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									                       Rubenstein, Contemporary Human Geography
                                    Class Test Student Questionnaire
Dear Student: After completing Chapter 2, please take a few minutes to answer these questions. When you
are done, please return this questionnaire to your professor. We look forward to hearing what you think and
we very much appreciate your feedback to help us produce a book that is most effective for you.

1. Name (print): _________________________________ School: ________________________________
    Your Major: __________________________________ Type of School:                          2-yr          4-yr
    Instructor Name:_______________________________ State: __________________________________

2. Authors of textbook currently in use in your course:
           1. Fellman                   5. Kuby
           2. Jordan-Bychkov            6.Other
           3. deBlij
           4. Rubenstein

    3. Was the chapter more appealing to you than the chapters you have been using in your current book?
                                                                                       Yes            No
    Please explain:

    4.    The Rubenstein Complete Human Geography sample chapter was designed to be more visually
         appealing to students. Were the layout and the other visual aspects such as the maps, photographs
         and illustrations better or worse than the layout of your current textbook?

                Significantly better                         Slightly Worse
                Slightly Better                             Much Worse
    5. Compared to your current textbook, did the Rubenstein layout make the material more engaging?
                                                                                         Yes         No
    6. Did the layout and other visual aspects make the chapter material easier to read?

                                                                                      Yes           No
    Please explain:

    7. What did you like most about this chapter?

    8. What did you like least about this chapter?

    9. Would you recommend Rubenstein’s Contemporary Human Geography to your professor for this

                                                                                      Yes            No

    Please explain:

    10. May Pearson quote you in the promotion of Rubenstein’s Contemporary Human Geography?
                                                                               Yes            No

Signature: ________________________________________________

                                           Thank you.
Dear Professor: Thank you for participating in this class test. When your students are finished, please
return their completed questionnaires to your local sales representative or mail them to:
Cassandra Cummings
Market Development Coordinator
Benjamin Cummings Publishers
1301 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

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