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									   Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
Portland State University Graduate School of Education
               Educational Explorations

             AATH Annual Conference
                April 22-25, 2010
              Disneyland California
    Getting to Know You!
☺ Table groups/roles
    Timer
    Recorder
    Resource
    Facilitator
☺ Housekeeping
    Review the 10 minute rule
    Observe the process
    Music will be transition cue
    Take breaks as needed.
    Relax, learn and enjoy.
☺ Find Your Partner
    Share your favorite Disney Character-why
     and how does it reflect your sense of
☺ Introductions/ advisors

Welcome to the Humor Academy!
☺ Humor Academy Purpose
☺ To serve as a dynamic resource for the AATH community interested in the theory,
  rational, and scientific research of therapeutic humor and in the applications of
  therapeutic humor in occupationally diverse fields.

☺ Humor Academy Goals
☺ To provide opportunities for networking and dialogue among those interested in
  healthy humor/laughter theory.
☺ To provide research-based instruction in a collaborative environment
☺ To promote positive and healthy humor.
☺ To encourage like-minded people, groups and organizations to join in promoting
  healthy humor.
☺ To discern between truth and fiction regarding the benefits of humor and laughter.
☺ To support AATH in their mission to be the recognized worldwide authority and
  primary membership organization for people with a common interest in applied
  humor and laughter.
       New Finding!
Research Causes Cancer in Rats

☺Humor Academy requirements:
    Be a member of AATH.
    Attend Pre-conference, Conference, Post Conference.
      o Includes networking luncheon, poster session reviews,
      o Do a report on breakout session at post conference
    Participate in Study Group-recommended (6 x year).
    Participate in four AATH webinars –recommended.
    Read Text and additional resources as applicable to your field.
    Work with Advisor and/or instructor of record.
    Provide feedback at the end of the course.
☺ Humor Academy Advisors
    Introductions-
    Study Groups-networking luncheon
    Webinar discussions
                      Humor Academy
                        Guiding Principals

☺ Collaborative learning environment: AATH members bring valued
 perspectives to the class. Participants will clarify, study about and
 discuss issues related to humor therapy and the possible applications.
☺ Research- Based Instruction: Access to current humor/laughter
 research and resources will be shared in a variety of formats.
 Information will be reviewed and discussed.
☺ Inquiry based format: Participants will construct knowledge and build
 skills necessary to transform their own learning and to think about how
 to apply these skills in their respective fields.
☺ Interdisciplinary Focus: Professional development will be enhanced by
 learning about theoretic applications in a variety of occupations
 including, but not limited to, the professional areas of medicine, health
 and wellness, business, education,, mental health, spirituality,
 performance, writers , speakers, and trainers.
           Understanding Humor
         A Framework for Learning



 Text            Context
Pg.145                       Copyright Humor Quest
        The Information Explosion
 Contributes to our Knowledge of Humor
 Three forms of Biological Inquiry
                        (Sylwester 2000)
     Evolutionary Psychology (behavior studies)
     Genetics (cells)
     Imaging Technology (brains)

          The importance of humor is impacted by
            research on two significant factors;
            Movement and Emotions
              It’s all about ME!
Pg. 8-9
       Impact of Emotions on Learning
☺ Learning must go through our emotional filter. These
  emotions are either positively or negatively linked.
☺ Adrenalin not only activates the stress response, it also has
  the potential to put information into the long term memory.
☺ Anything you do which engages student’s
  emotional/motivational interest will naturally engage the
  adrenalin system and results in stronger memories.

 Chpt. 3
Brain Scans are giving us more information.
Different scientists are interpreting this information in a variety of ways.

                                                   Anxious, worried , depressed
Peaceful Brain

Thanks to Dr. Earl Henslin, “Your Brain on Joy” for permission to print these!
Humor                                   Laughter
                                        ☺ Increases pain tolerance
☺ Reduces negative emotional
  consequences of stress,                 and threshold
  anxiety, and tension                  ☺ Improves respiration and
☺ Decreases depression,
  loneliness, and anger                 ☺ Improves mental
                                          functioning (alertness,
☺ Improves mood
                                          creativity, and memory)
☺ Increases self-esteem
                                        ☺ Exercises facial, abdominal,
☺ Promotes a sense of                     and thoracic muscles
                                        ☺ Relaxes muscles
 Chpt 1.   Printed with permission from Ronald A Berk; Mirthium
          1.   Contributes to Mind/Body Balance
          2.   Maximizes Brain Capacity
          3.   Enhances Creativity
          4.   Facilitates Communication
          5.   Supports the Change process
 Text     6.   Creates an Optimal Environment for
Chpt. 1        Teaching and Learning
                   1. Contributes to Mind/Body Balance
 ☺ Relieves Stress
      Excess fear and anxiety can cause severe stress.
      Severe stress can lead to numerous health issues.
      Humor can emerge from our greatest WORRIES
 ☺ Decreases Depression, Loneliness and Anger
      Brain scans reveal opposite patterns in people who are depressed as
       opposed to those who are optimistic (Henslin)
 ☺ Improves Mood
 ☺ Increases Self-Esteem
Worry is like a Rocking Chair;
it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere!
                        2. Maximizes Brain Capacity
☺ Humor alerts the limbic system, the attentional center of the brain.
☺ Information is more likely to be remembered if it has meaning and contains an
  emotional “hook”.
                 Humor gets attention.
☺ Humor requires processing of language discrepancies in order to “get the joke”
☺ Humor increases memory retrieval when it is connected to strong emotions.
☺ One quality in often used identifying gifted students is recognizing their sense
  of humor.
☺ Humor is the number one characteristic that students desire in a teacher.

        Before giving anyone a piece of your mind,
        be      you have enough to spare!
                                     3. Enhances Creativity
☺ The same qualities that are necessary for creative thinking are
  found in the expression of humor:
    Imagination: Seeing the world a little differently is the core of humor
    Risk-taking: The ability to express “wild” thoughts and ideas
    Divergent thinking: making unusual connections and linking different
     elements emerge with both humor and creativity

     Civilization had too many rules for me,
     so I did my best to rewrite them.
     Bill Cosby

                            4. Facilitates Communication
☺ Humor provides insights into your own behavior and that of others.
  Humor is part of emotional intelligence. It is the ability to recognize our
  own emotions and the emotions of others and to respond with positive
☺ The ability to laugh at oneself comes from an inner confidence and the
  skill to encourage others to laugh at you as well.

        If we are what we eat, I am cheap, fast and easy!
                 5. Supports the Change Process

☺ Change is difficult.
☺ When we can find the humor in a difficult situation we can
  begin to cope with the change.
☺ Group humor can emerge from coping with the change. It is
  often negative in nature.

  Nothing new should be done for the very first time

      6. Creates an Optimal Environment

☺ Leadership = Building relationships based on
☺ Facilitates teamwork
☺ Reduces stress

The time to laugh
Is when you don’t have time to laugh!
                 Review Humor Benefits

 1.    Contributes to Mind/Body Balance
 2.   Maximizes Brain Capacity
 3.   Enhances Creativity
 4.   Facilitates Communication
 5.   Supports the Change process
 6.   Creates an Optimal Environment for Teaching
      and Learning
Today’s might oak, is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground!
                Humor Development
                 Growing Up Funny

☺   Peek a Boo- Birth to Two
☺   Knock-Knock- 2 years to School Age
☺   Riddle De Dee- Early Elementary Years
☺   Punny Funny- Later Elementary through Teen Years
☺ Fun Finders- Peak Experience/Utopia

 Text     Never take life seriously, you won’t get out alive!
                        Why Play?

  Play is important to intellectually enhance new learning, increase
  creativity, solve problems, and provide motivation for intellectual

 Along with getting more exercise and eating well, nearly every
 listing in the top ten ways to reduce stress and create a more
 balanced lifestyle includes making time for laughter and play.

Pg 27
                    Humor is Risky!

A lot of folks practice safe humor. They only feel safe laughing in
                        the following situations:

       o With children
       o With animals
       o With strangers
       o Making fun of someone else
       o With drugs and alcohol

    Use your humor for good, not evil!
          The Fear of Fun, Laughter and Humor

                           Fear of
                           Loss of
                          Work Time

                                        Fear of
               Fear of


              Fear of                    Fear of
              Loss of                  Being Made
              Control                    Fun of
Chpt. 4
                            Fear of
  Humordoomers; people who use negative humor to
          control and manipulate others

          Humorphobia breeds humordoomers, skilled
           crafters who use subtle techniques to suppress
           humor in the workplace.

          Humordoomers are usually unhappy individuals
           stressed by the duel demands of accountability
           and limited time constraints.

                  The humordoomer is a pessimistic leach,
                who can suck the humergy right out of you.
                   Grown in a petrie dish of fear and anger,
Handout     they are threatened by joyful energy and enthusiasm.
     Video on Drug to
Depress Cheerfully Optimistic
          Inappropriate Humor

                   When the impact is hurtful,
    it is usually inappropriate, even if the intent is not so.

                      Ethnic Humor
                      Gender Humor


                       The Trust Factor:
          A Critical Component in creating an environment

               An indicator of trust in an organization
 Text                 is the ability to have fun
Pg. 144
                        FunWorks by Leslie Yerkes.
                 Humor Builds Trust
            Cultivate it in the Workplace

   ☺ Supports enhanced communication skills/builds
   ☺ Changes behavior of individuals and groups
   ☺ Relieves stress and promotes healing
   ☺ Increases productivity
   ☺ Reflects an environment of trust, hope, optimism
    and love.
Pg. 154
        Exploring Together…….

☺ Issues
   What is Humor Therapy?
   Who is “qualified” to practice or apply Humor
   Therapy in the various fields?
   How can AATH be the best resource for members?
   How can we best network and share resources?
    o Study Group Format
    o Advisors
    o Ongoing Instruction—Levels 2 and 3
              Fellow Pioneers!
     Jigsaw Activity= you are the teacher!

 ☺AATH-Mission, Purpose and Ethics of
  Humor Therapy
 ☺Resources-Bibliography-key researchers
  and authors- each person review one
Chpt. 1
        Humor Therapy
☺   Humor defined; humergy
☺   Humor is developmental
☺   Humor Style supports your humor practice
☺   Humor benefits include:
        Contributes to Mind/Body Balance
        Maximizes Brain Power
        Enhances Creativity
        Facilitates Communication
        Supports the Change process
        Creates an Optimal Environment for Learning
    Humordoomers and Humorphobia challenge humergy
       Review the description of Humordoomer and Humorphobia
       Understand differences between Intent and Impact of humor
☺   Build Trust in Workplace/Personal Life through Humor
☺   Resources

☺Ball Toss
☺Share one thing that was an Ah-Ha for you
 today or one thing that affirmed your belief
 about humor and learning.

     What are you going to take
     on your humor journey?

        Conference Reminders
☺ Review the poster sessions
☺ Take notes at the breakout sessions—be
 prepared to report at the post conference!

☺ See you at the Networking Luncheon!

      Resources and Credits
                             Video Clips
                     Brain Rules by John Medina

                        The Human Brain Book
                             Rita Carter

                         National Geographic
                       Stress Portrait of A Killer

                             Changing Brains
           Effect of Experience on Human Brain Development
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