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									Learning From the News – The Titanic KS3
Lesson Plan –The Titanic: English                                           p.01
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                                   Lesson Plan: The Titanic
Lesson overview: Pupils will learn more about what happened on board The Titanic
 Key Stage 3 English, Year 7, Unit 5: Writing
Objectives                                                          Outcomes
Pupils should:                                                      Pupils should:
 develop different ways of generating, organising and shaping  plan writing and
  ideas, using a range of planning formats or methods (Unit 5)        develop ideas
 Video lesson starter: http://www.teachers.tv/videos/learning-from-the-news-a-titanic-
 A whiteboard to show the video on
 Transcripts from page 2-3 of this lesson plan
 Whole class activity: Show the video lesson starter
    http://www.teachers.tv/videos/learning-from-the-news-a-titanic-class-divide while
    watching, ask pupils to write down five facts about The Titanic

Main activity 1
 Whole class activity: Ask pupils what else they know about The Titanic (it was meant to
  be unsinkable, etc). What do they think of the fact that most of the survivors were rich?
 Written activity: Show the pupils Source 1 (full transcripts on page 2 of this lesson plan)
  Ask them to answer: What clues are there from this list that this is the First Class
  passenger list, not the Third? Most of the people on this list do not have an occupation
  listed, why do you think this is? This list shows HJ Allison, his wife and his daughter. We
  know that JJ Astor travelled with his wife Madeline, but she is not listed beside him. Why
  do you think this is?
 Now show Source 2 (full transcript on page 3 of this lesson plan). Get them to answer:
  What countries have these people come from? How many different occupations are there
  listed? What other differences can you see between the 1st and 3rd class lists? Why?
 Now show Source 3a and Source 3b and get them to compare the two types of
  accommodation and write down three sentences to describe the differences. Which
  would they have preferred to stay in?

Main activity 2
 Pair work: In pairs, get the pupils to decide what kind of passenger each one is going to
  be. What kind of person are they? Get them to role play a conversation together
 Written activity: Get the pupils to write a 500-word fictional diary entry, ‘My first day on
  the Titanic’

 Homework activity: Get them to finish off their diary entry

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                                                     FIRST CLASS PASSENGER DEPT
                           Christian Name and                       Rank,         Nationality
                               Surname of                       profession or      (Stating      Last Place of
           Date   Place         deceased         Sex and age     occupation       Birthplace)       Abode         Cause of Death

                  about                                                                         152 Abbey Rd     Suspected
          April   14-16    Mr H.J. Allison                                                      West             Drowning
          15th    Lat      Mrs H.J. Allison      M                                              Hampstead                "
             do   50-14    Miss Allison          F             Members of                       London NW                "
             do   Lon      Mr Thomas             F             Crew                                                      "
             do       do   Andrews               M                              Irish           Harland &                "
             do       do   Mr Ramon              M             Shipbuilder                      Wolff Belfast            "

                           Antagavetia                                                          26 Rue                   "
            do       do    Mr JJ Astor (Col in   M                              U.S.C.          Pasquier Paris           "
                           American Army)                                       U.S.C.                                   "
            do       do    Mr J Baumann          M                              U.S.C.          Hotel Ritz               "
            do       do    Mr Quigg Baxter       M                              U.S.C.          Paris                    "
            do       do    Mr J Beattie          M                                +             Grand Hotel -            "
            do       do    Mr Stephen Weast      M                              U.S.C.          ~-                       "
                           Blackwell                                                            Elysee Palace            "
            do       do    Mr JJ Borebank        M                              Eng             Hotel Parts              "
            do       do    Mr John B Brady       M                                              Hotel Majestic           "
            do       do    Mr E Brandeis         M                              U.S.C.          Nice                     "
            do       do    Mr Arthur Jackson     M                              U.S.C.           -~- -~- -~-             "
                           Brewe                                                                                         "
            do       do    Mr Archibald W        M                              U.S.C.          Elysee Palace            "
                           Buth (Major in                                                       Hotel Paris              "
                           American Army)                                                                                "
            do       do    Mr Frank Carlson      M                                                                       "
            do       do    Mr F.M. Carran        M                              U.S.C.                                   "
            do       do    Mr J.P.Carran         M                              U.S.C.                                   "

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                                                                             profession   Nationality
                                     Christian Name and                          or        (Stating                                           Cause of
             Date        Place      Surname of deceased        Sex and age   occupation   Birthplace)   Last Place of Abode     Address        Death

          April 15th   about                               M           42    Blacksmith   U.S.A         Southampton           Army, London    Supposed
             do        14-16 Lat   Mr Anthony Abbing       M           13    Scholar        "           London                Heath Cottage   Drowned

             do        50-14 Lon   Mr Eugene Abbott        M           16    Jeweller       "              "                  Alum Chanel        "
             do           do       Mr Rossmare Abbott      M           30    Labourer     Sweden        Copenhagen            Rd                 "
             do           do       Mr Maurits Adahl        M                 Farm Lab     English       Yeovil                Bournemouth        "
             do           do       Mr John Adams           F           40    Wife         Sweden        Gothenberg            10 Belverdere      "
             do           do       Mrs Johanna Ahlem       M           24    Lab[oure]r   Syria         Buenos Aires          Place              "
             do           do       Mr Ali Ahmed            M           23    Lab[oure]r   England       Gt Yarmouth           Kitchener          "
             do           do       Mr William Alexander    M           20    Lab[oure]r   Finland       Finland               Road Gt            "
             do           do       Mr Ali Imari Alhamaki   M           25    Lab[oure]r   Syria         Buenos Aires          Yarmouth           "
             do           do       Mr William Ali          M           35    Tool-Maker   England       Birmingham            c/o F Hunt 78      "
             do           do       Mr William Allen        M           18    Gardener                   London                Queens Road        "
                                   Mr Owen George Allum                                                                       Erdington
             do           do       Mr Amiro Saad           M           30    Farm Lab     Syria         Syria                 B'ham              "
             do           do       Mr Albert Anderson      M           33    Engineer     Norway        Bergen                22 Oswald Rd       "
             do           do       Mr Thomas Anderson      M           20    Lab[oure]r   Norway        Christiana [Oslo]     Southall           "

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                                    Useful links

   http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/lessons/lesson33.htm

   http://www.historyonthenet.com/Titanic/titanicmain.htm

   http://www.theteachersguide.com/Titanic.html

   http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/titanic.htm

   http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/

   http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_9150000/newsid_9156900/9156927.st


The National Archives gave permission to use materials on pages 2-3 and part of the

lesson was based on:


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