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									Revised 08/11/2011

                           Preschool Registration Packet

                             Famous Quotes about Children

           A child miseducated is a child lost.
           John F. Kennedy

           A three year old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of
           a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green
           Bill Vaughan

           Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.
           Lady Bird Johnson

                                   Nikki Callero, Teacher
                                   Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education
                                            Minor in Art Education
                                    Washington State Teaching Certificate
                       Member of National Association for the Education of Young Children
                                                 Mother of 3!

                                          106 Pacific Ave. S.
                                          Pacific, WA 98047
                                         Phone: 253/261-1505
              Daily Preschool Schedule
                      Subject to Change
8:55-9:00      Students Arrive

9:00-9:20      Settling in/Music
               Kid-friendly music and nursery rhymes are playing while the kids are
               settling in and playing.

9:20-10:00     Calendar, Letter and/or Number Learning
               We review today’s day, date, and weather as well as learn about the
               days of the week, months of the year, weather and seasons.
               Students learn about letters and numbers, the sounds that letters make,
               and practice writing letters and numbers.

10:00-10:20    Outdoor Play/Motor Skills
               Students will play games and do outdoor activities (weather permitting)
               that help develop their coordination skills.

10:20-10:25    Wash-up and Bathroom Break

10:25-10:50    Snack Time
               During snack time we often watch an educational show, such as Little
               Einsteins or Sid the Science Kid.

10:50-11:15    Learning Time
               We do lessons and games based on the letters/numbers we’re currently
               working on.

11:15-11:27    Learn & Play Centers
               Students will have constructive play time in different centers that will
               include items like letter puzzles, math manipulatives, creative play,
               building blocks, and more.

11:27-11:30    Clean-up/Pack-up

11:30-11:35    Students Depart
                          PARENT EXPECTATIONS

   The preschool environment is an environment intended for learning. This is
not a childcare facility. Childcare will not be available before or after school.
   Arrival time will be no more than 5 minutes prior to the start of school. The
time that I have available prior to the arrival of the students is time that is
dedicated to my daily preparations and should not be interrupted.
   Departure time will be no later than 11:35.
   For the safety of your child, a parent/caregiver is expected to walk the
student to the door at arrival, and come in to pick up the student at the door for
   If your child must arrive late, please walk your child all the way in, help
them remove their shoes, and help them quietly join the group. Our learning
time is VERY valuable, and children of this age can be easily distracted. Your
assistance in minimizing these distractions is critical.

   Your child must be able to meet their bathroom needs with MINIMAL
   If your child has a fever, has an excessive cough, is unable to remember to
cover their cough, or needs assistance wiping their nose more than twice in an
hour, he/she should not come to school.

  Student/Teacher Ratio
  There are terrific advantages to your child to being in a small classroom like
mine. Having such a small number of students allows me to be more involved
with each child individually, which is a wonderful thing. However, there are
some small ways in which the lack of additional adults can be a drawback- if a
child is ill or needs help in the bathroom, it can be a big distraction to the rest of
the class. Please do your part to assist by making sure not to send your child to
school when sick, and to dress your child appropriately to allow them to take
care of their own bathroom needs.

  Registration & Forms/Fees
   Registration form and Materials Fee ($35) are due by August 31, 2011 to
confirm your spot. Spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
   Tuition is $1500 per year for the 3-day program, and $1000 per year for the
2-day program. This fee can be paid in 10 equal, monthly payments of $150 per
month for the 3-day program or $100 per month for the 2-day program.
Adjustments will be made for students who enroll after the start of the year.
   Tuition fees are due in full each month (September through June),
regardless of illness, student absence, or the number of school days during that
   Tuition is due NO LATER THAN the second school day of each month.

  Calendar/Weather Closure
    Our school year begins with an Open House on September 7, 2011 from 10-11.
Parent(s), caregivers and sibling(s) are welcome to come, play, have a snack and
explore the preschool setting at this time.
    Our official first day of school (for the 3-day program) will be on September 9,
2011 at 9:00 a.m.
    The preschool calendar will be primarily based on the Auburn School
District calendar. A copy of the schedule for the month will be sent home no
later than the first school day of each month. If the district has no school for any
reason (elementary or secondary), Preschool will also be closed on those days. If
the district has scheduled a late start or a half-day of school, there may or may
not be preschool on that day. Your monthly schedule (provided at the start of
each month) will clarify whether or not there is school on those dates.
    If Auburn School District cancels school due to weather or has a delayed
start of 90 minutes or more, preschool will be cancelled. If the district schedules
a delayed start of one hour or less due to weather, preschool WILL be in session
at the regularly scheduled time.
  Classroom Goals
   Build letter-recognition skills

   Build number-recognition skills

   Build shape and color-recognition skills

   Learn about patterns, repetition, classification, and ordering

   Recognize first sounds in certain words (example: apple starts with “a”)

   Learn early math skills

   Learn the days of the week

   Learn about the seasons

   Practice sharing, working together and taking turns

  Learn some basics of sign language (for letter of the alphabet and a few other
words like please, thank you, etc.)

   Learn through other specific units (examples: trees, farm animals, fire safety,
outer space, plants, etc.)

   Make friends and have fun!

                        A Note on Age Differences
  Three year-olds typically have a shorter attention span than 4- or 5-year olds.
Keeping that in mind, my learning expectations differ among students depending on
their age and ability to focus. While a 3-year old may not learn their letters/sounds
as quickly as their older counterparts, the preschool environment offers many other
benefits to their early education such as social interaction, understanding
expectations of classroom behavior, development of motor skills, and more.
                           Student Registration Form
Student Full Name:___________________________________________________

Date of Birth:_______________________________Boy or Girl (circle one, please)

Parent #1 Name:________________________                Primary Phone:_______________________

Back-up Phone:_________________________                Parent #2 Name:_____________________

Parent #2 Phone:________________________               Contact Email:_______________________

In the case of an emergency, please list 2 contacts:

       Name                            Relation to Child                      Contact Phone


List any other adults who may be allowed to pick up your child:

       Name                            Relation to Child                      Contact Phone


List any allergies or medical conditions that I should be aware of:



Parent Signature                                                              Date

***My signature indicates that I have read the Preregistration Packet and Parent Expectations and promise
to honor those expectations, and that I have completed the Student Registration Form to the best of my
                  Student Registration Fees/Deposit
Indicate Your Session
By Checking the Appropriate Box:
Sessions Available                            Mon./Weds./Fri.   Tues./Thurs.

                                              9-11:30           9-11:30

Monthly Tuition                               $150              $100

Supply Fee                                    $35               $35

Please mail your Registration Form and this Form to Nikki Callero at the address
show on the front of this packet. Checks are to be made payable to Nikki Callero.

Tuition rates may rise in the fall of 2012.

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