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									                      INSTALLER TRAINING SEMINAR

DATE:              September 20th 2012
TIME:              8:00 am – 4:00 pm
LOCATION:          Holiday Inn – 590 Argus Rd. Oakville, ON
COST:              $150.00 per person – Includes all course material, continental breakfast and lunch

REGISTRATION: Complete the course registration form and fax to 866.259.8885 or email


                                        COURSE OUTLINE
        Tools and materials                                       Concrete specifications, placement
        Excavation and layout                                      and consolidation
        Footings and Slabs                                        Special details
        Installation of LOGIX Form Units                          Lintel design, proper use of tables
        Rebar placement                                           Dampproofing/Waterproofing
        Installation of door and window                           Mechanical installation
         bucks                                                     Air/Vapour barrier
        Wall alignment and scaffolding                            Interior finishes
         system                                                    Exterior finishes
        Service penetrations                                      Basic estimating

       All participants will receive a Logix Installation Manual and an Installer Certification Card upon
                                            completion of the course.

                                                                   Course Date:


                                 BASIC INSTALLATION COURSE REGISTRATION

Company Name: __________________________________________________________________

(Circle One)       Builder/Contractor      Architect/Engineer       Building Official    Distributor Employee

Contact: _________________________________________                Phone: _______________________________

Name of Applicant: ________________________________

Name of Applicant: ________________________________

Name of Applicant: ________________________________

Name of Applicant: ________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

City/State: __________________ PC/ZIP: _____________

Payment:           VISA             MasterCard                   Cardholder: _____________________________

Card#: __ __ __ __        __ __ __ __    __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __             Exp: __ / __

Cardholder Signature: ______________________________________

Email Address for Confirmation: _________________________________________________________

       Participants will receive an installation manual, workbook and installation DVD
       The cost of the course is $150.00 + HST, payable by credit card only
       Hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, continental breakfast, coffee and lunch are provided at no extra cost.
       In order to register, please fax or email the above information to 866.259.8885 or
       For more course details please visit the News, Training and Shows section on at

               Presented by: Form Solutions - 6829 Dale Rd. Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3W3 - 888.706.7709

Form Solutions cannot be held liable for any general, special, direct, indirect or consequential damages including
bodily harm that may be suffered by any person, including without limitation, the installer, contractor, architect,
engineer, and homeowner due to the assembly or the installation of Logix ICF. Form Solutions reserves the right to
cancel a class within 7 business days of the class based on low attendance. Any travel costs associated with
attendance are the responsibility of the individual.

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