Photography Syllabus Fall 2011 by n5Qh71MG


									Photography                       Syllabus ~ Spring 2012
     City High School
     Instructor: Jason Marrano

This class focuses on learning the art of photography through
hands-on learning and by studying the work of professionals in
the field. The class meets Tues/Thur. from 1:15-2:05

   An important goal of the class is for students to assemble
    a portfolio of work with a personal artist statement about
    why they feel photography is important to them.
   To understand how the manual camera settings work and
    how best to get the image to look the way you want it to.
   To learn file management skills on the computer to
    maximize storage capability at City High School.
   To learn basic Photoshop skills in order to enhance (but
    not ruin) your photographs.
   To display your photographs in the community in order to
    connect your personal vision with the needs of the local
    and school community.

BIG questions:
   What makes a photograph GOOD?
   In this age of cameras being everywhere, what are the
    hazards or benefits of this?
   how important is to have a trained eye?
   How can we combine our photography skills with our
    other skills in a meaningful way?
   Is it inappropriate to take certain photos? When, where,
    what, why, who?
   Is it necessary to have really expensive equipment to be a
    successful photographer?
   Has the computer and Photoshop made photography
    better ? easier?
Unit 1 Foundation skills ~ revisited (2 weeks)
   Using the camera/manual settings
   File management (using the server)
   What’s ‘good’? (elements and principles)
   Rule of Thirds
   Basic Photoshop

Unit 2    Point-of-View (3 weeks)
   Seeing from another perspective
   Diptychs and Triptychs
   The portable eye

Unit 3    Photo History       (4 weeks)
   From analog to digital
   Cyanotypes

Unit 4    Getting Close         (4 weeks)
   Knowing your subject, the photo essay project

Unit 5 Photography as a Fine Art (5 weeks)
   Macro photography/abstract photography
   Cubist Photography/ “Joiners”
   Using photography as a tool, “part of the picture”
   Displaying work/ matting and mounting

** All Assignments will be graded according to the
           6 Habits of Heart and Mind. **

Behavior Policy:
   Students are expected to act according to the guidelines set
forth in the student handbook as well as the guidelines set by
the teacher in the classroom and on all field trips. Disruption
of the learning process will be handled in the following manner:
1. Verbal Warning
2. If disruption continues…Student will be asked to leave the
     a conference with the teacher, and/or a call home
3. If disruption continues…Referral to an administrator and/or
     appropriate consequences.

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