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7th Grade Honors Math Syllabus by 8n7U83Ya


									                                        7th Grade Math Syllabus
                                        Miss Teresa J. Peterson
                                    Piedmont Middle ~ An IB World School

Welcome to 7th grade math!

        This year will be an exciting continuation from your math in 6th grade. You will be working on inquiry-
based assignments with partners (and in groups) more than you will work as an individual. It is your
responsibility to work your hardest, communicate with your group effectively, and make sure you understand
every topic we learn. Enter the classroom with the mindset that you will work your hardest on everything you
do. You have a choice: you can do the work to get it done, or you can motivate yourself and challenge yourself
to go above and beyond! I will often provide opportunities for you to try more complicated and thought-
provoking math problems. Please take those opportunities and expand your knowledge of mathematics!

      Listed below are the math units we will investigate this year. Feel free to explore your new textbook to
become familiar with the topics below before we get to them in class; it will only help you! 

1st Quarter                  2nd Quarter                   3rd Quarter                   4th Quarter
UNIT 1:                      UNIT 4:                       UNIT 6:                       UNIT 8:
Variables and Patterns       Accentuate the Negative       Filling and Wrapping          Data Distributions

UNIT 2:                      UNIT 5:                       UNIT 7:                       EOG Review
Stretching and Shrinking     Moving Straight Ahead         What Do You Expect
                                                                                         Extension Unit: Samples and
UNIT 3:                                                                                  Populations
Comparing and Scaling

          45 Days                      45 Days                       46 Days                       44 Days


We will be using a Math binder. You will need a 1 or 1½ inch 3-ring notebook with 5 dividers. The dividers
will be used to separate notes from class work and homework assignments. Notebooks will be collected
throughout each quarter to check for neatness and completion of all work. Notebooks must be brought to class
EVERY DAY or points may be deducted from your daily classroom grade.


You should bring the following supplies with you daily: Math binder/ notebook, Math Book, 2 or more pencils,
colored pens, dry erase marker(s), glue stick, scissors, highlighters, graph paper, and a calculator. I recommend
you use a TI 83 scientific calculator (solar), but any scientific calculator will do. All supplies must be brought to
class EVERY DAY or points may be deducted from your daily classroom grade.


You will receive 10 total hall passes per quarter to be used among all of your core classes. You will staple it in
your planner and have your teachers initial it as you use them. Then you may use the school designated BLUE
pass while in the hall. Passes do not “roll-over” to the next quarter.

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Please be sure to keep up with the assignments so you do not fall
behind. You should always write your assignments in your planner. Homework will be checked daily for completeness
and graded as part of your daily classroom grade. Once each week, homework will be collected randomly to check for
completeness, quality of work, and corrections. If you acquire 3 missing assignments you will make a phone call home to
notify your parent or guardian.


Class work will come in many forms. It could be a book assignment, activity sheet, a lab assignment, part of a project,
class participation, Study Island, or a “Ticket-Out the- Door” problem (TOD). The TOD is when you hand me your work
as you leave the room. Always make sure you turn these in! For everyday (up to 5 days) a class work assignment is late
your grade will drop. Any work turned in 5 days after the due date you will receive a zero!


You will have quizzes throughout the units and a test at the end. Please keep up with your work so you are prepared for
them, even in the event of an absence during the week. Quizzes will be kept in your notebook under “Assessments” and
tests will be put into a file which will be kept in class. There will be no retakes for low test scores, that is why it is so
important that you work your hardest ALL the time!


Grades are earned, not given. Always turn in your very best work and turn it in on time!
The CMS Grading Policy will be used.
                                            A        93-100%
                                            B        85-92%            Formal Assignments             45%
                                            C        77-84%            Informal Assignments           45%
                                            D        70-76%            Homework                       10%
                                            F        0-69%                                            100%
       Late class work and homework will not be accepted.
       Late Projects will have points taken off the grade every day that it is late.
       Students who have been absent will have 5 days to submit work for full credit.
       Students caught cheating will receive a 0 and a parent/ guardian will be contacted.


Tutoring will be available before school on Tuesdays from 8:15-8:45 a.m. with one of the 7th grade math teachers. There
will be a sign up sheet in your math teacher’s class. Come prepared with questions you have and be sure you bring ALL
of your materials you need to WORK! If you fail to show up for a morning appointment and/ or do not bring your
materials, you may be asked not to come to morning tutoring sessions in the future.


Feel free to email me with questions at . During the school day, you may call
the school at (980) 343-5435 and leave me a message.

I am looking forward to a fantastic year with you! Stay positive, and remember—quality behavior results in
quality work!


Miss Peterson 

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