Cold Mountain In Class Writing Tasks by dxpq97


									            Analysis of Literary Devices in Cold Mountain.
                                  Monday, November 28

Using the analysis strategies presented in pages 17, 50, and 75, from your Reference
Points text book, develop an analysis of the symbols, motives, metaphors, theme(s),
and any other literary devices used in the novel Cold Mountain.

References to the text must be made, either in the form of direct quotes or paraphrased
references; page numbers should follow each quote and reference.

The analysis must not exceed two pages; it must be double spaced and typed. All
formal writing rules apply. Although this is not an essay, your ideas must be presented
in an organized manner.

       The Significance of Father-Daughter Relationships
                       in Cold Mountain
                                  Tuesday, November 29

Respond to the following essay question in an organized five paragraph essay. Be sure
to follow the appropriate rules for formal writing. Also include references/examples to
the text. These examples may be paraphrased references to events in the novel. You
may use the format of a compare and contrast essay to complete your essay, just be
sure to include the latter question in your essay response.


What parallels, if any, does Frazier draw between Ruby and Stobrod’s, and Ada and
Monroe’s relationships? Why are father-daughter relationships so important in the

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