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					        PARENTS: How to log-in to the ND website!
1. How do I log-in to ND website?
You must advance past the homepage to any secondary ND webpage.
If the log-in area (user name and password boxes) does NOT appear, click on the yellow + sign
next to My NDWH.
Click on the Forgot your log-in? First-time logging in? underneath the log-in area.

2. Finding Out Your Username/Password
A white box with a blackened screen will appear.
Type in your e-mail address in the space provided that is on file here at Notre Dame.
You must also check the small boxes next to username and password. Click submit!

NOTE: If you get an error message, you will have to type in your first name and last name
and hit submit. You will get a second error message and this is likely because the e-mail
address you typed in is not in our database! Send your email address to and await a reply email with further log-in instructions.
If your e-mail address is in the website database, you will see the graphic below. Then, follow
the directions you see below!

A new blackened screen will appear as noted above.
You will also receive two e-mails to your inbox. You will need to retrieve information from both
e-mails to log-in.

The first email will give you a confirmation key.
Type that in (or copy and paste from e-mail).
Establish your password by typing it in twice. You pick your own password.

This graphic will then appear. Hit close!

The second email will give you your username. Copy and paste or remember it.
       (Note: Parent usernames are firstnamelastname – For example joesmith).
Go back to the log-in area by visiting any secondary page (you may be directed there
Type in your user name (from the second email or see schematic above = joesmith).
Type in the password you just set and hit Sign In.

If you have successfully logged in, you should see the following graphic with your name
substituted for mine!

3. What do I do next?
After successfully logging-in, we ask that you to Confirm your Online Profile!

       1. Click on Directory in left-hand navigation.
       2. Type in your last name and hit Find.
       3. Find your profile and click on your name.
4. Please verify your e-mail address, street address, home phone, and other data that
   is present in your profile.
5. To edit any data, please click the EDIT button on the far right side in each gray
   data area.
6. Type in new information and hit Save and Exit!
             Why do I need to log-in to ND website?
  In time, other content may be password protected. Thus, the importance of logging-in!

Teacher Pages (located under Academics Tab – second to last link at bottom)
Each teacher has their own page on the ND website where they post everything from course
guidelines to extra help hours to homework assignments to class notes to study guides just to
name a few things.

Teacher pages are private pages that can only be viewed by students and parents by logging-in.
The general public cannot access any of the teacher pages. It is for ND eyes only.

Online Directory (link located in left-hand navigation bar after logging in)
The ND website allows parents to search for other parents through the Online Directory. If you
need to reach out to another parent by phone or email, you can do so by searching by their last
name in the Directory!
                   Important Notre Dame Website features!!!
Parent Portal (link located in upper right hand corner of homepage)
This is your one-stop shopping for the school calendar, ND news, announcements, photos, links,
downloads and a whole lot more! There is also a direct link to Powerschool on this page. There
is a reason why this is the page that you are directed to upon every log-in. Please refer to it often!

Teacher Directory (link located in About Us tab on homepage)
You can find out how to contact your sons’ teacher with the Faculty/Staff Directory in the About
Us section!
News Releases (link located in ND Today tab on homepage with more recent news stories
on homepage ticker)
ND posts school news releases and the latest photos on the News Release page. The most recent
news stories are placed on the homepage news ticker. There is also an EMEWRGENCY alert
that is only used for major news announcements and school closings, delays, early dismissals.

Photo Albums (link located under ND Today tab on homepage) ND adds photo albums of
school and alumni events as many times as we can and as quickly as possible. Please check back
ND Media Highlights (link located under ND Today tab on homepage)
If a Notre Dame student, teacher, or alumnus, is featured in the press, the link appears in the
Media Highlights page. To be included on this webpage, please submit a link to and include your name.

ND Admissions Page (second tab on homepage)
Parents/Students are our best advertiser. Please refer any prospective families to our Admissions
pages. This includes the Admissions Packet and all downloads and information.

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