Police Constable Recruitment Pool by 2m3MTq1b


									                                                     Police Constable

              The Dryden Police Service is looking for dynamic, innovative and forward thinking people that will help
              ensure public safety for the City of Dryden. Therefore, we are accepting applications with the intention
                       of creating a pool of qualified applicants as potential candidates for the position of
                                              Basic Recruit /4th Class Police Constable.

 Application packages and instructions have been posted on the Dryden Police Service website. Applicants are advised to go to:
                       www.dryden.ca – City Services – Dryden Police Service - Employment Opportunity.
Here one can locate an application package that includes the required forms, resume instructions, physical fitness standards, Police
                              Services Act mandatory requirements and other relevant information.

        The closing date is Friday, March 9th 2012 and applications must be received no later than 4:00pm (Central Time).

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