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                                            Class Outline

Terminal Learning Objective: In a classroom setting provided a test or written assignment complete all
questions in a timely manner.

Enabling Learning Objectives:

   (1) Without the use of your guide book, Describe in writing “What are some of the effects a Moderate
   user can experience?”
   (2)Without the use of your guide book, Describe in writing “What effects will a user experience?”
   (3) Without the use of your guidebook, Describe in writing, “What does Amphetamines do to your
   (4) Without the use of your guidebook, Describe in writing, “What can Methamphetamines do to your

Class Outline

                Methamphetamine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant. A synthetic drug, Meth has
a high potential for abuse and dependence. It is illegally produced and sold in pill form, capsules, powder
and chunks; it can also be smoked, snorted or injected. The fast, powerful high tapers off quickly, leaving the
user with a strong desire to do more.
                          SPEED - AMPHETAMINES
                                                                        QUICK FACTS:
  Amphetamines are derived from a synthetic chemical manufacturing process. The amphetamines, which are known as strong central nervous system
  stimulants, can seriously affect the human body. The stimulant drugs influence and accelerate (speed up) certain body functions. This class of drugs
  causes an “artificial” state of stimulation. Some of the signs of these body functions are increased heart and respiratory rate, elevated blood pressure, and
  the dilation of the pupils of the eyes. High doses have also caused very rapid and / or irregular heart beats, tremors, loss of coordination, a stroke, and in
  some cases death.

  The amphetamine addictive qualities are exerted on that region of the brain and central nervous system that is responsible for the pleasure sensation of
  “reward” and the region that produces the classical “physical / psychological dependence syndrome.” The brain’s neurochemicals associated with the
  stimulants are that of “fight or flight” and physical endurance. These additions account for the abusers loss of control. The abuser is not consciously taking
  care of diet or biological needs. Stimulants, as well as the “drug abusing” lifestyle, may be expressed in neurological depression. This neurological depression
  is usually associated with the “down” side of the drug. Amphetamine ‘psychosis” can be self destructing (suicide).

HISTORY OF THE DRUG                                                                                            History - (continued from column 1 - this page)

The amphetamines are not natural occurring                                                                      the nineties, with the advent of new,
                                                           UNDER THE INFLUENCE With
such as cocaine (coca bush), but are derived                                                                   cheap, and easy methods of illicit manu-
                                                          moderate use, the user will be
from chemical synthesis. The amphetamines                                                                      facturing of the amphetamines. This has
                                                          subject to:
have been one of the nation’s listed drugs for                                                                 resulted in an explosion of illegal labora-
                                                                                                               tories. In recent years, its use and supply
many years. This category of drugs dates                   Sweating ( heavy perspiration).                    have grown to rival cocaine in many areas
back to its first synthesis in 1887, however, it           Dilated pupils because amph-                       of the country. This is primarily due to a
did not become a drug for general medical                      etamines affect the chemicals                   discovery that using ephedrine has made
use until 1927.                                                which control muscle size.                      the manufacturing of methamphetamine
                                                           Increased respiration and pulse                    much easier. The “ephedrine process” has
It was felt that the amphetamines were going to                because the drug affects the part               several advantages over the old process
be a more efficient way of counteracting                       of the nervous system that controls             (Phenyl-2-Propanone). It is easier, involv-
depression in mental hospitals and to combat                   those functions.                                ing approximately one-half the number of
Parkinson’s disease.                                       Rapid speech and movement.                         steps in its processing. Also, it does not
                                                                     ———————                                   give off the strong odors associated with
A secondary effect, the loss of appetite,                 With larger quantities to get a
proved to have a large market value; thus                                                                      its manufacturing , thus reducing the pos-
                                                          desired “RUSH” effect the user                       sibility of detection and allowing it to be
amphetamines were once common ingredi-                    will be subject to:
ents in “diet” plans. During World War II,                                                                     processed (cooked) in the inner city.
amphetamine was touted as a wonder drug
                                                           Increased heart rate to dangerous                  Illegal methamphetamine production is a
and prescribed for a myriad of disorders in-
                                                            levels.(atacacardia).                              hazardous and environmentally destruc-
cluding; sleeping sickness, hyperactivity and as
                                                           Skin picking or speed bumps                        tive crime that is expensive to clean up.
an antihistamine. The military used the
                                                            (histamine reaction).                              Producers, often with little understanding
“pep pills” to increase the fighting effective-
                                                           Paranoia - increased                               of chemistry, combine a variety of explo-
ness of their soldiers. By the end of World
                                                            suspiciousness characterized by                    sive and hazardous chemicals to make the
War II drug companies wanted to dispose of
                                                            delusions and hallucinations.                      stimulant drug in makeshift laboratories.
their surplus stock, and advertised using such
                                                           Aggressiveness.
slogans as “elimination of drowsiness and
                                                           Irritability.                                      When they are finished, they secretly
repletion of spirit.” This advertising ap-
                                                           Potentially violent - sometimes                    dump the leftover toxic waste products
pealed to young men and women who had
                                                            tragically leading to murder and                   down drains, in rivers, or by the side of
learned to use drugs during the war. This
                                                            serious physical deterioration.                    the road. Cleanup costs for each illicit
problem escalated into an epidemic of am-
phetamine abuse.                                                                                               laboratory or dump site runs into thou-
                                                                                                               sands of dollars, with taxpayers picking
Methamphetamine, also known as “speed” or                   AMPHETAMINE                                        up the costs.
“crank”, was the lesser known of the                      TYPE DRUGS ARE AN
amphetamine drugs until the 1970’s when
the illicit production of the substance began.
                                                            ATTRACTION TO
Methamphetamine has become the drug of                       DESTRUCTION
                                   (continued Column 3)
   HOW IS THE DRUG                                                                             METHODS OF INGESTION
     RECOGNIZED                                                                                    STIMULANTS

Amphetamine and methamphe-
                                                                                               The methods to ingest the am-
tamine are usually found as a
                                                                                               phetamine type drugs has had a de-
powder. The color of the powder
                                                                                               veloping metamorphosis. Originally
ranges from a brownish or
                                                                                               the drug was taken orally (for pre-
yellowish to white. The more pure
                                                                                               scription purposes still is) or by sniff-
the substance, the more white it
                                                                                               ing it through the nose (insufflate)
will appear.
                                                                                               into the nasal passages, and by injec-
                                                                                               tions into the blood stream. Now
What has become increasingly
                                                                                               there is a chronic problem of taking
more popular is what is known as
                                                                                               the drug. It is smoked, which acceler-
“ice, crystal, or glass.” These are
                                                                                               ates its effects. After the smoke enters
the street names for crystal
                                                                                               the lungs, it is immediately absorbed
methamphetamine. This is a
                                                                                               into the blood and quickly reaches the
purified form of the drug. To
                                               CHRONIC STIMULANT USE SIGNS                     brain. This results in an almost in-
obtain it the drug is cleaned,
                                                                                               stantaneous, more intense, intoxica-
purified, and placed into boiling
water where it is recrystallized into          Time distortion in the form of tardiness,      tion referred to by users as being
                                                unusual meal times, and missed                 “fried.”
white or clear rocks, similar to
rock candy.                                     appointments.                                  Snorting and intravenous use create
                                                 Chronic forgetfulness or broken promises     adverse effects to the user. Those who
Boiling the crystal will turn the
substance into a semi-liquid called              Frequent absences                            inject will frequently develop ab-
                                                                                               scesses, ulceration's, and welts
“snot” which can be smoked or                    Homicidal or suicidal indication
                                                                                               around the injection sites. Those who
placed up the nose.                              Sleep deprivation                            snort the drug must endure the terri-
                                                                                               ble burning sensation while the drug
     AMPHETAMINES                                                                              goes in their nose and down their
   “DECOY” OR “TRAP”                                                                           throat.
Regardless of the method of ad-                STIMULANT WITHDRAWAL SIGNS
                                                                                               When the drug is smoked the dosage
ministration, new users of am-
                                                                                               amount is small, even as little as one
phetamine feel an intense experi-                Craving
                                                                                               hundredth of a gram (0.01). The stan-
ence of physical and psychological               Depression                                   dard dosage for taking it orally or
exhilaration that continues for
                                                 Irritable                                    snorting the drug is traditionally be-
hours. Moderate dosages result in a
temporary feeling of cheerful-                   Increased Appetite                           tween five hundredths (0.05) and one
                                                                                               tenth (0.10) of a gram. These
ness, vigor, alertness, and general              Increased Sleep
                                                                                               amounts greatly depend upon the tol-
euphoria. These pseudo feelings                  Lethargic                                    erance of the user and the quality of
of self confidence are the
                                                 Weakness                                     the drug. Small level dealers will do
                                                 Confused Thoughts                            what is referred to as “stepping on the
                                                                                               drug” which is diluting the drug with
Amphetamines stimulate a tired                   Loss of Memory
                                                                                               cutting agents. Thus, the seller makes
person to seemingly feel new en-
                                                                                               more money.
ergy. When it wears off, exhaus-
tion is more intense due to the
reserve energy expended. Follow-
ing a real binge, users may sleep
24 to 48 hours. That reveals the
false assumption that am-
phetamines “give” - the fact is
amphetamines       “take.”    The
“TRAP” is deeper involvement,
soon resulting in tolerance and
requiring bigger doses and addic-

              (continued page 3 - column 1)
                                                                         BEFORE              AFTER
 Decoy Trap - (continued from page 2 - column 1)                                  PARAPHERNALIA                                                  HOW DOES AMPHETAMINE
 Regular users lose interest in food, thus                                                                                                         WORK IN THE BODY?
 suffering from malnutrition; and eventu-                          Common carriers of methamphetamine are
 ally become moody, nervous, and appre-                            opaque glass vials, wax paper bindles, or                                    It is well understood that the body is made
 hensive. They often pace up and down,                             the clear zip lock or heat sealed cellophane                                 up of millions of nerve cells. No two
 and perform other stereotyped acts.                               packets. Common paraphernalia includes                                       nerve cells touch each other, but are
 Users often suffer a persecution complex                          syringes for the the user who injects the                                    contiguous through a synapse or gap
 that has led to tragedy by fighting back
                                                                   drugs, or a glass smoking pipe.                                              called the synaptic junction. It is at this
 because of imagined affronts. Violence is
 common. Regular users also develop                                                                                                             site that the stimulant drugs have their
                                                                   There is a difference between a pipe used for                                greatest effect. The activity of the drug
 depression, panic, delusions, hallucina-
                                                                   cocaine and that used by the meth smoker.                                    causing such stimulation occurs with the
 tions, and a toxic psychosis - like
                                                                   The meth pipe is made of one section where                                   synapse of the nerve gaps inside the brain.
 schizophrenia - among other symptoms.
 Now, an overpowering craving devel-                               the crystal is placed and heated. There are no                               This acutely affects production of neuro-
 ops. Chronic users obtain more and                                screens or coolants.                                                         transmitters, chemicals that are responsi-
 more amphetamines, regardless of crime or                                                                                                      ble for sending signals in the nervous
 difficulties - even giving birth to suf-                          The meth is first placed into the chamber and                                system.
 fering addicted infants. The addiction                            heated with a lighter or heat source until it
 “TRAP” has closed, and many may                                   turns into a gas. The opening in the chamber                                 The messages sent throughout our central
 dose to death.                                                    and vent hole are sealed with the finger                                     nervous system are conducted as one
                                                                   while the crystal is being heated. Once the                                  nerve transmits a message to another
                                                                   crystal has turned to gas, it is inhaled by the                              through the release of neurotransmitters.
                                                                   user. A telltale sign of a meth user are the                                 These neurotransmitters are produced by
                                                                   burn marks on the fingers used to seal and                                   brain cells. The chemicals are released
                                                                   hold the main chamber. One might also see a                                  from the end of one nerve cell, they cross
          “THE HIGH”                                               flat spot on the thumb from using the flint on                               the synapse to another nerve cell where
The high gained from crystal metham-                               a lighter repeatedly.                                                        they transmit the message to a receptor.
phetamine lasts from 2 to 14 hours
(some reports indicate 12 to 14 hours),                                                                                                         Once the message has been delivered, the
depending upon the amount ingested.                                                                                                             chemical is reduced to smaller chemicals
When heated in a glass pipe, the crystals                                                                                                       by what is called a Monoamine Oxidizer
turn to a liquid and produce a potent                                                                                                           (MAO). The smaller chemicals then re-
vapor that enters the bloodstream                                                                                                               turn to the original nerve cell that sent the
rapidly. As this happens, large doses                                                                                                           message. Amphetamines inhibit MAO’s
may be excreted into the urine, un-                                                                                                             by not allowing the MAO to perform its
changed, up to 72 hours after ingestion.                                                                                                        job and therefore blocking the re-uptake of
                                                                                                                                                the drug causing the neurotransmitter to
When allowed to cool or cooled by a wet
                                                                                                                                                remain with the synapse and continue its
rag, the “ice” reverts to its solid crystal
                                                                                                                                                message to the specific receptors. Am-
form. It is then reuseable and easy to
                                                                                                                                                phetamines work on the same neurotrans-
transport.                                                                                                                                      mitters and receptors that the natural
                                                                                                                                                adrenaline works on. Amphetamines
There are several factors that may con-                                                                                                         cause an extended triggering of the recep-
tribute to the growing popularity of crys-                                                                                                      tors, thus an over flooding of the brain.
tal methamphetamine. One is that crys-                                                                                                          The overflooding causes the body to re-
tal methamphetamine is similar in qual-                                                                                                         main in an excited state for prolonged
ity to, or better than, injectable metham-                                                                                                      periods of time, thus depleting the body of
phetamine. This allows for the elimina-                                                                                                         its natural mechanism for survival.
tion of the needle. Another is that the
drug enters the brain faster when it is                                                                                                         Another effect is that brain cells may be
smoked. The drug is longer lasting when                                                                                                         destroyed by the amphetamines. Brain
compared to other drugs ( particularly in                                                                                                       cells are one of the few cells of the body
comparison to a cocaine “high” of about                                                                                                         that are not regenerative. Thus, premature
12 -15 minutes).                                                                                                                                cell death can cause many side effects.

Crystal is easy to transport and is cheap
to produce and buy.                                               METHAMPHETAMINE CAUSES
                                                                     “HISTAMINE” REACTION SPEED
                                                                  BUMPS or PICK MARKS

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Lesson Summary:

             During this period of instruction you have learned

                    a. What are some of the effects a Moderate user can experience?

                    b. What effects will a user experience?

                    c.   What does Amphetamines do to your body?

                    d. What can Methamphetamines do to your skin?


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