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					                                   English 11 Syllabus
                                       Ms. Dillon
                                          2010-2011 Block 1
Welcome to 11th Grade English and to the start of another wonderful year at Stuarts Draft High School!      I am
excited to have you in class this semester. I look forward to getting to know each of you personally. As we
begin this time together, many important classroom policies and expectations are outlined in this syllabus.
Please share this syllabus with your parents and keep it in your binder as a reference throughout the semester.

Supplies Needed for class:
    3 ring binder with 3 dividers (notes, skills, handouts)
    Loose-leaf paper
    Composition or spiral notebook for bell work
    Pencils
    Blue or black ink pen

Course Outline:
Course objectives and the Standards of Learning Objectives are the same for this course (Please see attached
sheet.). All objectives will be accomplished through ongoing activities related to five periods in American
literary history. Expect vocabulary assignments due every Tuesday and vocabulary quizzes every Thursday,
focusing in the assigned vocabulary workbooks. Tentative time frame:

           A. Beginnings to 1800, American Romanticism, and The American Renaissance 1840 – 1860 –
              Includes a reading of The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

           B. The Rise of Realism 1850 – 1900 – Includes the reading of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
              by Mark Twain.

           C. The Moderns 1900 – 1950 – Contemporary Literature 1950 – Present, and the research paper or
              project. Includes the reading of Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

Grading Policies:
   A. Grading Scale
      All work will be graded using the Augusta County grading scale which can be found in your student
      handbook. This is also posted on the wall in the classroom.

   B. Grading Weights
      The breakdown of grades for each 6 weeks will be as follows:
             Tests, Projects, and Papers                30
             Class Work                                 20
             Quizzes                                    20
             Homework                                   20
             Participation                              10

   C. Make-up work will be accepted per county policy within the three day limit. It is the student’s
      responsibility to make sure this is in.

   D. Late work will be accepted up to 2 days after the given due date. 10 points are lost per day late.
    E. Extra Credit opportunities may be given over the course of the semester. These should not be seen as a
       way to save your grade. They do not replace regular work which has just not been done. Extra credit
       assignments are a reward for students who have already done work but would like to pull their grade up
       a few points. They also are a great way to chase a challenge and improve your skills.

Expectations for Students:
   Students will follow all SDHS school-wide expectations. These are:
      1. Treat yourself, others, and property with respect by your actions and language.
      2. Come to class on time, with appropriate materials, and ready to learn.
      3. Listen carefully the first time that rules or instructions are given. Show integrity, honor, and
      4. Allow teachers to teach and students to learn (For this class, this includes respectfully participating
          in discussions, presentations, and group activities—without your willingness to do this, instruction
          grinds to a halt for everyone else.)
      5. Always chase a challenge and strive to be your best.
      6. Abide by SDHS Dress Code at all times.

     To start the class: Sit in assigned seat. Make sure you have something to write with. Get started on the bell work.
      Keep all bell work in your bell work notebooks. When called upon to turn these in, please place them in the bin for
      your block. Each assignment per day is worth 10 points. If you are tardy, come in and take your seat quietly and get
      started. If you need to speak to me, wait until after class.
     To stay focused on instruction: Remain seated and please raise your hand to speak. If I raise my hand or stop mid
      sentence, then I am requesting your attention.
                     Finishing work early: Read your novel or work on homework if you finish your class work or an
                        assessment early. You may also write in your bell work composition books – write your thoughts,
                        write a poem or a story, write your impression on one of the characters in the book, etc. These
                        entries could earn you extra credit.
     To get out of here: Please refrain from packing up before the bell. When the class is over, please place your textbook
      under the desk or back on the table. Don’t leave until I dismiss the class.
     To be awesome: Help your fellow classmates. Don’t judge a book by its cover or its length. Value others’ opinions.
      Teach me something I don’t know. Find brilliant writing in the world and share it with the rest of us (or write your
      own brilliant writing and share it with us!). Be open-minded. Share what we are doing in class with your parents and
      family. And just be yourself.

**SOL Test Information**
Please note that there are two separate components to English Standards of Learning test for eleventh
grade. You will take the writing portion of the SOL approximately halfway through the semester. You will
take the reading portion of the SOL at the end of the semester. A score of 400 or above is needed to pass
each part of the SOL.

Contact Information – Please keep in touch!
Ms. Melissa Dillon, English Teacher SDHS Room 40
mdillon@augusta.k12.va.us (the best way to contact me…anytime you have a question)
2410 Breckenridge Court
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
                                           Let’s have a great year!
                                                 - Ms. Dillon

* Please note that this syllabus is just a guide to English 11. Although this is the basic outline, I reserve the right to change this
schedule based on availability of texts, library/computer lab time, and inclement weather.


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