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									Dear Carpenter Community, With less than two weeks to go before break, here's the news from school!

Community Meeting

Community Meeting on Monday, December 6th was led by James Cardwell, Peter McConville and Ethan
Lichtenberg from Mrs. Sankovich's 4th grade class. The meeting was held in the gym because of the
Annual Carpenter School Basketball Shoot-Off. The leaders did an excellent job leading the student
body in the Pledge of Allegiance, promise to Myself, and School Song without having a screen and
projector to display the words. James shared a few words about his participation in MindSET at the
University of Michigan. Mrs. Cope shared an appreciation to everyone who was representing their class
and grade level in the contest. She noted it is a lot more difficult to make the necessary shots when the
gym is full of spectators!

The Shoot-Off this year took a lot longer than normal due to the excellent shooting of all participants.
Class and Grade Representatives were:

3rd Grade from Mrs. Archer's Class -- David Kwak
3rd Grade from Mrs. Tabakar's Class -- Will Kett
3rd/4th from Mrs. Cook's Class       -- Drake Dowdy
4th Grade from Mrs. Freeman's Class -- Brendan Emch
4th Grade from Mrs. Sankovich's Class -- Veasna Pen
5th Grade Ms. York/Mr.Larson Team 1 -- Erique Osler
5th grade Ms. York/Mr. Larson Team 2 -- Devin Winston

After a record number of shots were made by everyone, the School Championship for 2010 was
awarded to David Kwak from Mrs. Archer's classroom.

After the student competition was over, several staff members vied for the Staff Championship for 2010.
After a hard fought competition, Mrs. Machida emerged as the 2010 Staff Champion!

The 2010 Shoot-Off was a success because of the excellent sportsmanship by participants and
Mr. Collins, Principal



12/13 Carpenter Community Sing 9:50 am during Community Meeting
12/14 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm - Media Center
12/15 PTO Thrift Shop Drive
12/18-1/02/2011 No School - Winter Break
12/19-25 Show Your Support PTO Thrift

Carpenter Community Sing

All Carpenter Parents/Guardians and families are invited to the Carpenter Community Sing during
community meeting Monday, December 13, at 9:50 am.
We have a very diverse community. We will be singing songs from many backgrounds with the intent of
teaching tolerance and acceptance.
Our goal is to bring the community together with song.
We will sing THIS IS THE SEASON OF HOPE (seasonal), JINGLE BELLS (seasonal), PEACE ROUND (generic),
Whisper OF PEACE (Muslim), FELIZ NAVIDAD (Christmas), JINGLE BELL ROCK (seasonal), LIGHT ONE
CANDLE (Hanukkah), UJIMA (Kwanzaa).

Then we will sing Rudolf, Frosty and a few requests from the audience. If your schedule allows, we hope
you will come and sing with us.
Looking forward to singing together.
Ms. Machida

VOLUNTEERS WANTED! By special request from Carpenter Principal, Ron Collins!
   1. Do you love to paint walls?
   2. Have you ever wanted to learn professional secrets about prepping and painting walls?
   3. Do you have some time to share on Tuesday, December 28 and/or Wednesday, December 29?
   4. Do you have a 6-foot ladder you could loan for a couple of days?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, WE NEED YOU!

A pair of professional painters, Mr. Bill Champion and Mr. Gene Firn, are volunteering their time to
launch "Paint for Kids" This is a pilot project where they work with a group of adult volunteers to paint
the walls of hallways of area schools. Gene has spoken with Home Depot, Lowes, and Anderson Paint
Company and they are all supporting the project by offering basic painting kits to volunteers at cost.
 Details about purchasing kits will be given to volunteers as soon as they are identified.

What we need NOW is to identify volunteers. How much we plan to accomplish and therefore, how
much paint we will need depends on the number and skill of our volunteers. Look for a volunteer sheet
coming home Wednesday, December 8.

If you are experienced we can use you as a team leader. If you are a beginner or novice, come along and
Gene or Bill will teach some of his tricks. The painting agenda is:
Tuesday, December 28
9:00 Team Leaders Meet in Carpenter Lobby with Gene or Bill for planning. (Yes for this you can park in
the handicapped circle drive.)
10:00 – 1:00 or 2:00 (Should take 3 - 4 hours depending on number of volunteers
         Volunteers spread out with team leaders to prep the halls for painting.
         Rough up glossy paint
         Filling any cracks or holes
         Priming any peeling or filled areas
         Taping edges to be painted
Wednesday, December 29
9:00 – about 1:00
- Paint the Halls & Pull Masking Tape
Crazy Hat Day!

Student Council has declared Friday, December 10th "Crazy Hat Day!" Students, wear your craziest or
favorite hat to school on Friday!

Emergency School Closing Information

With the cold weather upon us, it's a good idea to review the School Closing Information.

Now with the Schoolmessenger service we will notify families of snow days via a phone call and email as
soon as the decision is made. Families who have a phone number or email in PowerSchool will receive
this notification within 15 minutes after the message has been sent. Usually, messages won't be before
6 am unless the decision is made the night before. This is just one more reason why we must have up-
to-date and accurate phone information at school to contact parents as necessary.

School closings (outside of regularly scheduled days off) will be posted on the AAPS District
website http://www.aaps.k12.mi.us/aaps.schools/school_closings

                                  The school closing hotline: 994-8684

View Unsafe Weather Guidelines

Inclement weather may require closing schools or changing school schedules and bus routes. The
decision is made after an early inspection of road conditions and school facilities, as well as current or
forecasted weather conditions. When schools are closed or schedules and/or bus routes are changed,
information is sent immediately to the major radio and television stations-by 6:00 a.m. if at all

Holiday Guidelines

From the AAPS website http://www.aaps.k12.mi.us/aaps.forparents/holiday_guidelines

Please keep in mind the following local guidelines at the elementary level

       Parties should not exceed an hour and one half at elementary.

       If students are excluded or choose not to participate they must have appropriate work and
       The activities should serve the academic goals of the course and school.

       Employee Handbook – As employees of the district, individuals shall not accept gifts of more
        than token value from students or their parents or guardians or from vendors or businesses.
        Mr. Collins notes: We enjoy the work we do with our children and families and do not expect
        anything from you for the holidays.

Carpenter's PTO Thrift Shop Drive

Carpenter PTO is sponsoring a PTO Thrift Drive on December 15th. Start gathering your items now!
Cleaning up and out for the holidays? Donate to the PTO Thrift Shop pick up!

Help the school to earn $$$ by donating your unused household items Monday December 6th to
Monday December 13th. Bring books, cds, dvds, kitchen items, room decor, craft items or sewing
notions, small appliances, furniture, lighting, seasonal decorations (Christmas, Hanukkah etc) or other
household items to school or contact Jackie, 734-971-3185 or jackie@alittleattitude.net We earn
$1000 when we fill the truck! Sorry, no clothing this year.

Please review this list (next page) for items to donate:

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