PM 3518 ShreemCapacitors STN 251 by 3UYFPmEM


									      By Regd. Post with Ack.dues                                          SAP NO.510000..…

                                       (PURCHASE ORDER)

      Ph : 040 – 23431035, 23431026                       Ph : 02322 – 221021, 221022, 221024
      Fax : 040 – 23431034                                Fax : 02322 – 221023.

      From                                            To
      The Chief General Manager (P&MM)                M/s. Shreem Electric Ltd.,
      APCPDCL, 4th floor, Corporate Office,           P.B.No.43, Industrial Estate,
      Mint Compound, Hyderabad –500 004.              Plot No. 43/46, Jaysingpur – 416 144.
                                                      Kolhapur Dist. (Maharashtra).
      P.O. No.CGM/P&MM/E-11/STN-251/11/PM-3518/11, Dt.29-02-2012.

      Dear Sirs,
             Sub: - CPDC of AP Ltd., - P&MM wing – Tender Specification No. STN-251/11 -
                    Supply, Erection and Commissioning of (i) 11KV, 1 MVAR Capacitor Bank
                    (Outdoor Type) with suitable for 2 MVAR Capacitor Bank Structure along
                    with associated equipment, (ii) 11KV 2 MVAR Capacitor Banks (Outdoor
                    type) along with associated equipment,(iii)11KV, 2 MVAR Capacitor Bank
                    (Indoor Type) along with associated equipment at the designated
                    locations –order- Issued – Reg.
             Ref: - 1. Tender specification No.STN-251/11.
                    2. Tender submitted by you against above specification.
                    3. Price Bid opened on 17-01-2012.
                    4.Negotiations held on 23-01-2012
                    5. Lr.No. CGM/P&MM/E.11/STN-251/11/LOI/D.No.5832/11, Dt.30-01-2012
                    6. Lr.No.SBK/EX-2/22/STN-251/D.No.5832/12, Dt: 08-02-2012.
      1) ACCEPTANCE : I, acting for and on behalf of and by the order and direction of
      Central Power Distribution Company of A.P. Limited (APCPDCL) accept the rates for
      Supply, Erection and Commissioning of (i) 11KV, 1 MVAR Capacitor Bank (Outdoor
      Type) with suitable for 2 MVAR Capacitor Bank Structure along with associated
      equipment, (ii) 11KV 2 MVAR Capacitor Banks (Outdoor type) along with associated
      equipment,(iii)11KV, 2 MVAR Capacitor Bank (Indoor Type) along with associated
      equipment at the designated locations as per the schedule of materials under clause 3
      below and as per the above cited correspondence and following terms and

      2) PRICES The prices noted below are FIRM in Rupees, free at destination stores,
      Inclusive of Freight & Insurance, ED @ 10%, Cess on ED @ 3%, CST @ 2% against ‘C’ form
      & erection and commissioning charges (inclusive of Service tax & Works Contract Tax)
      at the designated location.


Sl.                     Description                       Qty.            Unit Rate               Amount
No.                                                       Nos.            Rs. Ps.                 Rs. Ps.
 1    Supply, erection and commissioning of 11KV,
      1 MVAR Capacitor banks (Outdoor type) with
      suitable 2 MVAR Structure with associated                         9,20,000.00
      equipment       viz.,   switchgears,     current           (Inclusive ED @10%, Cess on
                                                           37                                  3,40,40,000.00
      transformers, control and relay panels, Isolators            ED@3%, CST@2%, F&I and
      with earth switch, lightning arresters, HT                     Service Tax @10.3%)
      electronic trivector meters(CMRI compatible)
      and meter recording instruments etc.

2   Supply, erection and commissioning of 11KV,
    2 MVAR Capacitor banks (outdoor type) with
    associated equipment         viz., switchgears,                   10,00,000.00
    current transformers, control and relay panels,             (Inclusive ED @10%, Cess on
                                                           40                                 4,00,00,000.00
    Isolators with earth switch, lightning arresters,             ED@3%, CST@2%, F&I and
    HT      electronic    trivector     meters(CMRI                 Service Tax @10.3%)
    compatible) and meter recording instruments
3   Supply, erection and commissioning of 11KV, 2
    MVAR Capacitor banks (Indoor type) with
    associated equipment         viz., switchgears,                   12,95,000.00
    current transformers, control and relay panels,             (Inclusive ED @10%, Cess on
                                                           5                                  64,75,000.00
    Isolators with earth switch, lightning arresters,             ED@3%, CST@2%, F&I and
    HT      electronic    trivector     meters(CMRI                 Service Tax @10.3%)
    compatible) and meter recording instruments
                                                                           Total              8,05,15,000.00
                       (Rupees Eight Crores Five Lakhs and Fifteen Thousand only)

           NOTE:- You are requested to expedite the submission of drawings within one week
    from the date of receipt of purchase Order.

    4. DELIVERY: Supply, erection and commissioning shall be completed as given below.

                            For Supply, erection and commissioning
             11KV 1MVAR (Outdoor)                      By 31-07-2012 : 37 Nos.
             With 2 MVAR Structure
             along with associated equipment
             11KV 2MVAR (Outdoor)                      By 31-07-2012 : 40 Nos.
             along with associated equipment
             11KV 2MVAR (Indoor)                       By 31-07-2012 : 05 Nos.
             along with associated equipment

           However, you are requested to advance and improve the quantity to be
            Delay in delivery of materials free at destination stores due to non-availability of
    transport facility or such reasons will not be considered. It is the responsibility of supplier
    to make alternate arrangements for transporting the materials to the destination within
    the stipulated period.

           The APCPDCL shall have the right to vary the delivery schedules mentioned in
    the purchase order due to any operational exigencies at any time during the execution
    of the order by the supplier after due notice. Unloading of the materials at the
    destination stores shall be arranged by the consignees at APCPDCL cost.

          The APCPDCL shall have the right to vary the ordered quantity by plus or minus
    50% at any time during the execution of the order.

    5. PAYMENT:-

           100% Payment will be made on or after 30 days reckoned from the date of
    receipt of materials in good condition at destination location including erection and
    commissioning duly certified by the consignee (check measurement) or after approval
    of test certificates whichever is later, duly transferring the said amount to the Bank
    account of the supplier by the purchaser Bank subject to furnishing of performance
    security in the form of Demand Draft/Bank Guarantee for 10% of the contract value in
    the prescribed proforma covering a period of 2 months over and above the period of
    performance guarantee. The supplier will have to predefine the Bank details while
    entering into contract.

           The performance security for an amount of 10% of contract value is to be
    furnished within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the notification of contract (purchase
    order) which will include the warranty period and completion of performance
    obligations including warranty obligations.

NOTE:-i) The date of delivery would be the date on which the stores officer certifies the
receipt of materials including erection and commissioning to be completed at
destination location duly certified by the Divisional Engineer/M&P of concerned circle.

      (ii) The supplier should invariably submit test certificates and other documents
the purchase specifies as soon as despatch is made so that the test certificates can be
checked up and approved well in advance before it becomes due for payment.
Routine Test Certificates of the entire lot shall be submitted to the Consignee.

       (iii) The performance guarantee to be executed in accordance with this
specification shall be furnished on a stamp value of Rs.100/-. The bank guarantee shall
be extended suitably if, required. In accordance with the provisions of clause no.38 of
specification. The bank guarantee shall be from Nationalized banks only.

       (iv) If the supplier has received any over payment by mistake or if any amounts
are due to the APCPDCL due to any other reason, when it is not possible to recover
such amounts under the contract resulting out of this specification, the APCPDCL
reserves the right to collect the same from any other amounts and/or bank guarantees
given by the company due to or with the APCPDCL.

        v) When the supplier does not at any time, fulfill his obligations in replacing/
rectifying etc., of the damaged/defective materials in part or whole promptly to the
satisfaction of the APCPDCL officers, the APCPDCL reserves the right not to accept the
bills against subsequent despatches made by the supplier and only the supplier will be
responsible for any demurrages, wharfages or damages occurring to the consignment
so despatched.

6. DESPATCH: Please arrange to supply the materials specified herein and despatch
them to the persons and stations noted separately. Despatch Instructions will be
communicated to you after due inspection and clearance by the inspection officer.

       a) Supplier is responsible for the safe delivery of the goods in good condition at
destination location. He should acquaint himself of the conditions obtaining for
handling and transport of the goods to destination and shall include and provide for
security and protective packing of the goods so as to avoid damage in transit.

      b)      External damages or shortages that are prima-facie the results of rough
handling in transit or due to defective packing will be intimated within a fortnight of the
receipt of the materials. Internal defects, damages or shortages of any internal parts
which cannot ordinarily be detected on a superficial visual examination though due to
bad handling in transit or defective packing would be intimated within 3 months from
the date of receipt of these materials. In either case, the damaged or defective
materials should be replaced by you free of cost to the APCPDCL.

      c)      If no steps are taken within 15 days of receipt of intimation of defects or
such other reasonable time as the APCPDCL may deem proper to afford, the APCPDCL
may without prejudice to its other rights and remedies arrange for repairs or rectification
of the defective materials or replace the same and recover the expenditure incurred
there for from the deposits such as BID SECURITY And PERFORMANCE SECURITY or other
monies available with APCPDCL or by resorting to legal action and also decline to
accept further delivery of materials/equipment.

      d)      The defective portions or whole of the material so replaced or renewed
should give satisfactory performance till the expiration of 6 months (six) from the date of
such replacement or until the end of guarantee period whichever is later.

      e)     For the purpose of any legal construction, the material shall be deemed
to pass into APCPDCL’s ownership only at the destination location where they are
delivered and accepted.

8. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:- The transport receipts, two copies invoice/Challan sent along
with equipment shall be preserved along with you and shall be submitted to the stores
officer after commissioning of the equipment in good condition duly certified by the
concerned Divisional Engineer/M&P.


       i) The material along with all associated equipment, erection and commissioning
should be guaranteed by you for satisfactory operation for a period of 5 years (Five
Years) from the date of commissioning at destination locations in good condition.

        ii) During the period of guarantee, if any of the material is found defective and or
failed in test or operation except for minor defects, such materials shall be replaced by
you at free of cost to the APCPDCL irrespective of reimbursement from the insurance
company within 15 days of receipt of intimation of defects. If the material is not
replaced within 30 days of intimation, during the guarantee for the corrected/
replaced material will be extended to a further period of 12 months.

      (iii) Having been notified if you did not replace materials within the stipulated
period the cost of the material will be recovered from the existing bills/future bills/bank
guarantee available with the APCPDCL.

       (iv) In the event of any correction of defects or replacement of defective
material during the warranty period, the warranty for the corrected / replaced material
will be extended to a further period of 12 months and the Performance Bank
Guarantee for proportionate value will be extended 60 days over and above the
extended warranty period.

       (v) If the failure after erection and commissioning at site is more than 5% the
APCPDCL reserves the right to cancel the balance quantity of the order or take such
suitable action as deemed fit. Minor defects like broken glass during transit etc., may
be permitted to attend to in Stores or at erection site.

10. DEFECTIVE SUPPLIES:- If, during the guarantee period, any of the goods are found to
be defective in materials or workmanship, they shall be replaced by you free of cost.


       i)      General: The delivery of materials as per the agreed schedule of delivery
               is the essence of the contract.
       ii)     In case of delay in delivery of materials at destination for whatever be the
               reason, the APCPDCL may at its option demand and recover from you an
               amount equivalent to half percent (1/2%) per week of delay or part
               thereof on the undelivered portion, subject to a maximum of 5% of the
               undelivered portion within schedule time. This right of the APCPDCL shall
               be without prejudice to its right under the law including the right to cancel
               the contract, forfeit the deposit and/or recover damages for breach of

       (iii)   Check Measurement Date i.e. the date of commissioning at destination
               locations in good condition will be taken as Date of delivery for
               calculation of penalty also. The no. of days of delay would be rounded off
               to the nearest week for calculation of penalty.

      (iv)   Materials which are not of acceptable quality or not conforming to
             specification would be deemed to be not delivered.

      v)     Any variation up or down in Excise Duty, or Sales Tax or other statutory
             levies, or new levies introduced after placing of the order, under this
             specification, shall be to the APCPDCL’s account, In cases, where the
             delivery schedule is not adhered to by the supplier and that, if there are
             increases in excise duty or sales tax or other statutory levies or new imposts
             after the agreed delivery dates, the supplier shall bear the impact of
             these levies and if there is downward variation/revision APCPDCL shall be
             given credit to that extent.


         You shall not be liable for any liquidated damages for delay or for failure to
perform the contract for reasons of Force Majeure such as acts of God, acts of public
enemy, acts of Govt., fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lockouts,
riots, freight embargoes and provided that you shall within ten(10) days from the
beginning of such delay notify the APCPDCL in writing of the cause of delay. APCPDCL
shall verify the facts and grant such extension as facts justify.


       If the completion of supply is delayed due to reasons beyond the control of the
supplier, the supplier shall without delay give notice to the purchaser in writing of his
claim for an extension of time. The purchaser on receipt of such notice may agree to
extend the contracted delivery to such date as may be reasonable but without
prejudice to other terms and conditions of the contract. However, such extension of
time shall be for the purpose of penalty waiver only and payment of duties, taxes etc
shall be regulated as per P.O or as per actual supplies whichever results in lower
commitment to APCPDCL.


         a) The accredited representative of APCPDCL shall have access to you or your
subcontractor’s works at any time/stage during working hours for the purpose of
inspecting the materials and may select test samples from the materials going into
plant and equipment or from the materials offered for inspection. You shall provide the
facilities for testing such samples at any time. As soon as the materials are ready, you
shall duly advise the APCPDCL and carryout the tests in the presence of representatives
of the APCPDCL/third party agencies deputed for the purpose by APCPDCL.

        (b) In case of material, not of acceptable quality or not conforming to the
specification, the materials will be rejected. You have to re-offer the material for
inspection. In such a case the 2nd inspection charges are to your account only. In
case the materials are rejected in the 2nd inspection also, the APCPDCL reserves the
right to cancel the order.

       (c) The despatches shall be made only after the inspection to the APCPDCL’s
satisfaction or such inspection is waived by this office.


       The latest routine test certificates containing the results of the tests as per
relevant ISS must be submitted to the Chief General Manager/P&MM, APCPDCL,
4th floor, Corporate Office, Mint Compound, Hyderabad–500 004, and got approved
by him before sending bills for payment which will not be paid unless these are
approved (vide clause-6).


      The technical particulars have been guaranteed by you as per Annexures I to X
enclosed. They shall also confirm to IS (Latest version).

         All the materials detailed in Clause-3 must be consigned and despatched as per
  the despatch instructions to be issued after inspection and the bills and receipted
  challans shall be sent to the paying officers i.e. Assistant Divisional Engineer/Stores
  O/o Superintending Engineer/Operation Circles issued in the despatch instructions as
  per the details given below.

Sl.     To be sent to      Materials to be consigned and       Paying Officer to whom bills & RR
No.    the APCPDCL’s          despatched to any of the         to be sent to ADE/Stores/CPDCL.
          Stores at             locations in the circles                 O/o. SE./Opn.
01.   Anantapur           Anantapur                            Anantapur
02.   Kurnool             Kurnool                              Kurnool
03.   Mahaboobnagar       Mahaboobnagar                        Mahaboobnagar
04.   Sangareddy          Sangareddy, Medak                    Sangareddy
05.   Nalgonda            Nalgonda                             Nalgonda
06.   Ranga Reddy         Ranga Reddy                          Ranga Reddy
07.   Hyderabad           City Stores, Erragadda, Hyd          City Sores, Erragadda, Hyd

  18. PACKING:-

         The packing may be in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard practice
  unless otherwise specified. The supplier should however, ensure that the packing is such
  that the equipments reach the destination locations without damages after transport
  by rail or road. The packing should stand unloading and inter stores transfer with
  reasonable care.

         a)     Prices cited are FIRM free at destination stores and are inclusive of all
                taxes and duties.

         b)     The Ownership of the materials would rest with you till they are all
                commissioned in good condition at destination locations.
         c)     Railway Freight or lorry freight charges shall be prepaid at your cost.
         d)     The materials may be duly insured at your cost.
         e)     Interchangeability: All similar materials and removable parts of similar
                equipment shall be interchangeable with each other.
         f)     Name Plate : The equipment shall be marked with your trademark and
                the works “CENTRAL POWER DISTRIBUTION COMPANY OF AP LTD.,” Batch
                No., P.O.No. & Date, guarantee period and the month and year of
                manufacture shall be embossed on each equipment.
  20. GENERAL:-
         i) Your bills in duplicate along with a duplicate copy of invoice and substantiating
  vouchers for all extra claims to be made separately should be forwarded to the paying
  officers mentioned in the despatch instructions.
        ii) All General and technical correspondence should be addressed to the
  Chief General Manager/P&MM/APCPDCL, 4th floor, Corporate Office, Mint Compound,

          iii) All correspondence regarding bills, payments, etc., should be addressed to the
  Paying Officers, cited in despatch instructions with a copy to the Pay Officer, APCPDCL,
  3rd floor, Corporate Office, Mint Compound, Hyderabad -04.

         iv) All and any disputes or differences arising out of or touching this order shall be
  decided by courts or tribunals situated in Hyderabad/Secunderabad cities. No suit or
  other legal proceedings shall be instituted elsewhere.

           v) Unless otherwise specified, you shall abide by all the terms and conditions.

      vi) Please return within a period of 7 days one copy of the Purchase Order duly
signed in token of acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this order.

      vii) This is regularization of preliminary acceptance Lr.No. CGM/P&MM/E-11/
STN-251/11/LOI/D.No.5832/11, Dt.30-01-2012.

    viii) List of locations where capacitor banks to be erected, tested and
commissioned is enclosed.

                                                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
Encl: Annexures.

                                                                                               CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)
                                                                                            (Acting for and on behalf of APCPDCL)

We accept all the terms and
conditions of this purchase order & specification.


Copy to:-
The Chief General Manager/Finance, APCPDCL,3rd floor/Corporate Office/
                                          Mint Compound, Hyderabad.
The Pay Officer/CPDCL/Hyderabad.
The Superintending Engineer/Operation/Anantapur, Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar,
                   Nalgonda, Medak, Ranga Reddy-South, Ranga Reddy-North,
                   Ranga Reddy –East.
The Superintending Engineer/Lines/Ranga Reddy
The A.O.(Expr.), O/o. SE/Operation/Anantapur, Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar,
                      Nalgonda, Medak, Ranga Reddy-South, Ranga Reddy-North,
                                     Ranga Reddy-East
The Asst. Divisional Engineer/Dist. Stores/Anantapur, Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar,
                      Nalgonda, Sangareddy, Ranga Reddy, City-Hyd.

\\\\d\PRASAD BACKUP\document backup\Purchase Orders\POs FY-2011-12\PM-3518-2MVAR Cap banks-Shreem\PM-3518 -ShreemCapacitors - STN-251.doc
                                       AN N E X U R E - I


1   Type, make of capacitors                      Static, ON Cooled, Outdoor Type
                                                  M/s.Shreem Electric Ltd.
2.  Rated voltage of each capacitor elements      7.3 KV
3.  Rated frequency                               50 Hz.
4.  KVAR (at rated voltage and frequency of each 220 KVAR for 2 MVAR Bank
    element (Unit))                               110 KVAR for 1MVAR Bank
5.  No. of phases and No. of terminals in each 1 Phase, 2 Terminals
6.  Type of bushing terminals                     Porcelain Bushing with Brass terminal
7.  No. of capacitor elements in each phase/ unit 2+2
8.  Total number of capacitor elements for each 12 Nos.
    bank/bank rating
9.  Connection of capacitor elements              Series Parallel combination to get desired
10. Maximum permissible over voltage and duration 110% of Rated Voltage for 12 Hrs. in a day
    corresponding to the same                     of 24 hrs /As per IS.
11. Maximum permissible operative over voltage Rated Voltage
12. Temperature rise under max. voltage             Negligible
13. Limiting ambient temperature                    50o C as per IS
14. Watt Loss (maximum) per phase                   158.4 Watts (Max.)/Phase for 2 MVAR Bank
                                                    79.2 Watts (Max.)/Phase for 1 MVAR Bank
15. Voltage withstand tests (capacitor units)
     a) Terminal to terminal 50 c/s 1 min. dry      4.3 times the rated voltage (D.C.) for 10
                                                    sec. Or 2.15 times the rated voltage for 10
                                                    sec (AC)
     b) Terminal to case 50 c/s 1 min. dry          28 KV (rms)
16. Impulse withstand voltage                       75 KV (peak)
17. Individual fuse rating and characteristics      Classified data
18. Physical and electrical properties of capacitor
    a) Nominal thickness of polypropylene           27 to 34 microns (Total)
    b) Tensile strength of polypropylene
              i) Lengthwise                         140 MD / m2
              ii) Crosswise                         160 MD / m2
     c) Percentage elongation
              i) Lengthwise                         70%
              ii) Crosswise                         40%
     d) Shrinkage
              i) Lengthwise                         4%
              ii) Crosswise                         2%
     e)Dielectric breakdown voltage                 300 Volts / micron
19. Capacitor oil used in the container tank        Non PCB Non toxic oil
20. Protection schemes for capacitor bank
       (a) Under voltage                            Provided
       (b) Over voltage                             Provided
       (c) Neutral displacement stage I, Stage II   Provided
       (d) Off delay Timer                          Provided
       (e) O/C & E/F                                Provided
       (f) leading PF Tripping                      Provided
       (g) Neutral unbalance                        Provided
       (h Whether timer introduced for switching    Provided
       (i) Earth faults                             Provided
       (j) Schematic drawing enclosed               Provided
       (k) Whether protection for group control of  Yes
            capacitor bank envisaged and if so, the Porcelain clad VCB
            type of switching offered.
       (l) Whether control for p.f. and voltage            Yes
            envisaged in the scheme
       (m) No. of modules used in control panel            1 No. for each step of 2.640 MVAR &
                                                           1.320 MVAR
       (n) List out the annunciation arrangement           8 Point Facia annuciator window with
                                                           built    in     push     button    for
                                                           accept,Reset,Test DC fail and A/C fail
                                                           Indication(1 Set)
        (o) Breaker switching time interval                10 Minutes
        (p) Minimum and maximum voltage and pf             10 to 12 KV,
            setting                                        0.5 Lag to 0.5 Lead (adjustable)
        (q) Whether auxiliary relay for controlling        Yes
            voltage and pf available
        (r) Whether master tripping relay provided if so   Provided with 2 NO + 2NC Contacts
            number of No and NC available
21.   Weight of control panel                              175 Kg (Approx.)
22.   Dimensions of Control Panel                          As per approved drawing
23.   Maximum difference of capacitance between            As per IS 13925 / 1998 (Part-I)
      capacitor units in a bank
24.   Capacitor bank output                                2640 KVAR           1320 KVAR
      (a) Rated output of capacitor unit and voltage       220 KVAR, 7.3 KV    110 KVAR, 7.3 KV
      (b) Capacitance of series group                      52.56 Mfd           26.29Mfd
      (c) Bank capacitance                                 Same as above as Cap. Bank with
                                                           1 series group
      (d) Units in parallel per series group               2+2
      (e) Output of capacitor if one element fails,        As per calculation sheet enclosed
          2 elements fails etc
25.   Whether the neutral capacitor bank floated or        Floating neutral
26.   Voltage and current rating of capacitor bushing      12 KV, 100 Amp.
27.   Percentage of over voltage due to failure of         As per calculation sheet enclosed
      each bank for different ratings
28.   Maximum ambient temperature capacitor can            As per IS
29.   Whether fuse current Vs time curve indicates in      The fuse rating is so selected that the
      the tender and if so, how it is coordinated with     fuse shall operate under fault
      capacitor bank protection                            condition before capacitor case

                                                      CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)
                                             AN N E X U R E - II
Sl.                           Description
      Manufacturer’s Name                                          Siemens / Areva / CGL /Reputed Make
      a) No. of poles                                              3
      b) Class                                                     Outdoor, Porcelain Clad type
      c) Rated voltage                                             12 KV
      d) Rated insulation level
           (i) Impulse withstand voltage                           75 KV (Peak)
         (ii)One minute power frequency with stand voltage         28 KV (rms)
          (iii) One minute power frequency with stand voltage      2 KV
               on auxiliary wiring
      e) Rated frequency                                           50 Hz
      f) Rated normal current                                      630 A
      g) Rated cable charging current                              As per IS/IEC
      h) Rated (single) capacitor breaking current                 400A
      i) Rated small inductive breaking current and breaking       350 MVA
      capacity in MVA
      j) Rated transient recovery voltage                          As per IS/C : 13118/1991 or
      k) Rated short circuit making current                        50 KA
      l) Rated operating sequence                                  O-0.3 Sec – CO-3 min-CO
      m) Rated duration of short circuit                           20KA for 3 Sec
      n) Opening time and break time                               Less than 60 ms
      o) Closing time                                              Less than 80 ms
II    Whether type test certificates or report enclosed with the   Yes, Enclosed
III   Weight of complete circuit breaker                           500 Kgs. (Approx.)
2)    (i) Pressure maintained in the vaccum chamber                10 Torr
      ii) Gap between the contacts in vaccum                       6/8 mm +/- 1 mm
      iii) Area of contacts                                        As per manufacturer’s standard
      iv) The voltage to which the circuit breaker shall be        12 KV
      capable of withstanding indefinitely across open contacts
3)    Minimum clearance in air
      i) Between poles                                             320 mm
      ii) Between live parts to earth                              280 mm
      1. Type of closing mechanism                                 Motor Operated Spring Charged
                                                                   Stored energy mechanism
      2. Whether circuit breaker is fixed trip or trip free        Trip free
      3. No. and type of auxiliary contacts (No. of spare normally 8 NO + 8 NC
      open contacts and No. of spares normally closed contacts Type : BUTT type cam operated
      are to be indicated
4)    Power requirement:
      i) Closing coil                                              300 watts (Max.)
      ii) Opening coil                                             300 watts (max.)
      iii) Heaters at different locations (240V – 50 Hz AC)        100 watts
5)    Electrical service life:
      i) Rated current (times)                                     20000 Nos.
      ii) Rated interruption current (times)                       100 Nos.
6)    Periodicity of maintenance for the following:
      i) For maintaining vacuum in interrupting chamber            Vacuum integrity being extremely high,
                                                                   no need for maintenance check
                                                                   during its normal operations. However
                                                                   in case, VCB is taken out, it can be
                                                                   tested for HV vacuum integrity
      ii) For changing contacts                                    After 5000 operations or 3 years,
                                                                   cleaning and checking of mechanism.
      iii) Other maintenance schedules if any                      Periodic lubrication of mechanism
                                                                   moving parts required.

                                                                CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)


Sl.No.               Description
1.     Type and Make                                    Single phase, oil filled, Live Tank, Outdoor Type
                                                        Gyro/Epitrans/Instrument transformer/ Laxmi/ Universal/
                                                        Vidyut Control/Vishal/ ITC/ Reputed make
2.     Rated terminal voltage                           11 KV
3.     Phase                                            Single Phase
4.     Secondary current                                1 Amp.
5.     Secondary burden                                 15 VA
6.     Discharge capacity                               Not Applicable
7.     Quantity required                                1 No./Bank
8.     Weight                                           35 Kg. (Approx.)
9.     Dimensions                                       580x450x800
10.    Any other details the tenderer may wish to       -
11.    Rated burden N.C.T.                              15 VA
12.    Characteristics of discharge resistance/         Internally fitted discharge resistors are provided in each
       reactor                                          Capacitor unit.
13.    Ratio                                            10/1-1A For 2 MVAR Bank
                                                        5/1-1A for 1 MVAR Bank
                                            ANNEXURE – IV
                                 OF OUTDOOR CONTROL AND RELAY PANEL
       Sl.                       Description
       1.    Type and Make                                        Outdoor type M/s. Shreem Engineering Ind.
                                                                       Pvt. Ltd., Make Bolted Construction
       2.    Size and scales for ammeter, voltmeter and          Size 96 mm x 96 mm, Ammeter, Voltmeter, MI
             other indicating meters, p.f. meter                    type, VAR meter Dynamic type, PF meter
                                                                                     digital type
       3.    Control switch details                                                 Auto-Manual
       4.    Ammeter and voltmeter change over switch                          Ammeter -0-R-Y-B-OB
             details                                                          Voltmeter – 0-RY-RB-BR
       5.    Dimensions(Approx.)                                     2050H inclusive of stand, 950 mm width,
                                                                                    700mm depth
       6.    Weight                                                               175 Kgs (Approx.)
       7.    Number of panels                                                    122Nos. (Full Qty.)
       8.    Any other details the tenderer may wish to give                               _
       9.    Details of relays
             i) Over current                                          3 OC Numerical IDMTL Type relay
                                                                                 setting -50-200%
             ii) Earthfault                                               1 No. Numerical type relay
                                                                                  Setting -10-50%
             iii) Voltage and power factor control Relay                      Indication provided
             iv) Under voltage                                                    Setting 30-90%
             v) Neutral unbalance current                            2 stage static type setting 10-40% &
             vi) Unbalance voltage, Over voltage                     Static type OV setting 105% to 135%
                                                                             UV Setting 45% to 90%
             vii) Auxiliary relays                                              24V DC/220V DC
             viii) Timers                                                 Static type 1 sec to ten min
             ix) Range of control
                  a) p.f.                                                     0.5 Lag 1-0.5 Lead
                  b) Voltage                                         105 to 170% for over voltage relay &
                                                                      30 to 95% for under voltage relay
       10.   Reference voltage in the control circuit                         24V DC/220V DC

       11.   Whether instantaneous relay provided for over                         Required
             voltage/under voltage
       12.   Timer circuit included                                  Yes, provided in under voltage/ over

                                                               CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)
                            SUITABLE FOR 11 KV CAPACITORS

 Sl. Description
1. Make and type                                         Ashida /J VS / Shreem /
                                                   Easun Reyroll Numerical / Static type
2.    Case and cover whether supplied in         Three pole for O/C and E/F Single pole for
      single pole or three pole elements                   other O/V, U/V, UBCR
3.    Constructional characteristics of relays               IDMT for O/C + EF
4.    Time/Current or voltage characteristics             Definite time for OV/UV
5     a) Rated current or voltage                      Current 1A, Voltage 110 VAC
      b) Range of current or voltage settings
      ii) O/L                                                   50% - 200%
      iii) U/V                                                   40% - 90%
      iv) O/V                                                  105% - 135%
      v) Voltage/Current unbalance relays                10% to 40% or 20% to 80%
6     Range of
      i) Time multiplier setting                                0.1 to 1 Sec
      ii) Definite minimum time of operation                  3 sec or 1.3 sec
      for heavy fault
      iii) Time delay relay                             0-3 sec for protection relay
                                                       0-10 min. for closing interlock
7.    Volt-ampere consumption at different                    Less than 5 VA
      current or voltage settings
8.    Thermal rating of relays coils              1.2 times rated Current for 3 Sec 24 DC
9.    Contact ratings
              Making               Amp                              5A
              Breaking             Amp                               5A
10.   Whether provided with instantaneous                     Yes for OC relay
      tripping feature under heavy faults
11.   Rated breaking capacity of tripping                          5 Amps
12.   Operational indicators whether                  Electrical for O/C + EF OV & UV
      mechanically or electrically operated
13.   Mounting whether flush or projected                           Flush
14.   Terminals                                               Back connection
15.   Insulation                                 2 KV for 1 min. between Live terminal and
16.   Facilities provided for testing                   For KWH meter TTB provided
17.   Dimensions                                  1600 H x 950 W x 700 Depth, stand 450
18.   Weight                                      175 Kgs. (Approx.) with all equipments
19.   Quantity required
      a) O/L (Overload)                                     1 no. for each bank
      b) U/V (Under Voltage)                                1 no. for each bank
      c) O/V (Over Voltage)                                 1 no. for each bank
      d) Current unbalance (Neutral                         1 no. for each bank
      displacement current)

                                                      CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)
                         OF LIGHTNING ARRESTORS (Class-I)

Sl.No.              Description
   1. Name of Manufacturer                           Shreem/Lamco/CGL/Oblum make
  2.   Type                                        Metal oxide, Gapless Lightning Arrestors
  3.   Model                                                         -
  4.   Number of units                                              One
  5.   Rated Voltage                                             9 KV (rms)
  6.   Nominal discharge current                                   10 KA
  7.   Power frequency spark over voltage                            _
  8.   Impulse spark over voltage 1/50 micro
       sec. Wave
  9.   Maximum front of wave impulse spark
       over voltage
 10.   Virtual steepness for front of wave for
 11.   Maximum residual voltage for discharge
       current – 8/20 Micro Sec. Wave
       i) 1500 A                                                   22 KVp
       ii) 2500 A                                                  24 KVp
       iii) 5000 A                                                 25 Kvp
       iv) 10000 A                                                 27 Kvp
 12.   High current 4/10 micro second wave test                    100 KA
 13.   Long duration current tests
       i) Current peak                                        500 to 600 Amps
       ii) Virtual duration                                       2400 μs
       iii) Pressure relief device                               Provided
 14.   Weight of complete unit                               12.5 Kg (Approx.)
 15.   Height of complete unit from base of the              350 mm (Approx.)
       line side
 16.   Minimum recommended spacing                                 340 mm
       between arresters centre to centre
 17.   Clearance required from grounded                            230 mm
       equipment at various heights of arresters
 18.   Earthing arrangement provided for                        Yes Provided
       earthing side of arrestor(s)
 19.   Mounting flange dimensional details               As per approved drawings
 20.   Equipment to be protected                             Capacitor Banks

                                                     CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)
                                    Double Break

Sl.No.                    Details
   1. Isolators
       a) Name of manufacturer                           Bharat Electrical/Faraday/ G.K Electricals/
                                                          Elektrolite/Ruma/ Naples Reputed make
     b)  Whether single break or double break                           Double Break
     c)   No. of poles                                                      Three
     d)   Voltage rating                                                    11 KV
     e)    Frequency                                                        50 Hz
     f)   Current rating in Amps
          i) Normal                                                      800 Amp
          ii) Maximum with duration                                 20 KA for 3 second
     g) Temperature rise of the following at full
         rated current in cover ambient temperature
         i) Copper contact with coating
         ii) Terminals of switches, intended to be
                                                                      Within limits of IS
               boiled to the external conductor
         iii) Metallic parts acting on springs
     h) Whether contacts are silver coated or tin              Silver Coated – 10/15 microns
         coated along with thickness of coating in mm.
     i) Voltage drop across terminals of poles                 ≤ 20 MV at 100A DC/ As per IS
     j) Short time current and duration                             20 KA for 3 second
     k) Material of fixed contact                             Hard drawn EC Grade Copper
     l) Material of moving blade                              Hard drawn EC Grade Copper
     m) Material of terminal connector                               Aluminium Alloy
     n) Type, diameter and length of operating handle      32 mm OD GI, 700 mm long (Approx.)
     o) Material of arcing horns                                           GI rod
     p) Size and length of base mounting channel            100x50 mm, 700 mm long (Approx.)
     q) Whether the airbrake switch is complete with                        Yes
     all accessories
     r) Whether dimensions drawing, is enclosed with                   Yes, enclosed
     the tender
     s) Minimum clearance between phases                         750 mm, As per standard
         (the center distance between the insulators
          of adjacent phases in the assembled
          position of switch)
     t) Center to center distance between insulators             600 mm, As per standard
     of consecutive poles of the same phase in the
     assembled position of switch (in mm)
     u) Whether mechanical interlock has been                                Yes
     provided for arcing switches
     v) Type of bearings used in
             i) Rotating insulator stack                               Ball bearing
            ii) Operating shaft                                        Bush bearing
     w) Impulses withstand voltage with 1/50 ms wave
     positive and negative polarity
            i) Across isolating distance                                   85 KVp
            ii) To earth and between poles                                 75 Kvp
      x) One minute power frequency withstand
     voltage across isolating distance to
        a) earth                                                         32 KV rms
        b) between poles                                                 28 KV rms

                                                         CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)

Sl.No.                          Description
   I.  1. Maker’s Name and Country                       Elster/Secure/L&T/ HPL make India.
       2. Type of Meter                                        Alpha HT Static Trivector
       3. Accuracy Class                                          0.5S as per IEC 687
       4. Parameters Measured                                     As per specification
       5. P.F. Range                                            ZERO Lag to ZERO Lead
       6. Test terminal block.                              As per APCPDCL Specification
       7. Details of adjustments and compensations                  As per IS 14967
       8. Sensitivity                                              As per IS 14967
       9. Over-load Capacity                                           200% lb
       10. Minimum Starting Current                                     0.1 lb
       11. Principle of operation                                     Attached
       12. Particulars of readout                              Optical Port Provided
       13. Particulars of Battery Back up                    External Power up Inverter
       14. a)Integration Period.                               MD interval 30 minutes
            b)Secondary current                                       5A or 1 A
       15. Suitability for three phase 3 wire                            Yes
            three phase 4wire system
       16. No. of digits                                     Display 8 digits, LED/LCD
       17. Storage of load Survey Data                    More than 45 days at 30 Minutes
                                                               interval for 2 energies
       18. Hand held Data Collector                                 Yes Provided
       19. Remote Readout facility.                                 Yes Provided
       20. RS- 485 Compatibility                                RS-485 Port provided

                                                     CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)

                               11 KV SERIES REACTORS FOR CAPACITORS

Sl.No.   Description
                                                           Aluminium wound/Air Cored/Dry Type/
                                                           Outdoor /Neutral End Reactor in Open
 1.      Type and make
                                                           PS Electrical /reputed Make
 2.      Insulation level                                  28 KV(rms)/75 KV(Peak)
 3.      Rated current and voltage                         60.245 Amps & 11 KV
 4.      Rated capacity/inductance                         0.88 KVAR/0.7716 mH
 5.      Rated Frequency                                   50 HZ
 6.      Compensation percent of series reactors           0.2%
 7.      Number of Phases                                  Single Phase
 8.      Dimensions (Overall) x L X B X H (mm) (Approx.)   As per approved drawings
 9.      Total weight/weight of coil and assembly unit     As per approved drawings
 10.     Rated short time current and specified duration   16.6 times of 130% of rated current for 2 Sec
 11.     Reactance at rated current                        0.24 ohm
 12.     Type of cooling                                   Air natural Cooled (AN)
 13.     Load losses                                       210 Watts
 14.     Winding resistance (cold/hot)                     0.04 ohm
 15.     Voltage and current rating of reactor bushing     Not Applicable
 16.     Rated KVAR                                        0.88
                                                           Suitable for Bus bar connection on
 17.     Terminal arrangement
                                                           IC & OG side
         Maximum system voltage for which reactor is
 18.                                                       12.65 KV
 19.     Choke voltage/Phase at rated current              15.06 Volts
 20.     Conforming to ISS                                 IS 5553 (Part-3)-1990
 21.     Whether reactor designed for
         a) Harmonics                                      NO
         b) Inrush current                                 Yes
 22.     Type of shielding adopted in the reactor          No shielding provided Open execution

                                                             CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)
                                         11 KV CURRENT TRANSFORMERS

Sl.No.   Description
                                                                                                        Single Phase, Outdoor Type, Oil filled, Live
 1.      Type
 2.      Name of Manufacturer                                                                           Vidyuth/Vishal/Gyro/Laxmi Reputed make
 3.      Rated Voltage/Highest Voltage                                                                  11 KV/ 12KV
                                                                                                        400-200/1-1 Amp for 2 MVAR Bank
 4.      Rated Primary Current
                                                                                                        200-100/1-1 Amp for 1 MVAR Bank
 5.      Secondary core details
         a) No. of Cores                                                                                2 Nos.
         b) Rated Secondary current                                                                     1A                       1A
         c) Rated burden                                                                                15VA                     15VA
         d) Class of Accuracy                                                                           5P                       0.5
         e) Accuracy limit Factor                                                                       10                       -
 6.      Short time thermal current & its duration                                                      20 KA rms for 3 Sec.
 7.      Rated current dynamic                                                                          50 KAP
 8.      i) Rated continuous thermal current                                                            120% rated current
         ii) Temperature rise over ambient                                                              As per IS 2705, Latest version
 9.      Impulse withstand test voltage KV (Peak)                                                       75 KVP
         One minute power frequency dry and wet
 10.                                                                                                    28 KV rms
         withstand voltage on primary
         One minute Power frequency withstand
 11.                                                                                                    3 KV rms
         voltage on secondary
 12.     Total creepage distance of the bushing                                                         300 mm (min)
 13.     Quantity of Oil                                                                                10 letrs (Approx.)
 14.     Total weight                                                                                   35 Kg.(Approx.)
 15.     Overall Dimensions                                                                             As per approved drawings

                                                                                                            CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER (P&MM)

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