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									                                          COURSE OUTLINE
                                    LEGAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS
                                         LAW 2023 – Fall 2011
                                       Revised November 14, 2011

Instruction by:                  Jeffrey Pittman, Professor of Business Law
                                 Juris Doctor & MBA -- University of Iowa
Office:                          Room 302, College of Business Building, ASU Jonesboro
Office Hours:                    Monday and Wednesday, 8:30-10:00, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00-11:30,
                                 and by appointment
Telephone:                       Department of Economics and Finance- (870) 972-2280
                                 My desk phone, 972-2663; my cell phone, 926-7081
E-mail Address:        
Web Address:           

Course Materials
Lau, Terence and Lisa Johnson, The Legal Environment of Business, Flat World Knowledge, 2011. See
my website (above address) for textbook information.

Course Objectives
The overall course objective is to learn. Learning fosters self-discipline, alters attitudes and values, and
makes future learning easier. Further, a learned individual will be equipped better to relearn forgotten
material than an individual ignorant of the nature or existence of that material.

Our general course objectives are:
   1. To gain an understanding of legal and regulatory constraints on
business decision-making, allowing managers to maximize profits within
these constraints.
   2. To expose future business managers and other professionals to
sufficient law and ethics so they can recognize and avoid potential
problems, seeking competent advice when necessary.
   3. To practice critical analysis, writing, and oral communication
   4. To understand the laws on demographic diversity in employment.

Beyond my course objectives, you should identify your personal goals. What is your course grade
objective? What learning goals for the course would you add? I urge you to push yourself, setting
challenging goals. You can perform your objectives and my objectives only if you are willing to invest the
time necessary to succeed. The general rule used in colleges and universities in America is that you need
two to three hours of study for each hour of class time. I know each of you can succeed and I am eager to

Teaching Philosophy
I consider it a privilege to be a teacher and serving as your adviser in this course. I owe each of you a
professional duty, including thorough class preparation, personal courtesy, availability, prompt feedback on
assignments, and a reasonable grading procedure. The college environment also requires professionalism on
your part as students. Professionalism here includes suitable class preparation, on-time class attendance, and
proper in-class behavior.

Regardless of my efforts in this course, learning will only come through your work and active participation.
I understand that you have different constraints affecting your performance, such as families, employment,
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and other courses. Just give your best effort. Please contact me if you have any problems throughout
the term.

A. Topic coverage and tests
I draw questions for each examination from a) class discussions, b) items posted to my website, c) and the
following textbook coverage:

Period 1: August 22-September 14
Chapter 1 – Introduction to Law
Chapter 2 – The Court System
Chapter 3 – Litigation
        Test #1 – September 16 (Friday)

Period 2: September 19-October 10
Chapter 4 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 5 – The Constitution
Chapter 6 – Contracts
        Test #2 – October 12 (Wednesday)

Period 3: October 14-November 2
Chapter 7 – Torts
Chapter 8 – The Property System
Chapter 9 – Intellectual Property
        Test #3 – November 4 (Friday)

Period 4: November 7-December 5
Chapter 11 – Business Organizations
Chapter 12 – Employment Discrimination

Comprehensive final exam
        For Law 2023, Section 4 (MWF 10:00-10:50), the final examination is Monday, December 12,
10:15 am – 12:15 pm
        For Law 2023, Section 5 (MWF 11:00-11:50), the final examination is Wednesday, December
7, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

B. Quizzes & Papers
Besides examinations, there are unannounced class quizzes and announced, graded assignments during the
term. I draw topics for the unannounced quizzes from the assigned text material for that day, the “new”
material. I distribute quizzes at the beginning of the class period. The announced assignments will be short
(1-page, typed) papers addressing textbook exercises. These papers are assigned one class and due the
following class. We will total 7 papers and quizzes. I will drop your low two scores to accommodate those
students who may be ill or unable to attend a class for other reasons.

Interpersonal and leadership skills are important, including developing a professional attitude. In a college
setting, evidence of leadership skills includes on time class attendance and class preparation. There are no
quiz or paper makeups; I do allow students who miss assignments for university sponsored events to replace
missed scores with alternate assignments.

Course outline - Jeffrey Pittman, Instructor -- 8/31/12
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Course Policies
All examinations will combine multiple-choice and essay questions. I grade your essay answers as well as
class papers and quizzes on content, writing style, and grammar.

Academic honesty is an essential part of every college course. Any student engaging in dishonest efforts,
including copying, plagiarizing, or claiming credit for the work of others, will be subject to the penalties
described in the ASU student handbook.

I allow makeup examinations only with prior approval. With an excused test, the makeup exam may be
oral and written.

You may access your class grade during the semester by visiting my course website. I will base final grades
on the following point allotment:

   Activity                                 Points        Percentage Points               Grade
   Test #1                                  100           90-100% (90% = 450 pts)         A
   Test #2                                  100           80-89% (80% = 400 pts)          B
   Test #3                                  100           70-79% (70% = 350 pts)          C
   Final Exam (Comprehensive)               150           60-69% (60% = 300 pts)          D
   Papers & Quizzes – 5 @ 10 pts.            50           Below 60%                       F
   Total                                    500

Please adhere to the following email guidelines for this class (adapted from Dr. Sandra Bevill):
    1. Email me from your ASU account.
    2. Make sure your email to me meets the following criteria. The idea is to practice skills that are
        necessary in the business world.
            a. Have a proper subject line.
            b. Have a greeting (such as Dear Dr. Pittman, Hi Professor, Hello Dr. Pittman, or Dr.
            c. Have a closing (such as Thanks, Sincerely, or See you in class).
            d. Have your named keyed in at the bottom of the email.
            e. Use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Make sure you spell out words and use
                suitable capitalization when you email for professional reasons (and school is a professional

If you and I are emailing each other several times in a short period of time about a question or issue, it is not
necessary to have the formal greeting and closing after the first couple of emails.

Course outline - Jeffrey Pittman, Instructor -- 8/31/12
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Disability Services
Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any learning disabilities interfering with your ability to
succeed in this course. I will ask you to contact ASU’s Disability Services Office, 972-3964. Working
through Disability Services, I will try to accommodate your specific needs.

All terms in this course outline are subject to change. Such changes may come in the form of oral changes
in class.

Extra Credit
You will earn up to 10 bonus points by preparing an additional textbook exercise. I must approve the
exercise before you begin. The due date is Friday, November 11.

Course outline - Jeffrey Pittman, Instructor -- 8/31/12

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