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									                                                  SNAP! CRACKLE! BOX!

                   Give each student a copy of this rubric before beginning the project.

Student Name: ______________________________________                                                    Date: ____________________

     CATEGORY                       4                         3                            2                            1                SCORE
Design/Composition       Student applies            Student applies           Student tries to apply        The student does not
                         design principles          design principles         design principles (such       appear to be able to
                         (such as unity,            (such as unity,           as unity, contrast,           apply most design
                         contrast, balance,         contrast, balance,        balance, movement,            principles to his/her own
                         movement, direction,       movement, direction,      direction, emphasis, and      work.
                         emphasis, and center       emphasis, and center      center of interest) but the
                         of interest) with great    of interest) with fair    overall result is not
                         skill.                     skill.                    pleasing.
Color Choices            Choice and                 Choice and                Choice and application of     Student needs to work
                         application of color       application of color      color shows knowledge         on learning color
                         shows an advanced          shows knowledge of        of color relationships.       relationships and using
                         knowledge of color         color relationships.      Colors are, however,          that knowledge in
                         relationships. Color       Colors are                NOT appropriate for the       his/her work.
                         choice enhances the        appropriate for the       idea being expressed.
                         idea being expressed.      idea being expressed.
Use of Medium(s)         Application of             Medium(s) is/are          Control is somewhat           Student needs to work
                         medium(s) is/are           applied in a careful,     lacking. A few drips,         on controlling
                         preplanned and done        logical manner.           ragged edges and failure      medium(s) and
                         in a logical, sequential   Colors remain sharp       of certain areas of           preplanning medium’s
                         manner.                    and texture is evident.   pattern/texture may be        application. Muddy
                                                                              evident.                      colors, ragged edges,
                                                                                                            lack of texture, drips
                                                                                                            and/or blobs are evident
                                                                                                            throughout the piece.
Capturing a              Ideas are                  Ideas are                 An attempt has been           No attempt has been
                         incorporated in a          incorporated in a         made to apply ideas in a      made to apply ideas in a
Style/Artist             manner very                manner that is            manner that is consistent     manner that is
                         consistent with the        reasonably consistent     with the style, subject       consistent with the style,
                         style, subject matter,     with the style, subject   matter, and/or technique      subject matter, and/or
                         and/or technique of        matter, and/or            of artist being studied,      technique of artist being
                         artist being studied.      technique of artist       but it is not effective.      studied.
                                                    being studied.
Use of Materials         Student typically          Student typically         Student adequately            Student deliberately
                         keeps materials and        adequately cleans         cleans and takes care of      misuses materials
                         area clean and             materials and work        materials if reminded.        AND/OR does not
                         protected without          area at the end of the    Occasional spills and         adequately clean
                         reminders. The             session without           messy work area may be        materials or area when
                         student shows great        reminder, but the area    seen. Shows some              reminded. Shows little
                         respect for the            may be messy during       respect for materials and     respect for materials or
                         materials and his          the work session.         fellow students.              fellow students.
                         fellow students.           Student shows
                                                    respect for materials
                                                    and fellow students.
Time/Effort              Class time was used        Class time was used       Class time was not            Class time was not used
                         wisely. Much time          wisely. Student could     always used wisely, but       wisely and the student
                         and effort went into       have put in more time     student did do some           put in no additional
                         the planning and           and effort at home.       additional work at home.      effort.
                         design of the cereal
                         box. It is clear the
                         student worked at
                         home as well as at
Drawing                  Drawing is expressive      Drawing is expressive     Drawing has few details.      The drawing lacks
                         and detailed. Shapes,      and somewhat              It is primarily               almost all detail OR it is
                         patterns, shading          detailed. Little use      representational with         unclear what the
                         and/or texture are         has been made of          very little use of pattern,   drawing is intended to
                         used to add interest to    pattern, shading, or      shading or texture.           be. Student needs to
                         the piece. Student         texture. Student has      Student needs to              work on control.
                         has great control and      basics, but has not       improve control.
                         is able to experiment      “branched” out.
                         a little.
Creativity               Student has taken the      Student has taken the     There is little evidence of   Student has not made
                         technique being            technique being           creativity, but the student   much attempt to meet
                         studied and applied it     studied and has used      has done the                  the requirements of the
                         in a way that is totally   source material as a      assignment.                   assignment.
                         his/her own. The           starting place. The
                         student’s                  student’s personality
                         personality/voice          comes through in
                         comes through.             parts of the

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