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					                        Scavenger Hunt:

 Critical thinking, deductive thinking, teamwork, oral speaking.

1. Divide the class into teams of 3 or 4 students.
2. Take anywhere from 5 to 10 pictures. It depends on how much time
   you want to allow the students to have for the hunt.
3. Give a copy of the pictures to each team.
4. Set a time limit, and let the students know when they should be back.
5. The students then need to find where the picture was taken an initial
   from a person near the spot. (For example: If it was in the cafeteria,
   the students should get an initial from the cook.)
6. The teacher needs to preset with persons at the places pictures were
   taken what type of initial will be accepted on the picture. Give them a
   stamp with ink.
7. Have the students describe how they found the picture place when
   they return to the room.

                         Critical thinking:

 Photography, critical thinking, spatial diversity

Optical illusion: extension of photography competition.

1.   Divide the class into teams of three students.
2.   Take three pictures
3.   The pictures must be related in some way.
4.   The pictures need to be hidden or disguised.
5.   Make a display using the hard copy of the picture.
6.   Use the display for the class to guess what theme each team is

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