Design Summary Template For 10 28 09 Meeting by 2m3MTq1b


									               Design Principle Summary Sheet
                              District: REDMOND SCHOOL DISTRICT

        #1: Student Achievement                               #2: Collaborative Relationships
Key Message:                                              Key Message:
We believe that developing, refining, and applying        We are committed to building trust through
core knowledge will lead to creativity and critical       communication, collaboration, and transparent
thinkers.                                                 decision making.

Rationale:                                                Rationale:
To develop effective members of the global                The Redmond Educational Vision (REV) developed
community students will be provided every                 in collaboration with staff, students and community
opportunity to reach their full potential.                stakeholders supports and guides our message.

Activity:                                                 Activity:
     Continue to align curriculum to standards.               Academic advisory committee
     Continue to develop common formative                     Joint labor relations committee
         assessments.                                          Special issue task forces
     Utilize data to inform teaching practices and
                                                               Data teams
         identify needed interventions.
     Explore best practices for teaching to be life-          Develop further collaborative opportunities
         long learners.                                            for all levels of staff. (i.e. vertical, classified,
     Implement effective thresholds for class                     licensed, administrators)
         sizes (research based).
     Develop and implement a learner profile that
         addresses standards of a successful student
         and society member in addition to content
                                                          #4: Employee Knowledge and Skills
                                                          Key Message:
                                                          We believe that students achieve success when the
                                                          confluence of content knowledge and the art of
     #3: Attract and Retain Highly                        teaching are mastered.

             Effective Staff                              Rationale:
Key Message:                                              Teacher effectiveness is the most influential factor to
We will develop creative systems and benefits to          student success.
attract, recruit, and retain highly effective staff.
Teacher effectiveness is the most influential factor to            Continue and enhance relevant job
student success.                                                    embedded professional development.
                                                                   Rely on local teacher experts to provide
Activity:                                                           professional development for peers.
        New teacher mentors (differentiated by
                                                                   Provide opportunities for teachers to observe
         experience level)
        Induction Academy                                         Provide opportunities to research best
        Expand career opportunities                                practices and share with peers to implement
        Provide high quality, job embedded                         into RSD daily practices.
         professional development driven by teachers               Recognize and support professional
        Provide educator enrichment through short-                 development opportunities that outside the
         term sabbaticals                                           accepted norm.
        Competitive compensation                                  Engage and align college and university
        Foster a culture of teamwork and                           teacher education pre-service programs with
         collaboration                                              continuous improvement efforts of local
                                                                    school districts.
        #5: Career Opportunities                                      #6: Employee Performance and
Key Message:                                                       Key Message:
We will maintain educator enthusiasm by expanding                  We will ensure that teacher evaluations are rigorous,
career opportunities beyond traditional roles.                     differentiated by level and subject area. Evaluations
                                                                   will provide meaningful feedback from a variety of
Rationale:                                                         sources and methodologies.
Teachers must model the practice of lifelong learning
for the benefit of their students and their own                    Rationale:
professional growth.                                               Because student success is reliant on teacher
                                                                   effectiveness, it is imperative that we provide clear
Activity:                                                          standards and expectations to teachers to ensure their
       Instructional Coaches
       Studio classroom teachers                                  Activity:
       Program coordinators (ex. ELL, Student                          Develop constructive evaluation practices
        Services, Educational Improvement)                                  and effective instruments that provide clear
       Action research assignments (accompanied                            expectations differentiated by assignments.
        by release time)                                                Provide teachers and administrator training
       Site and Health Based Community Learning                            on evaluation systems.
        Center Coordinators                                             Integrate peer and student feedback into
       Explore creative opportunities to develop                           evaluation system.
        skills that foster teacher effectiveness and                    Integrate TSPC continuing professional
        knowledge that can be developed into                                development plans to provide for their
        leadership roles.                                                   meaningful use.
                                                                        Explore evaluation systems that are outside
                                                                            of traditional norms.

                                          #7: Compensation
                            Key Message:
                            We are committed to developing compensation
                            methods that recognize employee’s experiential
                            knowledge as well as their educational attainments.

                            In order to attract and retain the greatest talent to the
                            profession, it is imperative we provide a competitive
                            compensation package.

                                 Provide new teachers opportunities for
                                     accelerated advancement through designated
                                 Recognize team successes through by
                                     awarding compensatory incentives.
                                 Explore differentiating educator
                                     compensation that differs from the
                                     traditional lanes and steps salary schedule.
                                 Provide flexibility and time for action
                                     research as part of compensation package.
Thank you for your many fine efforts in launching the CLASS
Project. It is so exciting to engage with you in these
important conversations about enhancing career
opportunities for educators...."Empowering educators to
raise student achievement." We appreciate the creative and
thoughtful work of each design team.

In preparation for our October 28th CLASS meeting we are
attaching a form for you to record your district's CLASS
design principles. We would appreciate it very much if you
would finalize your CLASS design principles in this format
and bring copies with you to the CLASS meeting. We would
like to share your design principles with the other CLASS
districts. If you could bring 30 copies to distribute we
will have enough to share with each participating district.

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