, fascinating and sought after in the art world. The gallery's aim is to promote the work
of contemporary artists from the region and inspire the art enthusiasts and art lovers to gain awareness
of this emerging art.

Prominent, emerging and young artists from the region have all exhibited at Dar Al Funoon, where the
diversity of contemporary art has been demonstrated in a wide range of styles, approaches, ideas and


- Sultan Gallery:

A non-profit organization propagating contemporary and secular movements through Arab art.


- Historical, Vintage and Classic Cars Museum of Kuwait


- Kuwait Textile Arts Association (KTAA): http://www.kuwaittextilearts.org/

My blog post about an event I attended organized by KTA, about traditional Kuwaiti clothing and
fashion: http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/traditional-kuwaiti-clothing-and-fashion-

- Zeri Crafts:

Like zeri – the gold or silver thread that brightens traditional garments in the arabian Gulf region – the
company is seeking to cast Gulf heritage in a new light by modernising handicraft design and uses and
re-integrating those in the everyday lives of people.

- Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait:

Kuwait's leading non-profit art center for modern & contemporary art. Offering lectures, films
screenings & workshops.


- Gallery Tilal:

A contemporary art gallery with an area of 450 square meters and equipped with all facilities to hold art


- Ghadir Gallery Kuwait:

Kuwait is dedicated to promote the Kuwaiti formative artist and writer Thuraya Al-Baqsami
and successfully accomplished 120 national and international solo art exhibitions, literary
and poetry readings, musical events and participates in charity activities worldwide. We are
also the owners of Ghadir Gallery and operate this enterprise with wordwide activities only
with a small number of staff.


See my blog post about it here: http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/a-visit-to-

- Ahmad Alrashid – Kuwait graphic designer:


- Saima’s Art Gallery Kuwait:


- Sadu House:

Al Sadu is a cultural center concerned with the promotion of Kuwait's traditional textile arts and related
skills. Our vision is one of celebration and inspiration!


- Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah (I’ve attended many of my favorite events here):

Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah (DAI) is a cultural organisation based on a Kuwaiti private art collection owned
by Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, founder of The al-Sabah Collection and his wife, DAI director
general and co-founder Sheikha Hussah Sabah al-Salem al-Sabah. Continue reading more about DAI

Three of my blog posts about events I attended organized by DAI:

- http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/piano-violin-concert-at-dar-al-athar-al-

- http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/the-musinema-cello-quartet-dar-al-athar-al-

- http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/persian-music-night-at-dai-january-4th-2012/

- Architecture of Kuwait (AOK): AOK is a platform dedicated to showcasing Kuwait’s creative talents
through online projects and portfolios, providing you with creative opportunities, and exposure to the
world of design.


- The British Academy of International Arts: http://thebaia.com/

- The art news from Kuwait around the world: http://www.artkuwait.org/

- Kuwait Culture Office: http://www.kuwaitculture.com/

- In case I missed any art related museums, here is a reference to a list of all art galleries in Kuwait:



       Mine  www.eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com
       http://aroundtheworldwithrocky.blogspot.ca/
       http://sophiashabana.blogspot.ca/
       http://somecontrast.com/
       http://www.projectreuseme.com/ (environmental blog)
       http://www.bndq8.blogspot.ca/ (food blog)
       http://hishersq8.com/ (popular blog)
       http://www.q8path.com/
       http://almothalth.com/
       http://www.bloggersgathering.com/
        My blog post about one of their events:
       http://www.newq8bride.com/p/
       http://www.kuwaitbirding.blogspot.ca/
       http://blog.yogakw.com/
       http://americaninkuwait.blogspot.ca/
       http://www.ladieswhodolunchinkuwait.com/ (popular blog)
       http://ephemeralimpressions.blogspot.ca/ (personal favorite)
       http://mybloogle.com/ (personal favorite)
       http://desertgirlkuwait.blogspot.ca/
       http://crazyinkuwait.blogspot.ca/
       http://lostb2amreeka.blogspot.ca/
       http://playteachlove.blogspot.ca/
       http://ser7ayatik.blogspot.ca/ (one of my good friend’s blogs but I need to follow it more often
        to practice my Arabic)
       http://248am.com/ (popular blog)
       http://q8sws.blogspot.ca/
       http://georhythm.blogspot.ca/
       http://52blog.kuwait.tt/
       http://blogyac.com/
       http://itallgrows.wordpress.com/ (gardening in Kuwait)
       http://www.bananaq8.com/
       http://q8source.blogspot.ca/
       http://www.socialslave.com/
       http://www.maziad.com/
       http://www.botamba.com/en/
       http://www.q8blackmarket.com/
       http://whatsupkuwait.com/
       http://www.ilsul6ana.com/
       http://kuwaitsblog.com/
       http://www.p0ach.com/
       http://expatmumskwi.blogspot.ca/
       http://www.expatandthecity.com/


- British Institute of Vocational Training (BIVT): BIVT was established by educationalists with a wealth of
experience. As a training institute we strive to provide the best of British education. This is made
possible through the exceptional quality of our experienced, qualified and highly motivated staff.


- Berlitz Institute for language courses: http://www.berlitzkuwait.com/

- Homework Club Kuwait: To provide a quiet, structured, safe learning environment for your child to do
his/her homework, with an emphasis on reading enrichment and physical activity.

- Educators for Kuwait: This page is dedicated to spreading awareness, and committed to shedding light
upon issues that exist in education today. Join us to learn how to become an Educator for Kuwait. Join
us in the effort to promote a brighter future.


- ABC of Kuwait: we provide Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to children with Autism and Related


- Bright Minds Kuwait: giving the bright minds of a Kuwait a bright start!


- Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (***volunteering opportunity***)



- Istidamah Environmental Solutions:

Istidamah Environmental Solutions is primarily focused on development of projects and investment
opportunities in the field of waste management and recycling.


- Metal & Recycling Company (MRC):

Metal & Recycling Company (MRC) was established in 1987. It is an ISO 14001 certified and a publicly
traded company in Kuwait Stock Exchange Market since 1996.


- Solarity Kuwait:

The largest solar products retail store in the region, Solarity provides its customers with a complete
variety of solar products. A vast range of solar products imported from the US, UK and Asia has given
Solarity a solid base for wholesaling in the Middle East region

Haven’t found a website for this one yet, but you can follow them on twitter:

- Al Yaal (***volunteering opportunity***):

Kuwait's First Nationwide Marine Conservation Initiative

- Kuwait Dive Team : Kuwait Dive Team is a team of Kuwaiti young men who are attempting rescuing
and rehabilitating Kuwaiti marine environment through dedicated and distinct marine operations.


My blog post: http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/impressions-of-aware-center-

- Kūt: a one-stop site for cultural and environmental news and events in Kuwait. It is an evolving
community project which welcomes contribution and support from others interested in trying to
capture Kuwait's cultural news and events.


- Kuwait Environmental Protection Society (KEPS): KEPS works on environmental matters, and focuses its
efforts on protection of the environment of Kuwait.


- Green Line Environmental Group Kuwait: its mission is to enhance the environmental awareness of the
Society; to save it from the pollution which besieged it and attract the youth to have interest in the
Environment, in order to establish a pressing environmental opinion, which assists in adopting decisions
protecting both the environment and the society. In addition to involving the society in the
environmental elements, increasing awareness about environmental issues, calling for collective
participation and integral efforts to cope with the risks of pollution which destroys the society’s health.


- Greensac – The first eco-friendly store in Kuwait: http://www.legreensac.com/

- Yasmin Farms (modern ethical farming): http://yasminfarms.com/

* Article about it in Khaleejesque: http://www.khaleejesque.com/2011/04/lifestyle/yasmin-farms-

- The Soul of Kuwaiti Turtles: http://www.pinaki.info/kwi-notes.htm

- The Green Target Company (GTC):
The Green Target Company - GTC gladly offers you:

1) Its waste collecting services from where ever you are and when ever you need (providing you with
containers to collect your wastes in to be ready for pick-up)
2) Its well-known Biodegradable plastic products (Trash Bags in all three sizes, dining table rolls, and you
can even customize your own bag choosing the shape, size and color you want) - Made In Kuwait.

3) Its Eco-friendly products as previously mentioned.

--> To call for the waste collection service,
--> To order your biodegradable products,
--> To enjoy our all new eco-friendly products,
Please contact us:

Hotline - 944 449 27 - 944 449 28
Office - 22 44 6161 - 22 44 8383
Fax - 22 4188 74
e-mail - info@gtc-kuwait.com


- K’s PATH: an Animal Welfare organization with a broad range of animal and habitat related programs.


- Epetome Pet Boutique Kuwait : We are an online pet boutique, based in Kuwait, dedicated to bringing
high quality pet products to the deserving animals and their humans in this region.



- Groupe Francophone du Koweït (GFK): Groupe Francophone Du Koweït (GFK) se réunit un Samedi sur
deux pour 2 heures d'agréables conversations autour de thèmes divers.

Koweït - Institut Voltaire
Jabriya, Bloc 12, Rue 6, Villa 41

Tel : 25319734

- Institut Français du Koweït: http://www.institutfrancais-koweit.com/

- OLEK- Organización de Mujeres Latinoamericanas en Kuwait: Founded in 1992 in order to share Latin
culture and learn the Kuwaiti culture.

- LoYAC (Lothan Youth Achievement Center): LOYAC is a non-profit organization working towards the
overall development of the youth. It is headquartered in Qibliya School ,Kuwait City.


- K4K : K4K is a permanent divisional project under LoYAC's global outreach initiative. LoYAC is a non-
profit organization working towards the overall development of the youth; its mission states “We strive
to provide the youth with unique opportunities to help them evolve into highly effective young leaders”.


- Kuwait Entrepreneurs: Kuwait Entrepreneur is a Group Subsidiary of Al-Mutawa Consulting Group

If you have passion, a business idea, and half a patent, Contact ACG for the solution:

Tel: +965 22498598
Mob: + 965 55990313

- World in Conversation Project – Kuwait: WIC-Kuwait organizes live video dialogues between Kuwaiti
youth and American students in the United States to constructively discuss cultural similarities and
differences. Facilitators on both sides ensure an emotionally secure and positive space for participants
to share their thoughts and question their perspectives. The conversations are held every week at the
AWARE Center in Surra.


- Talented Women in Kuwait: dedicated from ladies to ladies, to promote our talent or our business,
organize and post events, meet and share...


- Kuwait Expats Group: fan page


- TedXSafat: to create a platform where we can share and discuss ideas that have the potential, power
and promise to make a difference in our lives, in our community, in the world and in Kuwait.


- Egyptians in Kuwait (EIK): EIK(EGYPTIANS IN KUWAIT) is a page for the Egyptians Communities living in
Kuwait.EIK does not support or belong to any political party in Egypt or Kuwait and is proud to have
members from all regions and religions in Egypt.

- TIES Center: promoting understanding via dialogue, events, meetings and services in Kuwait.See our
website and come to our center any time. Our slogan "Our home is your home". Villa No 67, Street 413,
Block 4, Shuhada Area, Kuwait


- Fayre Trade Kuwait: the ethos of the co-operative is to offer diversity, quality and value for money to
our customers, while asking a fair price for our goods. To give back to society by supporting various


- Bright Horizons Toastmasters Kuwait: a Toastmasters Club known for its laidback coffee, croissants and
conversation session prior to the meeting.


- The British Ladies Society: http://www.theblskuwait.com/

- Canadians in Kuwait (they hold numerous events, one that I attended is a wonderful Thanksgiving
dinner in Al-Hashemi Ballroom at the Radisson (SAS) hotel , which I really liked): http://www.cikq8.com/


- House of Butterflies: HOB is a project that aims to merge social entrepreneurship, and charitable
initiatives through the selling of handmade products. HOB aims to raise awareness on some of the very
important issues in the community where it seeks to bring in social progress, environmental
sustainability and economical growth to developed communities. For each 10 KD spent at HOB, 1 KD is
donated to BACCH (Bayt Abdullah Children's Hospice ) in honor of my late sister Heba Aljuhail who lost
her battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 18. HOB is the Middle East agent for the original organic
French company la cerise sur le gâteau™ located in Nice, France.
(Hanouf Aljuhail)


* Article in the Bazaar magazine about House of Butterflies: http://www.bazaar-

- Qumar 14 (fashion-related initiative): growing up, my grandmother used to tell me about how in her
day, a beautiful girl was nicknamed Qumar 14. This collection was made for the effortlessly chic girl with
pieces that transition from a family gathering to a night with the girls.

- Pieces by Farah: http://www.piecesbyfarah.com/

- SoLulu (A Kuwaiti brand of handmade jewelry): http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lubnanakib?ref=si_shop

*Article about it in Khaleejesque: http://www.khaleejesque.com/2012/04/blog/so-lulu-a-kuwaiti-brand-

- Nuqat: Nuqat, firstly known as “Nuqat Ala Al Huroof”, started off with one objective in mind and that is
“to develop arab creativity on all levels” be it in design, advertising, architecture, fashion, production
and all the creative fields.


- Snugglebugs photography : http://snugglebugsphotography.com/index2.php

- Çerinan’s Exotic Turkish Textiles: http://www.facebook.com/pages/%C3%87erinans-Exotic-Turkish-

See my blog post about it here: http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/memories-of-

- Yousef AlQanai (fitness expert, athlete, entrepreneur and speaker): http://alqanai.com/

- Karkoosha: an online exhibition platform providing virtual space for exhibitors from all over the world.
It is set up into boutiques with different time frames, depending on the exhibitor’s package. Each
boutique has its own culture, history, inspirations, trendiness, art, heritage, and popularity. You can find
designers that you have already heard about, or new designers that have just opened their doors to
show off their unique talents. This experience not only includes fashion; it includes anything you can



- Nuzha Touristic Enterprises : it gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a newly established
touristic company, with the determination to promote our beloved Kuwait as a touristic destination.


- A list of things to do in Kuwait from Lonely Planet Forum:

- Kuwait Flight Simulation Center: http://www.kuwaitfsc.com/

- Hala February: http://www.hala-feb.com/home.html

- K-Lue: http://www.k-lue.com/
- Grand Mosque Tour offered by the AWARE Center : http://www.aware.com.kw/

My blog post about the Fifth Islamic Art Exhibition at the Grand Mosque:

- House of Mirrors: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/kuwait/kuwait-city/sights/architectural-

- Tareq Rajab Museum: http://www.trmkt.com/ and Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy:

- Kuwait Towers: http://www.kuwaittowers.com/

- Arab Fund Building: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/kuwait/kuwait-city/sights/architectural-
cultural/arab-fund-building (The AWARE Center http://www.aware.com.kw/ sometimes organizes

- Friday Market: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/kuwait/kuwait-city/sights/market/friday-market-souq


- Q8books: inspired by Notting Hill (love getting my used books from here!)


- Better Books & Café: Better Books and Cafe, Kuwait's only used bookstore with a cafe, is located in the
heart of Salmiya, Kuwait. With over 25,000 used and new books (10,000 of those Children's books)
Better Books sells everything - from classics to encyclopedias, cookbooks to books on management...
but with a difference, when you return a book you have bought from here, you are entitled to a half
price reduction (or store credit) on the next book. With coffee to go with it!
Better Books also accepts books you may want to give away and will offer you store credit for them.
Bring them in for assessment. Drop in anytime between 10 am to 9 pm.


- Q8 Bookers: a group dedicated to book lovers in Kuwait.


- Library & Information Association of Kuwait (LIAK): LIAK is my advocate and public voice, educator and
network. We build the Canadian library and information community and advance its information


- The Grapevine Kuwait: The Grapevine is Kuwait's FAVORITE & FIRST true site for local events &
activities. Visit our FUN site today & see what's on!


- EEK e-magazine Expats Express Kuwait: EEK! The first and only e-magazine for the Western minded
expat in Kuwait! Just a few short of 6000 subscribers. Subscribe info@expatserviceskuwait.com


- BAZAAR magazine: established in 1997, bazaar is a free, monthly lifestyle magazine for urban
modernists and recovering cynics. With a unique brand heritage in Kuwait, bazaar has emerged as one
of the most influential magazines of the decade.


- EVENTmania: Event MANIA is a full-service Management and Consulting company bringing
Entertainment "Live" to the region. Services include event & venue planning, programming & production
and special event coordination.


- The Paper Dump: to archive paper online for the world to use.


- Kuwait UPTO Date: http://www.facebook.com/kuwait.upto.date

- Kuwait Agenda: Kuwait Agenda is a local multimedia publisher of cultural experiences in Kuwait, with
an aim of providing up-to-date and accurate information to help our readers remain at the cutting edge
of culture.


- KuwaitWeek.com: Kuwait official weekly event site


- Goodwill Calendar: the purpose of the GWC is to collect & publicise all goodwill events in Kuwait. our
mission is to encourage the cooperation between non-profit entities & the coordination of their
opportunities. Our goal is to simplify your life by gathering those events onto a single site thereby
maximising all individual efforts.

- Pretty Little Things (@PLTQ8): all the pretty little things in one social event. Sample new things, meet
people behind the regional brands, chat by candlelight under the stars and stay a while.


- Taste of Kuwait: http://www.tasteofkuwait.com/

- Kuwait International Fair (KIF): established since 1971 with a paid up capital of more than $10 million,
the Kuwait International Fair (KIF) is Kuwait's first and largest exhibition center that has been organizing
a vast assortment of trade shows and consumer events for almost 40 years on its fairgrounds in Mishref,


- Equait: to promote equality and civil/human rights awareness in Kuwait through film, social media and
public events.


- Map of Kuwait City: http://www.askmaps.com/001/ml275.php

- Learning Arabic online: http://www.arabic-studio.com/

- Searching for used cars: http://kuwait.q8car.com/en/cars/default.aspx

- Ordering flowers: http://www.q8flowers.com/

- French Embassy in Kuwait (they often hold nice events in collaboration with other organizations):

- Retail Academy: http://www.retailacademy-kw.com/Home.aspx

- Allo Expat: http://www.kuwait.alloexpat.com/

- Expat Blog: http://www.expat-blog.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=417

- Just Landed (Expatriates website): http://www.expat-blog.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=417

- Living in Kuwait – Resources for Expatriates:

- Expats! Moving to Kuwait? Living in Kuwait: If you have questions or want to reach out to other like-
minded people in your area, please feel free to join, interact, and share experiences. Join now! Ask
questions, share, like, dislike, find events, have fun!


- Kuwait Living: http://www.kuwaitliving.com/

- 10.Oh.8:

Restaurant in Sharq, Kuwait. We serve comfort food in distinctive styles of our own; with a cause. The
cause changes every three months to reflect the changing seasons and to serve a greater good. A
percentage of our proceeds goes to charity. Come on in and eat for a cause.10.Oh.8 etc and so much


- The November Company/Bakery :


- Cookieology: At Cookieology we work tirelessly to deliver quality home-baked desserts that will satisfy
your expectations, and much more! Call or SMS: +965-50133696 Visit us: www.cookie-ology.com Follow
us: @Cookieology_kw

- Sandy Coo-coons: http://www.sandycoocoons.com/

See my blog post about it here: http://eternaljoiedevivre.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/sandy-coo-coons-

- Firin gluten-free bakery: Kuwait's first 100% gluten-free bakery


- Talal’s cakes: Talal is a Kuwaiti cake designer who is trained in the USA . Talal has been taken several
cake decoration classes with the top cake artists and designers in USA and the World. He specializes in
customizing cakes & desserts for you, your friends & family - whether it be custom party cakes or
wedding cakes.


- Crumbs: Crumbs is a specialty dessert bakery in Kuwait offering a wide variety of cookies, cupcakes,
puddings and custom decorated cakes to satisfy all tastes.


- A Little Sugar: homemade, custom designed cakes and cupcakes. Make it uniquely yours! Based in
Kuwait. Contact info: jalsaegh@yahoo.com or call 99624433


- Sugar and Spice: sugar & Spice is the brainstorm of Candy Sultan Al Essa and Pauline Al Essa.

- Young Chef’s Academy: a cooking school for kids


- Think Café: http://www.facebook.com/cafethink

- Tavola: the best kitchen and table store in the Middle East.


- A useful website for ordering food online: http://www.6alabat.com/home


- Play volleyball in Kuwait: Group of people who love to play volleyball. Any experience level is
welcomed. Join us!


- RunQ8: RunQ8 is a 10K run organized by Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) and Agility. An
annual event, the focus of the race is to raise public awareness regarding health issues affecting our
community, to support medical institutions, and to encourage healthy living in our society.


- Kuwait Charity Run: Kuwait Charity Run is a non-profit group founded to encourage community
members, runners, and athletes to raise funds and donations for good causes and engage in outdoor
sports activities.


- Yoga Breath Studio: Yoga Breath Studio educates and instructs one towards Health and Wholeness
during all stages of life, through pregnancy, post delivery, getting one back into shape, finding peace of
mind through meditation and connection towards oneself through the Art of Breathing.


- B Villa: B Villa is a place for women to unwind and explore B's tastes and specialties. You'll be able to
leaf through all the wonderful retail and jewelry designers and try on unique clothing pieces from all
around the world, perfectly hand-selected from B's taste and travels. Experience B Studio by dancing
salsa, zumba or masala bhangra and practice yoga while taking in an extraordinary view of the beach.
You can enjoy our light snacks at B-Cafe and get your hair and make-up done by professional hands at B
salon. B Villa is a place for you to meet new women and lounge around by doing some of B's favorite

- Rana’s Fitness Studio: A certified Group X fitness instructor from 2003 offering a variety of fitness
classes such as ZUMBA, BOSU, Drums Alive, Kickboxing and many more. My studio is located inside the
Women Social & Cultural society in Khaldeya. E-Mail: rana@ranafit.com


- Kuwait Bachata Club: Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is danced
widely all over the world but not identical. Bachata is a Latin dance; it is a kind of couple dancing. Yet
you don’t have to come with your partner to begin! Just come to the class and enjoy the music and
dance with the other people!Belly Dance classes are only for women. No experience needed! If you are
new to b...elly dancing, this course is the perfect place to start; just bring a desire to have fun as you
learn and develop new skills. One hour full of belly dancing, sure to tighten up the abdominal muscles
and core section of the body, including the back. Also increases cardiovascular endurance. Every age,
size, and shape are welcome and respected as we journey into this rich art form.


- Q8 Foot Soldiers: A Social Gathering to promote the art of jogging, and encorporate it into our daily
lives, making us healthy, wealthy and wise.


- Zumba Kuwait: Amani Abbassy BB pin: 238DA8F9 Twitter: @ZumbaQ8 Classes:
http://15345.zumba.com/ Zumba® fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a
dynamic fitness program that will blow you away! Come burn over 600+ CALORIES!


- Yousef AlQanai (fitness expert, athlete, entrepreneur and speaker): http://alqanai.com/

- Serenity Center for Holistic Health: http://www.serenitycenterq8.com/

- Diving: You can check out the following websites. There are various dive centers in Kuwait that offer
trips and courses in line with some of the world's best diving organizations, including PADI and BSAC.

- http://www.alboomkuwait.com/wp/ (The Al Boom Marine and Diving Center)
- http://www.divecaroline.com/ (I heard that this is the only center that offers night dives).
- http://www.scubadivingplanet.com/compan … index.html (at the Hilton Kuwait Resort Fahaheel). This
center is a 5 star PADI dive center offering over 30 scuba diving courses. I believe they also arrange
diving and snorkeling trips to the islands of Kubbar, Qarough and Um Al Maradem.
- http://www.kuwaitmantas.com/kuwaitmantas.php?pageid=1 (The Kuwait Mantas Diving Club)
- Dive Center at the Palms Beach Club in Salwa:

- Live Theatre: Stand up Comedy Club


- Kuwait Little Theatre:


- Cinemagics: Cinemagic Kuwait is an all-inclusive boutique TV & Film production house and Film
Academy. One of our main aims is to promote film culture in Kuwait , and create a competitive film
industry in the country.


- Green Caravan Film Festival: The Green Caravan Film Festival is back for its third season with more
films, a larger audience and a greater variety of venues to enjoy.

The Green Caravan is not only the first film festival of its kind in Kuwait, it is also one of a small handful
of film festivals worldwide dedicated entirely to environmental issues. (Keep track of more film festivals)


- Kuwait Music: Kuwait-Music.com is the leading resource for music related events, entertainment, gigs,
discussion, marketplace & more. DJs, bands, instruments. Never have a dull week again!


- American University of Kuwait: Keep track of their events section; they sometimes have music recitals.


- Ahmadi Music Group: Ahmadi music group is a group of people singing because we like it, our Director
Richard Bushmand and Pianist Harriot Bushman keep the group focused. We get together once a week
on a sunday.


- Kuwait Oasis: planting trees


-Ordering DVDs online: http://www.q8dvd.com/site/

- Sahar El-Hakim, Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

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