Looking into the Future with 6th grade time capsules by I8fCm4P


									                             Looking into the Future with 6th grade time capsules

Making a time capsule:

A time capsule is an object filled with memorable items that will be put away for a period of time. You will be
including many different items in your time capsule.

Time Capsule requirements:

1. 10 items with an explanation as to why you included those items
2. letter to self explaining to your future self what type of person you are, friends, likes, dislikes
3. questions answered and included
4. 4 major types of growth and development identified from childhood to adolescence and adolescence to

Time capsule items:

When deciding what to put in your time capsule, think of interesting topics that had meaning in the past year.
You could include headlines clipped from a newspaper or magazine. Remember to think of both local and
worlds events. Include items of social and scientific interest as well as objects of everyday life, such as
photographs, postage stamps, drawings, personal letter, and even receipt to compare the price of gas or milk in
the future.

You can cut out pictures from magazines showing the hottest toy, latest fashion trend, or the newest technology.
Include ticket stubs from a special trip, sporting events, movies, or plays. Be sure to include an explanation as
to why you chose those 10 items. These types of items will be fun to remember in a few years when the capsule
is opened. Please do not include food, gum or candy. Additionally, don’t include anything that you will need in
the next couple of years.


You will be including a letter to the future you telling what life is like for you now. Be sure to include your
favorite family traditions, your worries, and your joys. The letter should be one page (front only) in length.
You may use the question to guide your letter but the letter should not be a restatement of the questions.

Growth and development chart:

You will complete and include the development chart. For each type of growth and development give two
specific examples you have already experienced up to now and give one specific example of what you expect to
experience in the future.

Opening your capsule:

You will pick up your capsule in 8th grade. You will be leaving Postlethwait and going on to high school. The
year will be 2013. You can decide at the end of 8th grade if you would like to open your time capsule then or
hide it away to be opened at a later time. If you move before 8th grade, please be sure to pick up your time
capsule. I will need a weeks notice. If you are in band or chorus, there will be an announcement in your 8th
grade year that band and chorus members can pick up their time capsules.

Looking into the Future….

1. Where do you live?

2. Who do you live with?

3. what is/are your favorite colors?

4. Favorite sports?

5. Who is your favorite sports team?

6. What are your favorite foods and least favorite foods?

7. What are your favorite restaurants?

8. My hobbies are…

9. Favorite music/band

10. Favorite movies

11. Favorite things to do

12. Favorite subject and why

13. Do you have a favorite vacation spot? If so, when did you go?

14. Who are the people you like to hang out with?

15. Who are the most popular…girls and boys in your 6th grade class.

16. Who is the class clown in your grade?

17. Who is your role model in life (someone you look up to and trust) and why?

18. What do you want to study in college (subject, major, degree, occupation, job)?

19. What do you want to do in life after you graduate from high school or college? What are your future plans?

20. When I read this, I want to remember…

21. What is your favorite TV show?

                                       RUBRIC FOR TIME CAPSULE

                                4                       3                       2                      1
                      4 types of growth       4 types of growth       4 types of growth      4 types of growth
4 major types of      and development         and development         and development        and development
  growth and          were thoroughly         were discussed past     were discussed but     were not discussed
development (x2)      discussed past and      and future but not in   lacking either past    or included
                      future.                 depth                   or future
 (8-2 points total)

                      Letter to self was at   Letter to self was ¾    Letter to self was ¼   Letter to self was
                      least one page and      of a page and was a     of a page and was      not included.
   Letter to self     was an excellent        good description of     lacking in a good
                      description of the      the type of person      description of the
       (x2)           type of person you      you are now.            type of person you
                      are now.                                        are now.
                      All questions are       All questions were      1-10 questions were    No questions were
                      answered and            answered but were       answered and           turned in no
                      included in time        not included in time    included.              questions were
                      capsule.                capsule                                        included.
   Answers to
    questions                                 OR

                                              11-20 questions
                                              were answered and
                      All 10 items are        10 items are            1-4 items are          No items are
                      included with an        included but no         included with          included in the time
10 items included     explanation of why      explanation.            explanation.           capsule.
with explanation      they were included.
                                              5-9 items are
                                              included with
                      Outside of time         Outside of time         Little to no        Nothing is on the
                      capsule is decorated    capsule looks as        decorating was done outside of the time
    Creativity        in a creative,          though it was           to time capsule.    capsule.
                      attractive manner.      thrown together at
                                              last minute but

My time capsule is due on ______________________________________________________________

For each type of growth and development, give two specific examples you have already experienced up to now and give one specific example of
what you expect to experience in the future.

                           PHYSICAL                                                                 INTELLECTUAL

Past:                                                                      Past:

Future:                                                                    Future:

                          EMOTIONAL                                                                      SOCIAL


Future:                                                                    Future:

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