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“IKEA founder overtakes Gates as world's richest”

                 By: Rachel Andersen
                Global Design
   Name: Acronym for founder Ingvar Kamprad
    and his boyhood home Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd.
   Founded: Sweden, 1943
   Operations: Designs/sells low-price home
    furnishings that require assembly.
   2004 Revenue: $15.5 billion; $1.7 billion in U.S.
   Number of Stores: 216 in 33 countries; 24 in
   Employees: 84,000 worldwide; 8,000 U.S.
         The IKEA Concept
 “The IKEA vision is to create a better
 everyday life for the many people. We
 make this possible by offering a wide
 range of well designed, functional home
 furnishing products at prices so low that as
 many people as possible will be able to
 afford them.”
               - IKEA website
              Ingvar Kamprad
 Kamprad’s   personal fortune of $53 billion
  versus Bill Gates’ fortune of $47 billion.
 Modest lifestyle:
     Flies economy class
     Avoids wearing suits
     Drives his old Volvo when not using public
 Has  kept ownership of the company in his
           Why So Cheap?
 Purchasing as inexpensively as possible
 and flat-packing furniture for customers to
 put together themselves.

 Allowsthem to reduce costs and use of
 packaging by not shipping air—the volume
 of a bookcase, for example, is
 considerably less if it is shipped
 unassembled rather than assembled.
      IKEA Store Openings
 London,  UK: February 2005
 Paris, France: February 2005
 Brussels, Belgium: March 2005
 Istanbul, Turkey: May 2005
 Rome, Italy: June 2005
 Atlanta, USA: June 2005
 Dallas, USA: August 2005
 Hsing Chuang, Taiwan: November 2005
 Boston, USA: November 2005
            IKEA Online

Check out the
            IKEA Hysteria
 Saudi  Arabia
 IKEA announced that they were offering
  credit vouchers to the first 250 clients
 More than 8,000 people showed up before
  the store opened.
 Stampede killed three and injured 17

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