Class VII by I8fCm4P


                           Holiday Homework
                               (Class VII)

    Compile the Holiday Homework of all subjects in separate beautiful hand made
    The entire home work should be in the child’s own handwriting.

1. Read your supplementary reader ‘Great expectations’ by Charles Dickens
   and summarize the story in 300 to 350 words. Also design a book cover for
   the same. Do not copy the summary from the Internet.

            Below are the topics for Assignment.... All essays and Picture Writing need to
            be send in an email....
            Please do mention you’re Name, Grade, School name and School location.
            Last date of submission is 30th May 2010.

            Young Author's World!!!

           Write your own story (600 words+)

           Book Review ( Read a book and write a review - 500 words)


           Reporting ( write an article on the sizzling news of the moment - the topics can cover
            any type of news: Sports/Science/Movies/ Current Events/ Politics etc)
            Happy feet!!!

           Travelogue (document your summer trip made with your family. Include the Trip
            Itinerary, details, travel plan, mode of travel and the moments of the trip)

           Photo Stories (Upload photos taken by YOU or any other picture which on which you
            would like to write which could be downloaded from net and write a small paragraph
            on the photo)

         Photo maniac: Capture the Moments and send in email...
            Happiest moment this summer / any other happy moment that you cherish
            Moments that bring tears in your eyes
            Mischievous Moments
            Sweetest of sweet

1) Collect at least 10 newspaper clippings related to water (pollution,
   conservation, future plans etc…) and paste them in a scrap book.
2) Make a project report (A-4 sheet in a folder) on ‘what can you do to reduce
   air pollution’?. What factors contribute to air pollution?

1) Mental Maths – Ch-4, 5, 6 (in the book)
2) R.S. Aggarwal -
      a. Ex. 1A, Q-1, 4, 6, 9
      b. Ex. 1B, Q-2, 3
      c. Ex. 1C, Q-1
      d. Ex. 13, Q-1, 2, 3, 5, 6 (to be done in Maths Note Book)
3) Power Point Presentation on Integers.

Projects to be done in the scrap book.
   1. To show the layers of earth (by using material like rope, cotton, colourful
      paper, colours etc..)
   2. Conduct a survey in your neighbouring area of children below 14 years of
      age working as domestic servants. Collect the following information and
      put it in a tabular form.
           Name, Age,, Native Place, Reason for working, income, interested
              / not interested in studies, happy / unhappy with the work.



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