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									                        Children with Disabilities and the Family
       Class                        Instructor       Elizabeth M. Delaney, Ed.D.
 Information                                         ECSW 3119
                                                     phone: 996-4677 fax: 996-5651
  Course Rational                                    email:

Course Objectives                               TA   Kara McAlister, M.A., CCC-SLP
                                                     phone: 413-7953
           Schedule &
            Readings                                 Monday & Wednesday
                                            Time     4:30 to 8:30 p.m.
       Assignments                                   ECSW 2237
    Student Roster                                   Turnbull, A. P. & Turnbull, H. R. (1997).
                                                     Families, professionals, and
                             Required Text
                                                     exceptionality: A special partnership.
 Interesting Links
                                                     Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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                                                               Course Rationale
Class Information
                       The purpose of this course is to provide students with information and skills
                      necessary to work in partnerships with the families of individuals with
         Course       disabilities. The course will give students insight into the perspectives and
        Rational      the experiences of families by examining the factors which shape individual
                      and family functioning. Topics covered will include: family systems theory,
                      communication, assessment, cultural sensitivity, advocacy, legal rights, and
Course Objectives     the knowledge of available resources.

         Schedule &   A secondary goal of this course is to learn to utilize educational research.
          Readings    Published research articles in special education are important tools to be
                      used for the development and evaluation of intervention and assessment
                      instruments. Familiarity with sources of high quality research will improve the
                      professional knowledge of class participants and allow them to continue
                      learning long after they have completed their degree.
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                                                            Course Objectives
Class Information     1. Recognition of the unique perspectives of the child, family, and
                         community that effect learning.
  Course Rational     2. Knowledge of theories and models for understanding family
                         systems and development.
                      3. Knowledge of family dynamic systems, parental reactions to
      Course            handicapping conditions, and strategies for coping with such
   Objectives           systems.
                      4. Ability to identify national, state, and local support services,
         Schedule &      organizations, advocacy groups and government agencies
          Readings       concerned with special education.
                      5. Ability to communicate systematically with parents about learning,
      Assignments        medical concerns, and communication behaviors and the
                         importance of parents' facilitating learning at home.
   Student Roster     6. Ability to integrate resources effectively.
                      7. Ability to foster shared decision making with parents and service
                         providers in order to develop individualized learning goals and
  Interesting Links      objectives which specify conditions, performance, and criteria for
                         considering a task or activity learned (IEP and IFSP).

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                                                            Course Objectives
Class Information
                      8. Ability to work with families in evaluating their child's progress,
                          identifying their strengths and needs, and setting goals.
  Course Rational     9. Ability to conduct a family-centered assessment.
                      10. Knowledge and respect of cultural differences among young
      Course              children with disabilities and their families; ability to demonstrate
                          that understanding.
                      11. Understanding of the role of parents as primary informal teachers;
                          ability to assist parents in incorporating child goals in naturally
         Schedule &       occurring opportunities.
                      12. Awareness of research, publications, and professional
                          organizations concerned with topics of importance to families and
      Assignments         educators.
                      13. Understanding of the importance of maintaining ethical and
   Student Roster         professional standards and maintaining confidentiality with
                          respect to the sharing of student information.
                      14. Knowledge of and ability to access national, state, and local
  Interesting Links
                          resources for obtaining, borrowing and repairing materials and
                          equipment for students.

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                                                    Schedule & Assignments
Class Information
                      DATE      TOPIC                              ASSIGNMENTS
                      6/2       Course Introduction                FPE 1,2, & 5
   Course Rational              Definitions & Roles

Course Objectives     6/7        Family Systems Theory             FPE 6, 7, & 8
                                                                   Resource Family Due

  Schedule &          6/9       Parent Interviews                  FPE 9 & 10
   Readings                                                        Clare, et al. (98)
                                                                   Mahoney, et al. (92)

                      6/14      Family-Professional Partnerships   FPE 3 & 4
                                Empowerment                        Fox, et al. (95)
    Student Roster

  Interesting Links   6/16      Family Strengths                   FPE 7 & 8
                                Theories of Family Adaptations     Espe-Sherwindt, et al. (90)
                                                                   Kalil & Eccles (98)

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                                                    Schedule & Assignments
                      DATE      TOPIC                              ASSIGNMENTS
Class Information     6/21      Disabilities Panel                 Parent Interview Due
                                                                   Hanline & Daley (92)
  Course Rational                                                  Frison, et al. (98)

                      6/23      Family Panel                       Eddy & Walker (99)
Course Objectives                                                  Waski & Roberts (94)

                      6/28      Family Adjustment                  FPE 12 & 13
  Schedule &                                                       Gibbs (93); Hanna & Midlarsky
   Readings                                                        (99); Schilmoeller & Baranowski (98)

      Assignments     6/30      Home Visiting                   Hancock & Kaiser (96)
                                Culture, Ethnicity, & Strengths
   Student Roster
                      7/5       Family Interventions

  Interesting Links
                      7/7       Family-School Partnerships         Journal Due

                      7/19      Finals Due to 3119 ECSW by 5:00 p.m.
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                                 Assignments & Grading Policy
Class Information     Resource Family Journal………...(3/30 each) 60 pts.

  Course Rational     Final Project…………………………………….100 pts.

Course Objectives
                      Family Interview………………………..………100 pts.

         Schedule &   Research Article Summary &
          Readings    Presentation……………………………..……….50 pts.

Assignments           Research Article Written Critiques…………….40 pts.
   Student Roster
                      Class Participation……………………………….50 pts.
  Interesting Links
                          A: 360 to 400 pts.                 C: 280 to 319 pts.
                          B: 320 to 359 pts.                 D: 240 to 279 pts.
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                         Resource Family
Class Information
                      Each class member is responsible to find a family with whom to work
   Course Rational throughout the semester. The purpose of your work with the
                  Resource Family is to assist you in learning to recognize and be
Course Objectives sensitive to parent, sibling, and extended family needs.

                You are required to spend 10 hours with your Resource Family over
                the course of the semester. Your contact with the family will provide
     Schedule &
      Readings an opportunity for a mutual exchange of information and resources.
                For at least seven of these hours, you should be in direct contact
                with the family member. The other three hours are to be negotiated
Assignments with your family.
     Student Roster Please give me the name, address, and telephone number of your
                     family by June 7. I will send a letter to the family explaining the
   Interesting Links Resource Family assignments. All information about your resource
                     family will be kept confidential.

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Class Information     Each student will keep a journal throughout the semester in order to:
                         (a) document and describe contacts with the Resource Family, (b)
  Course Rational        reflect on contacts/interactions, and (c) examine there own values
                         and assumptions related to families.
                      A journal entry is required for each contact with your Resource Family.
Course Objectives        Journal entries should include:
                      • Descriptive information about the contact. In at least one paragraph
                         describe what the contact was, who was involved, and the length of
         Schedule &      the contact.
          Readings    • Self-reflective information about the contact. This should be at least
                         one paragraph in which you examine your perceptions and feelings
Assignments              about the contact and if or how it relates to class discussion and
   Student Roster     • Throughout the semester, guiding questions may be given by the

  Interesting Links      Up to 30 points can be earned each time the journals are
                             collected. Collection Dates: June 16th & July 7th.

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                                                                 Family Interview
Class Information
                      Family-centered intervention requires that you give careful
  Course Rational       consideration to gathering information about family strengths,
                        concerns, and preferences. You will be developing a family
                        interview protocol as a group activity in class. On an individual
Course Objectives       basis, you will implement this interview with your Resource

         Schedule &   Individual Implementation: Implement the interview with your
          Readings      Resource Family. Critique your interview form and yourself
                        based on this field test. Include in this a written synopsis of the
Assignments             interview.
                                                                          June 21; 100 points
   Student Roster

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                                                     Class Participation
Class Information
                      Students are expected to attend class, complete the
  Course Rational     assigned readings each week before the class session, and
                      join in class discussions.
Course Objectives
                                                                         50 Points

         Schedule &

   Student Roster

  Interesting Links

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                                                                 Article Summary
Class Information
                      Summarize Research Article & Lead Class Discussion: All
                      students will be required to lead a class discussion about a research
  Course Rational     article assigned for class reading. Student-lead discussions will occur
                      for approximately 15 minutes. Students are required to make copies
                      of the article to be critiqued and distribute them to their classmates at
Course Objectives
                      least one week prior to the presentation. A written summary of the
                      critique/presentation will be presented to Dr. Delaney on the day of
                      the presentation.
         Schedule &   Grading:
          Readings    Oral Summary: 20 points
                      Written Summary: 20 points
                      Encouraging others to participate in discussion: 10 points
                      You must also critique two articles that will be presented by your
   Student Roster     classmates. These critiques should conform to the guidelines
                      presented by Dr. Delaney and should be approximately one to two
                      typed pages in length. The critiques must be handed in on the day
  Interesting Links   that your classmate is presenting the article.
                      20 points/critique; 40 points total

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                          Final Project
                      Purpose: To explore, in depth, an issue of concern to you.
Class Information
                      Project Components:
  Course Rational     1. Identify a specific issue that you would like to address and explain
                         why it is important. Your explanation should cite the professional
Course Objectives        literature.
                      2. Identify available resources concerning this issue. These might
                         include print and video resources, programs serving the identified
                         population, etc.
         Schedule &
          Readings    3. Evaluate available resources in terms of family-centered principles.
                      4. Describe how you would disseminate this information to families. Be
   Student Roster     Statement of issue/topic and explanation of importance                  30 pts
                      Quality of resources collected and reviewed                             20 pts
                      Logic of program and adherence to family-centered practice              30 pts
  Interesting Links   Clarity of Writing (Grammar, spelling, punctuation, & organization)     20 pts
                                                                                              100 pts.

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                                           Student Roster
 Class Information
                        Name    E-Mail Address

    Course Rational

  Course Objectives

           Schedule &


Student Roster

   Interesting Links

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                                             Interesting Web Sites
Class Information

  Course Rational

Course Objectives
                      • The Council for Exceptional Children
                      • The Division for Early Childhood of CEC
         Schedule &   • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
          Readings    • Forgotten Kids
                      • Illinois Starnet
      Assignments     • National Association for the Education of Young
   Student Roster     • National Parent Network on Disabilities
                      • Parent Information Resources
   Interesting        • US Department of Special Education Programs

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