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					          Willow Lane Elementary Outdoor Classroom
                          Help us and you’ll help your child succeed at school!

WLES is in the beginning stages of developing an Outdoor Classroom on our grounds. Our
mission statement is as follows: The Outdoor Classroom will provide an engaging, hands-on,
project-based, multidisciplinary outdoor learning experience. Students, teachers, parents,
volunteers, community businesses, and higher-level learning institutions will have an opportunity
to participate. Outdoor Classroom activities will support the STEAM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art, & Math) initiative and the EPSD curriculum while promoting healthy eating
habits and sustainable gardening.

We have surveyed the staff and come up with our initial plan of action based on feedback of
needs and interest. Our first projects will be a Butterfly/Insect Garden and a Raised Bed
Vegetable Garden. Initial start up needs/costs for these projects are low and we are hoping you
might be able to help.

We need volunteers to help with all aspects of its development. Do you or your business offer
GOODS and SERVICES or have access to DONATIONS/DISCOUNTS and specialized
talents we might be able to use? (Be creative!!)
Please check the areas below where you may be able to get involved and help. Thanks for doing
your part.

Parent/Guardians Names

Phone                             Email                               Best time to reach you

Child                      Grade/Teacher        Child                         Grade/Teacher

Our family would love to share our talents and/or could help provide goods & services
for the development of the Outdoor Classroom! Please call us for the following:
Please list special talents/knowledge to help us be better informed

            Carpentry Needs: (raised beds, benches, arbors, Misc. needs??)

            Curriculum/Enrichment:
               Gardening, Plant, Insect, Knowledge (specify)________________________________

            Equipment We Can Loan the School:
               Trucks to move material, tills, gardening equipment,

            Professional Help: Landscape architect/ Designer, Landscaping Services, Garden
             Supplies (soil, seed, mulch, stone, tools, plants), Hardscaping supplies,
            __________________________________________________________________
            General volunteering help.

Our next meeting will be held on February 3rd at 3:40 in the 3rd floor workroom.
We hope to see you there!

Please use the back for comments or additional information and return with your child
to school or email Susan Hafner, Outdoor Classroom Chair at susanhafner@gmail.com
with any questions/comment.

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