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					Tips For Using The Beautiful Hijab
Many Muslim women who wear hijab when that does not diminish her beauty wearing hijab expensive
and flashy colors, regardless of whether the Hijab is suitable to use with other clothing.
Since wearing the Hijab can make you look more elegant and charming when in use right tone.

Here I will share how to Tips For Using The Beautiful Hijab.

1. In accordance Face Shape
  Choose a Hijab that suits your face shape, if your face is round to avoid decorations that are not too
memorable berlabihan you fat.
2. The purpose use
Look at the purpose of you wearing the hijab, whether to go or just at home, if only at home choose a
simple Hijab berahan shirts, but if the show playing to add some accessories in your scarf.
3. Adjust Color with Clothing
Another important thing is to adjust colors with fashion in use to give the impression of harmony,
4. Use Ciput
To keep it neat, use ciput as the innards. Or it could also use headbands, bandanas, and other
embellishments that hair is not easy to come out and neatness Hijab is maintained. If you are on the
fringe bangs should flops backward to keep from falling forward.
5. Use accessories
If you want to go to a formal event like a party or a meeting. lah use accessories to add to the impression
of elegance in the Hijab that you wear as brooches and accessories do not wear too much, so that is not
too flashy impression.

Similarly Tips For Using The Beautiful Hijab that I get from various sources on the internet.
Hope can be useful for women who want to still look pretty Available when using the Hijab

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