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Haixi Pharmaceuticals was founded in Fuzhou, with great financial support of
Fujian Province.

Government-backed VCs are investing ¥30m for the initial startup fund, and
local governments are committing additionally ¥15m each year for the first 3
years as research fund.

The goal is to become one of the best innovative drug companies in China and
to set an excellent example for more companies in the industry to come to
Fujian in the future.
              Short-term Strategy
1, In two years, build a research pipeline of 6-10 Class I drug projects;

2, In two years, in-license one to two imported drug projects;

3, In two years, initiate or in-license a few Class III or unique Class VI drug

4, In 3 years, form one to two project collaborations with renowned
universities or pharma worldwide;

5, In 3 years, form collaborations with drug manufacturers in Fujian
            Entrepreneur Opportunity
Heads in Medicinal Chemistry/Process Chemistry,

•   Recruitment and buildup of their own teams;
•   Help in design & remodeling of their own labs;
•   Leading & management for drug research projects;
•   Initiating their own drug projects.

Project Consultants/Partners/Collaborators

Payment & Benefit:

•   Salary comparable to US
•   Stock Option/Shares in all company projects
•   Major shares in projects initiated by self
•   Standard benefit package for employees
•   Extra benefit package for returnees
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Jason X. Kang, CEO

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