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									Music at Bromsgrove
 Preparatory School
        Prep School Teaching Staff.

Miss Miller is   Mrs Bayliss is in   Miss Coulson
Head of          charge of Junior    teaches KS2 Music
Preparatory      Music
School Music
The choir meets three
times a week. Their main
commitment is to sing in
Chapel every Tuesday.
They also sing in concerts
throughout the year and
other special occasions.

                             In May 2010 the choir are
                             going on tour to Edinburgh.
Ensembles form a     We currently have:   -Junior Band
large part of the                         -Junior Choir
life at Bromsgrove
Preparatory          -Flute Group         Steel Pans
School.              -Prep School Choir   -Jazz Group

                     -String Group        -Samba Band

                     -Brass Band          And a number
                                          of smaller
                     -Rock School         groups practise
                     -Recorders           on an informal
Groups cater for a
variety of standards
and ages.

                               Rehearsals are held each week
                               both in the Music School and
                               around the Preparatory School.

Ensembles have many
opportunities to perform, at
end of term concerts and
other events throughout the
Instrumental Lessons
Instrumental lessons take place
every week in the Music School.
Lessons last 40 minutes.
Lessons are available on a huge
variety of instruments and of
course, singing!

                                  If you are interested in
                                  receiving instrumental
                                  lessons, please
                                  contact Miss Donnelly,
                                  the Music
Class room music happens in the Keystage 2 classroom for junior
pupils, whilst the seniors are taught in the Keyboard Lab.

 They follow a wide and varied curriculum, looking at
 different styles and forms of music
Pupils explore music
-Appraisal of work
                       Whilst numerous
                       instruments are used in
                       class, singing forms a large
                       part of lessons.
                       Visits to Symphony Hall,
                       workshops and visiting
                       musicians help enrich the
Bromsgrove Music School is a fun and exciting place to be!
The opportunities are endless.

          Please come and join us!

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