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									Oakland Unified School District
Family & Community Office
District Advisory Committee (DAC)

Administration Building, Hunter Hall
1025, 2nd Avenue, 4th Floor

Minutes of January 20, 2010 Meeting,

I. Welcome: The District Advisory Council meeting was called to order by Clarence Boyd, Chair
Person at 6:45 pm.

      DAC Members present:             Clarence Boyd, Chair Person
                                       Charlene Johnson, Vice Chair
                                       Joe Brownlee, Executive Secretary
                                       Amanda Alston, Recording Secretary

      Staff:                           Susana Ramirez, Director, State and Federal
                                       Sheroyne Capdeville, Compliance Coordinator
                                       Edgar Rakestraw, Secretary, Board of Education
                                       Elaine Tan, Family Liaison
                                       Andrés De la Torre, Translator

Members Present:
Burckhalter                      Patricia Blanson
Carl B. Munck                    Amanda Alston
Claremont                        Liz Martin, Kristofer Brekke
Coliseum College Prep.           Charlene Johnson
East Oakland School of Arts      Johanna Moultrie (EOSA)
Elmhurst Community Prep.         Emma Esparza
Franklin                         Annie Maki
Fred T. Koramatsu Discovery      Noel E. Dominguez
Frick                            Kermit Bayless
Glenview                         Jennifer Rakowski, Julia Fong Ma
Hoover                           Kathy Emam
Life Academy                     Joe Brownlee
Lincoln                          Dan Jegers
Melrose Leadership Academy       Mario Gonzalez
METWEST                          Charlene Johnson
Montclair                        Moe Josephian
Montera                          Wandra & Clarence Boyd
Roosevelt                        Avis Walker
Skyline                          Wandra & Clarence Boyd
Think College Now                Charlene Johnson
Youth Empowerment (YES)          Juan Piedra

Guests: Lien Jegers, Jacob Southworth and Allison Hytha from Oakland Tech, Ana Burgos from

       If your name is not printed on the DAC roster, Do Not Add your name to the DAC roster
until the principal of your school notifies the Family & Community Office. Your name will then be
added to the roster. Until this happens, please sign in on the Community List. Thank You.

II. Call to Order: Clarence Boyd (CB) called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm and made a roll call.
The members present are listed above.

III. Establish Quorum: Roll was called for each school site. A quorum was established by a show
of hands of 6 parents and 1 staff being present at this time. There were late arrivals.

IV. Approval of Minutes: The minutes for December 16th were read and corrections were noted by
the members. Patricia Blanson (PB) motioned to approve the amended minutes and Charlene
Johnson (PB) seconded the motion. The vote was counted with 15 Ayes, O Nays, and 0 Abstentions.

V. Chairpersons Farewell:
Clarence Boyd (CB) expressed how much he has enjoyed acting as Chair. He indicated how he
initially faced hard times but stated that now things were back on track due to the assignment
under the department of State and Federal. He thought it was important to get parents on track in
order to facilitate student achievement. He stated that this was the best DAC ever because we all
had a common goal of holding the district’s feet to the fire. Thank you guys!

VI. DAC Executive Board Elections: Edgar Rakestraw facilitated the elections process. Before
getting started, Edgar complimented the DAC on their ability to edit the bylaws which makes things
run smoother. For the record, he stated that each officer will begin their post on January 31 st of this
year and end on June 2013. He stated that if the any of the current incumbents have served less
then two (2) years, then they are eligible for re-election. No officer is eligible to be a member of the
board if they have already served two years; therefore, their positions ended yesterday. (AA…)

Nominations for the offices of the DAC Executive Board are as follows:
Chair                         Wandra Boyd
Vice Chair                    Charlene Johnson
Recording Secretary           Dan Jegers
Executive Secretary           Amanda Alston
Parliamentarian               Joe Brownlee
Edgar Rakestraw (ER) calls for volunteers, not running for office, to help serve as the election board
in order to help facilitate the election. The votes are cast and counted. The results of the election are
as follows, by majority vote, the new officers of the OUSD-DAC are;
Chair                         Wandra Boyd                17 votes in favor
Vice Chair                    Charlene Johnson           16 votes in favor
Recording Secretary           Dan Jegers                 15 votes in favor
Executive Secretary           Amanda Alston              16 votes in favor
Parliamentarian               Joe Brownlee               16 votes in favor
ER then certifies the election, as per the bylaws of 2008, with no disqualifications called and the
elections are closed.
Clarence Boyd (CB) asked of ER, what is the status of the DAC presenting to the Board of Education
and ER responds that there are some sub-committees being dissolved and that the current
procedure for this, is being reworked, from either another subcommittee, perhaps to the Board
directly after having gone through the Superintendants office.

VII. Discussion of Future Direction and Goals of the DAC: The following is a summary of the
discussions that came from the members, their questions and responses. Many members have very
specific thoughts and the responses came from other members and staff as appropriate. Julia Fong
Ma (JFM) asked how we can get more schools showing or involved with the DAC and CB stated that
the DAC efforts to get more schools involved has improve, but still has more to go with continued
efforts. Jennifer Rakowski (JR) suggested that the DAC, State & Federal (S&F) or both be involved in
monitoring SSC’s to be compliant and active. CB suggests that many SSC’s are also uninformed to
procedures, law and full requirements. Oak Tech Student reps asked what is needed for SSC
members and CB responded that there should be the principal, 4 teachers, 1 other staff, 3 parents

and 3 students at the high school level. Wandra Boyd (WB) asks of the members to help provide
ideas for a parent conference to be held later this year. Liz Martin (LM) asks for better ways to get
outside information, to be better informed. JFM states that the presentations made by the district
have been great, but was concerned as to how the decision was made for each presentation topic.
CB responds that these idea for topics comes mostly from parents, but before the DAC came back
to S&F, the DAC had to demand such presentations from the FCO. Avis Walker (AW) states that
some topics that are covered are required or set by either the State and/or District. WB states that
the State requires certain topics to be covered by the Board of Education, such as Uniform
Complaint and Williams procedures and Parent Involvement Policies. Not all school sites are aware
of the Parent Portal on the OUSD website and that the district needs to present as much as possible
to the DAC. CB was also told at one time, that when the director of Special Education was asked to
present, that CB was told they had no time to do so.
WB mentions that the GATE program could return and schools, SSC’s and the DAC need to be
aware of all requirements, old and new, that will arise with its return. Dan Jegers (DJ) suggests that
those who declined to accept nominations for DAC Executive positions, that these and other
members could also be involved in outreach to other school sites to help increase involvement with
the DAC. WB expands on this by stating that principals, NEXO’s and REXO’s should also be
informed on the proper use of categorical funds and all voices be heard equally. CB suggests that
many teachers are also in the dark as to the responsibilities of the SSC and DAC. Annie Maki (AM)
states that she finds ER’s statement concerning the DAC’s desire to come before the board lacking
in definition or confusing. Kristofer Brekke (KB) suggests that the Boards agenda should include a
line item reserved for the DAC. WB states that the Board only considers the DAC or DELAC to be
important at such times for the ConApp, but not at other times. CB wants to get past what appears
to be ‘lip service’ from the Board. KB suggests that the Board is working at ‘getting back on their
feet’ since we have left State receivership. WB states that the efforts of the Board and the DAC
should never be adversarial in their efforts.
There are also comments and questions to the DAC roll that while there seems to be names, with
documentation, WB suggests, that without that person present, a name on paper has no value.
Susana Ramirez (SR) states that State & Federal (S&F), with other committees, are getting into
action to increase parent involvement and that parents are better at helping other parents.
CB also states that Elaine Tan’s work has been much of the bedrock of the DAC.
KB asks about QEA (sp?) funding, about its sustainability and the time frame for schools as to
when this funding is over. SR responds that the Quality Education Act (QEA), that certain schools
qualified for the reduced class size funding. OUSD is committed to the smaller classes, but that it is
not sustainable and that there are about 2 more years before being sanctioned, by the final time
phase of implementation. KB states that the he is hearing conflicting information about QEA from
the District and principals. Kathy Emam relates that QEA audits to lose funding due to lack of
space, funding for teachers and that current funding is insufficient to fund or maintain smaller
class sizes.
Johanna Moultrie (JM) asks if there is a committee that sends someone around to check SSC’s for
legality and if that SSC is not active, how is it that they are able to spend money? SR responds that
paperwork verification may not be enough, but they have no one to physically get to school sites to
check on SSC’s. Avis Walker (AW)can the DAC board go to schools to help SSAC’s? SR responds
that she and CB have both attended some SSC’s to provide assistance. AW asks that why are
schools without legal SSC’s are still able to spend categorical funds and why is the district not with
holding these funds one the ones that are known to be illegal. SR responds that part of the
verification process of valid SSC’s are the signatures on the sign in page. CB remarks that at Frick
there are two school employees who are also parents at that school. The paperwork has been
shuffled to appear legal. CB is also concerned that some money may be spent behind the back of
the SSC. KB states that the SSC is dependent on the principals vision for the school. There are
many more questions concerning the legality of concerning bad or illegal SSC’s. DJ responds that
submitting the proper complaint forms (Williams Complaint forms) submitted by the parents will
help in making SSC’s compliant. WB adds that these forms need to travel through the proper
channels, from principals, to NEXO’s, to REXO’s and so forth.

VIII. Announcements: There are no announcements at this time.

IX. Public Comment: CB states that Manzanita Seed has scored and average STAR score of 849,
and that it doesn’t matter worth, that you can achieve if you want to.
CJ remarks that Raquel Jimenez is available as the Parent-Student coordinator.
KB announces that Claremont and Oakland Tech are having another bike trip to Sacramento and
that last year they had 42 bike riders and are looking to have up to 100 this year, in order to
highlight a lack of funding to schools.
CB states that education is the great equalizer, but there are some short sighted people around. He
asks of the members they do what they can to support this bike ride.
JFM states that on Jan 28 to 29, the Oakland Tech Bay Area group are having workshops for after
school programs, on various subjects and the cost is between $0 to $50 for registration.

X. Adjournment: DJ motions to adjourn the meeting and AW seconds the motion. The vote is
unanimous. The meeting is adjourned at 8:56 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amanda Alston, Recording Secretary and Joe Brownlee,
Executive Secretary.

February 15, 2010


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