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									                                               Hidden Meadows Ranch
                                                            Presents the

                                              HMR Summer Classic
                                              Hunter Jumper Show
                              SHF Heritage Circuit and Prairie Cup Series Show
                                                       August 26, 2012
                                                     Hidden Meadows Ranch
                                                         Battleford, SK

                                                       Phone (306) 446-0218
                                                          (306) 480 9775

                                  Mail entries to:          HMR Summer Classic
                                                            c/o Linda Hebert
                                                            Box 202
                                                            North Battleford, Sk.
                                                            S9A 2Y1

                                  Email entries to:

Show Chair: Deb Flegel
Show Secretary: Linda Hebert
Committee Members: Shirley Mawson, Jennifer Robertson, Karen Helm
Judge: Gloria Bell

Rules & Regulations

1.    All Riders must wear approved ASTM/SEI Certified helmets in ALL classes. As well, certified helmets must be worn at all
               times by anyone mounted on a horse on the grounds.
2.    Entries – Please make cheques payable to “Hidden Meadows Ranch”. Please include a separate cheque for bridle
               number deposit ($10.00).
3.    There is an office fee of $15, an EMT fee of $10 per rider, and a refundable number deposit of $10 per horse. Entries
               close August 20. A late processing fee of $10.00 will be added to entries received after the closing
               date. A service fee of $25.00 will be charged on all NSF cheques.
4.    Cancellation of entries after closing date shall forfeit their entries, expect where a certificate of disability from a qualified
               medical doctor or veterinarian is presented to the show office before the start of classes. Office administration
               fee of $15 will be retained on all cancellations.
5.    Memberships - Please note that SHF memberships are recommended. SHJA memberships are required to enter the SHJA
               Medal Classes. If competitors are not members they will be able to take out memberships at the show. Please
               include with entry photocopies of your membership cards for the following:
                          Saskatchewan Horse Federation
                          Saskatchewan Hunter Jumper Association
6.    Nominations – Competitors are encouraged to nominate their horses to the Heritage Circuit and/or the Prairie Cup
               Series. Nomination forms will be available at the show. Points earned prior to nomination will not count for
               year-end awards.
7.    Horses may cross enter any or all divisions except where stated in the prize list.
8.    Stabling: Some outside stabling/pens may be available. Contact Deb Flegel 446-0218.
9.    Neither Hidden Meadows Ranch, the competition, their officials, organizers, agents, employees, nor representatives of
               the Show Committee will be held responsible in any way for damage, injury or loss to persons, horses, tack,
               property, spectators or exhibitors. Please sign the Acceptance of Risk form and return with entry form
               and fees.
10.   The show committee reserves the right to cancel or combine any classes that lack a sufficient number of entries.
11.   The show office will be open:
               August 25th           6:30 p.m. – 9:00 pm
               August 26th           7:00 a.m. – show’s end
12.   Warm ups: Schooling rounds will be held from 4:00pm to 9:00pm Sat August 25th in both arenas and in the Hunter ring
               only Sun August 26th 7:00am to 1 hour prior to start of Hunter classes. Schooling rounds will be available at a
               charge of $10 per horse. Numbers must be worn during schooling or exercising of horses or ponies.
13.   The show starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
14.   Stallions may NOT be ridden by juniors.
15.   Horse and rider must present themselves in proper riding attire.
16.   Each horse/rider combination will be allotted a number. No rider will be permitted to show without a number, and points
               shall be credited to the number worn. Any error made due to rider wearing a wrong number will cancel points
               credited in that class.
17.   Points for Division Championships shall be awarded as follows: Placing (Points) 1st (5) 2nd (4) 3rd (3) 4th (2) 5th (1)
18.   Dogs should be left at home; however, if brought to the show, they must be on a leash at all times.
19.   Food service will be operational on the show grounds. Please do not run a bill with the concession unless you leave an
               open cheque.
20.   Footing: Hunter ring is grass with a sand base. Jumper ring is mainly sand with some grassy areas.
21.   Entry fees: All flat classes are $10 each and all classes over fences are $15.00 each. Feature classes are $25 each which
               includes a $10 add back.
22.   Prizes only: will be awarded for under saddle, Medal and equitation classes
23.   Prize Money for all classes except under saddle, medal and equitation: $50/ class: $20.00, 15.00, 10.00, 3.00, 2.00.
               Feature class prize money is $50 plus a $10 add back from each entry in the class.
24.   All entries must be made in writing and signed by the owner or agent. Entries of junior riders must be signed by the
               parent or legal guardian. Entries may be emailed to Hidden Meadows Ranch or mailed to the Show Secretary.
25.   One number will be assigned to each horse/rider combination. Correct numbers must be worn and clearly visible at all
               times when riding on the grounds. No number will be issued unless all fees have been paid.
26.   Inhumane treatment of a horse will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule, at the discretion of the organizing committee,
               will result in disqualification and forfeiture of fees, all winnings and loss of entry.
27.   Exhibitors are warned that any act of discourtesy or disobedience to the officials on the part of the owner, handler, or
               rider, will disqualify the horse, and result in the forfeiture of entry fees for subsequent classes. The show
               committee reserves the right to remove a handler, groom, rider, and/or horse from the show, without being
               liable for compensation.

                                        Saskatchewan Hunter Jumper Association
The goal of the Saskatchewan Hunter Jumper Association is to provide a strong support system for riders interested in the
sport of show jumping and hunters. To enable and encourage all riders to compete at horse shows where hunter and jumper
competitions are available. In order to achieve these goals the SHJA will provide education, horse shows, and clinicians
available to all levels of hunter and jumper riders in Saskatchewan.

YOUR Membership gives you:
GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS – programs available to accumulate points for year-end awards.
MEDAL COMPETITIONS – equitation classes sponsored by the SHJA
GRASSROOTS CLINICS – clinics with a focus on beginner riders, adult and children, interested in riding over fences.
COMPETITIVE CLINICS – clinics focused on riders already competing at hunter jumper horse shows.
AUDITING OF CLINICS – an opportunity for members to listen and observe any clinics throughout the membership year which
the SHJA is hosting.

Membership is open to all individuals interested in horses, horse sports, or the horse industry, organized groups of equestrians
including horse breeders, trainers, horsemen’s clubs, pony clubs. Membership is also open to those individuals or
organizations willing to sponsor competitions and other events.

Individual Membership:           $ 20.00

Medal Classes Offered:           2’6” Hunter Medal, 3’0” Hunter Medal, 3’3” Jumper Medal
                                   HMR Summer Classic Schedule
                                    Show Starts 9:00 a.m. Sharp

                                       Jumper Ring – 9:00 AM

Class 25: Clear Round Jumper 0.85m (2’9”) one round no jump off
Class 26: Jumper 0.90m (3'0”) Table A 238 2.2 Immediate Jump off
Class 27: Mini Prix Feature 0.90m - 1.00m (3’) Table A 238 2.2 - 2 rounds with a jump off for first
Class 28: Jumper 1.10m (3’3”) Table A 238 2.2 one round with a jump off for first
Presentation: Jumper Champion and Reserve Champion
Class 29: SHJA Jumper Medal Class (3’3”) requires SHJA membership

                     Hunter Ring to Start Immediately After Jumper Classes

Class 1    Open English Pleasure
Class 2    Open Road Hack
Class 3    Open Show Hack
Presentation: Hack Champion and Reserve
Class 4    English Equitation on the flat
Class 5    Just Starting Hunter Over Fences X-Rails
Class 6    Just Starting Hunter under Saddle
Class 7    Just Starting Hunter Feature X-Rails (2 rounds)
Presentation: Just Starting Hunter Champion & Reserve Champion
Class 8    Movin’ On Up Hunter Over Fences 2’0”
Class 9    Movin’ On Up Hunter Under Saddle
Class 10   Movin’ On Up Hunter Feature 2’0” (2 rounds)
Presentation: Movin’ On Up Hunter Champion & Reserve Champion
Class 11   HMR Medal Class 2’0”
Class 12   Low Hunter 2’3”
Class 13   Low Hunter 2’6”
Class 14   Low Hunter under Saddle
Class 15   Low Hunter Feature 2’6” (2 rounds)
Presenation: Low Hunter Champion & Reserve Champion
Class 16   SHJA Medal Class 2’6” requires SHJA membership
Class 17   Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences 2’6”
Presentation: Equitation Champion & Reserve Champion
Class 18   Open Hunter 2’9”
Class 19   Open Hunter Under Saddle
Class 20   Open Hunter 3’0”
Class 21   Open Hunter Feature 3’0” (2 rounds)
Presentation: Open Hunter Champion & Reserve Champion
Class 22   SHJA Medal Class 3’0” requires SHJA membership
Class 23   Hunter 3’3”
Class 24   Hunter 3’6”

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