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									        Visual Banking AS
                    banking made easy

Visual Banking AS             
      • Visual Banking know electronic banking
        and the banks productrange for
      • Visual Banking know how the companies
        wants to use these products, and how
        they are optimally used
      • Visual Banking have many years of
        experience using IT in bankrelated

Visual Banking AS               

Visual Banking AS
      • A componentbases paymentsolution integrated into
        the ERP-system
      • Easy implementation of paymentsolutions
            – One interface to vbBabel. vbBabel translates to/from
              different formats
            – vbBabel takes into consideration format ”dialects”
            – Integrate with COM-technology or fileexchangeutve
      • For both incoming- and outgoing payments
      • Flexibility
            – Everything integrated in the ERP system, with the ERP
              systems screen layout
            – vbBabel is language indipendant
            – vbBabel comes with errorhandlingroutines
Visual Banking AS                                
    Create an object – Fill with paymentdata
  First, create an object of type BabelFile. Feed it

                                        Exportfile example
  with paymentinformation. One major advantage                                                                        Export
  in using vbBabel is that this process is                                                    When the necessary payments are supplied, you
  independant of bank, format and customert.                                                  must create an object of class BabelExport. In this
              in Visual Basic code:                                                           object, set properties varying from one customer
  Set oBabelfile =
  vbBabel.dll is a component with                     vbBabel.dll                             to another.                        ERP
  several classes. The component is a                                                Other formats occurs, use ordinary COM
                                                                                               If an error
  oBabelfile.ImportFormat = ERP
  COM-object which can be
 Element                                           EDI2XML-class                               errorhandling with ERRORINFO. As an
  oBabelfile.Language = ”Norwegian”                                          The method for creating
                                                                             other formats are similar tofetch an errormessage from vbBabel’s
  compiled as an ActiveX DLL, or as
  Set oBatch =                      Convert/Control -
  an ActiveX EXE.                                                                              internal errorhandler.        Use the API to program the
  oBabelfile.Batches.Addmethod                                               what is described for the                       vbBabel classes.
  Prior to export, vbBabel’s EDI-only (PAYMUL)
  oBatch.I_EnterpriseNo =                                                    Telepay-format.   Visual Basic codeexample:
  collections must be populated with
  MyEnterpriseNo                                                                               Set oBabelExport =
                                                                             It is important to consider all
Exportfiles                                                                                                        Fill with data from your ERP system
  paymentdata. to collections are
  For i =1           The                            Babelfiles-class                           CreateObject("vbbabel.BabelExport
                                                                             potential fomats for your
  constructed like this:
  iAllMyDomesticPayments                                                                       ") A             vbBabel’s Report-class
PAYMUL                                                                       application, and supply
       Babelfiles (filelevel)
     - Set oPayment =                                             Paymentdata in
                                                                                                          Create your own reports, or =
                                                                                               oBabelExport.ImportObject produce
     - Batches (statement level)                                  collectionsenough paymentinformation
                                                                                               oBabelfile with vbBabel’s report-class.
  oBatch.Payments.Add                                             • Date     for all these formats.       them
     - oPayment.Amount = MyAmount
       Payments (paymentlevel)
                                                                  • Amount                         P
                                                                                               oBabelExport.FilenameOut =
     - oPayment.E_Name =
       Invoices (invoicelevel)                                    • Fileformat vbBabel you”C:\ToBank\Payments.dat”
                                                                             In                            find
                                                                                                will also Example: Reportclass
                                       Export -                                                          ERP oBabelReport = =
     - Freetexts (freetextlevel)
  MyReceiversName                                                 • Filename                   oBabelExport.Exportformat
                                                                             PAYMUL, an EDI format. In
                                       method                                             To produce a paymentreport, call the Data-  Start-
       ….. can hold one or several
   BG                                                                                               I CreateObject("vbbabel.Babe
                                                                             this case vbBabel uses XML
                                                                                             The ERP-system uses
  Next i
  Babelfile-objects (Babelfile = one                                                           oBabelExport.Overwrite base
                                                                             mappingfiles to describe the
                                                                                             vbBabel to lReport")
                                                                                                           import/export               = True
                                                                                          bReturnValue different
                                                                                               bExportResult =
                                                                             syntax in PAYMUL. A new = oBabelReport.Start
  For which to has methods and
  file), j=1 itself                               BabelReport-class                                       Set
                                                                                             paymentfiles in
  iAllMyInternationalPayments                                                                  oBabelExport.Export
                                                                             copy of this XML-file will
                                                                                             formats. oBabelReport.ImportObject
                                                                             normally vbBabel can also be used as a ”browser” in the
  properties, like Batches. One file
       Set oPayment =                  Report -                   • Printer/Screen/File coverIf bExportResult = False then
                                                                                                changes in
                                                                                                          = oBabelFile in a standard
  kan this way have several batches                                                       ERP-system. Select example
                                                                  • Detailslevel PAYMUL-format. show an a =
                                                                             the             We will  myError
  (like several clients), where        metoden                                                            oBabelReport.Details =
                                                                                                       and open
                                                                                          filedialog, to create athe file in vbBabel. vbBabel
                                                                  • Type ++++                  oBabelExport.ErrorMessage
                                                                                             on how
       oPayment.Amount = MyAmount
  batch can have several payments,                                                                        True
                                                                                          will detect correctTELEPAY- show the payments
    - External files                                                                         paymentfile in format, and
                                                                                               End If oBabelReport.Format =
  with several invoices.                                                                      screen.
  Next j methods
    - vbBabel                                                                                             ”PDF”
    - vbBabel properties (examples)                                                                       oBabelReport.Filename =
                                                                                             This process is exactly the
                                                                                             same for other formats.

Visual Banking AS                                                                                                      
                                                  Start import

Mapping.files    Example – Incoming payments
                       When the necessary properties as updated, start the Import-method.
                       You can use the event ProgressUpdated to show the progress during
 D96ANOR              Create an object                                               Customers who make use of CREMUL-files, will have a great
                                                                                                       vbBabel.dll is component with several
                       Any errors, syntactically or otherwise, can be trapped using standardautomatic matchingaof open items in Accounts
                                                       vbBabel.dll                                                                     ERP
 Start by creating an object of type Babelfile.                                      saving in               Other formats
                       errorhandling for COM-objects. You can also fetch errormessages                 classes. The component is a COM-object,
 Supply the objectfrom vbBabel’s local errorhandling.
                        with information about the                                   Receivable. which can be compiled as an ActiveX
 importfile(s).                                      EDI2XML-class                 Formats other than EDI-formats are imported directly
                                                                                                       DLL, or as an
                                                                                     In vbBabel’s countries this ActiveX EXE.
                       Example in Visual Basic: -                                  intothe Nordic collections. can be achieved today with OCR-
                       Visual Basic:Convert/Control
 Codeexample in bImportResult = oBabel.Import                                                                                 each API
                                                                                                                  vbBabel’s thepayment. An
                                                                                     solutions, with a special code forUseReport-class obstacle in
                                                                                                                                          classes are
                                                                                                       During import, the vbBabel to cooperate with the
                                                                                            formats are not often changed. Because of
                                                                                   Theseservice are payments withoutvbBable classes. this,these
                                                                                     this              filled with your own reports, orcode,vbBabel’s
 Set oBabel =                                                                                                                  this special
     Code              If bImportResult = False then                                                                 paymentdata. The classes are
                                                                                   we are not using external mappingfiles for theseuse
 CreateObject("vbbabel.babelfile")                                                   payments You can design like this:
                                                                                                  cannot be automatically matched.
                             myError = oBabel.ErrorMessage                         formats.
                                                                                                  predefined reports with the ReportClass.
 oBabel.ImportFormat = CREMUL
                       End If                    ERP                                                                 Collect data, and save..
                                                                                     By using vbBabel and CREMUL, you can automatically update
Paymentfiles                                                                                           - Babelfiles (filelevel)
 oBabel.Language = ”Norwegian” Babelfiles-class                                                                     payments, also payments with use
                                                                                                  For CREMUL import, it can be convenient to an
                                                                                     a large percentage Batches (statement level)
 oBabel.FilenameIn =
                              The ERP-system uses the vbBabel API                                         - of the to
                                                                                                 AvbBabel makes saveof all available information, to
  CREMUL                                                                                          the
                                                                                     OCR-code. reportclass use paymentvouchers. This can
                              to importStructuring
                                         and export
                        vbBabel’s Report-classpaymentfiles inFilename
 ”C:\FraBank\CREMUL.dat”method -                                  •                                       - Payments (paymentlevel)
                                                                                                                   into vbBabel-collections
                                                                                                        Import separate invoices,
                                                                                                  paymentby saving incoming payments to files,
                                                                                     split each be done Invoices (invoicelevel) to prepare for f.ex.
                              different formats.                  • Format                                - or RTF-format.
 To print a report, use the Start-method: PAYMENTFILESLanguage    •                  automatic In PDF- Freetexts (freetextlevel) an EDI-converter.
                                                                                             The matching.
   MT940                      Let’s examine an example where we
                                                                                                   importmethod in
                                                                                                  P and- filecontentvbBabel starts the
                                                                                             Syntax                     is checked during
 bReturnValue = oBabelReport.Start file,files with
                                     Your customer receives with                                  Example:
                                                                                     vbBabel takes the following criteria into consideration :
                              are importing a CREMUL                                                   Babelfiles can hold one or several
                                     incoming payments from the bank, or Import -            importrocess.
 You can–also use vbBabel as afilespayments. CREMUL-files
                              incoming method                                                            oBabelReport =
                                                                                                  Set Babelfile-objects (Babelfile = one file),
                                      ”payment-browser” in the ERP- method
                                          with receipts for outgoing
                                    information about every
                              gives fromvbBabel filedialog.
                                                                                      - Payers accountnumber
                                                                                                   I which itself has methodsstructured)
                                                                                                   mappingfiles are supplied as external XML-files.
                    Fetch data from a standard
 system. Select a paymentfile payments.                                                - Invoicenumber (from freetext if not and properties,
                                                                                       - Amount waylike Batches. One change base When=the
                              incoming payment.
 vbBabelthe importprocess format it is, and displays the
                                                                                             This Set oBabelReport.ImportObject
                                                                                                         it is very easy to file kanformats. have
                                                                                                                                        this way
   When discovers which is completed, the BabelReport-class
                                            files a service from
                                     Thesethis ishave different BBS,                              oBabelFile
                                                                                             banks change their formats, all you have to do is to
 payments fetch data from vbBabel’s collections.                                       - Currencycode  several batches (like several clients),
   needs to on screen. In Norway,
     OCR                             dependent on bank, country and                               oBabelReport.Details
                                                                                             install a new XML-mappingfile. = True
                              known as ”eGiro Innbetaling Pluss”.Printer/Screen/FilelTo achive this, where each batch able have several the ERP
                                                                                                       payments, with severalto log on to
                                                                                                       vbBabel must be
                                          Report -
   Traverse through the object, Norwegian and Nordic banks•are
                              Most to get relevant                  Detaillevel
                                                                                             The CREMUL-content is put into = ”PDF”    vbBabel’s
                                          method                                     database. oBabelReport.Filename =
                                      same, without regards to • Type ++++
   paymentdata. This task is theWith vbBabel on the other hand, you
                              able to deliver CREMUL-files.                                  collections, which are independenant of formats.
   the importformat. This way you are prepared for interface to all                               ”C:\Archive\Cremul.pdf”
      -External files                can have one common                                     If the bank needs a controlfile (CONTRL), vbBabel
   different formats, without any codechanges.
      -Methods in vbBabel                                                                    can create such a file.
     -Properties in vbBabel (examples)

Visual Banking AS                                                                                               
      • Use one common interface, not dependant of
        country, bank or paymentservice.
      • Easy to implement new formats (flat formats,
        EDI-formats, XML-formats)
      • New or changed formats can be installed as
        soon as they are available from the banks, with
        no, or only minor programming.
      • Keep your own design and layout.
      • Low cost of development.

Visual Banking AS                   
                    Visual Banking AS
           - din partner innen elektroniske

Visual Banking AS             

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