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					Alistair Sutton

Personal Details   Email            :
                   D.O.B            :        30/05/1977
                   Marital Status   :        Single
                   Telephone        :        07813109414 (M)
                                             02086740294 (H)
                   Citizenship      :        Australian.
                   VISA             :        4 yr Ancestry Visa (Started November 2003)
                                             with view to gain British passport.

                          Java J2EE 5.5yrs (Java since 1998)

                          Programming for Web (1.5 yrs)
Skill Set
                           Java, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Tomcat, OC4J, Eclipse, Oracle, JUnit,
                           Grinder, Empirix.

                          Programming in Telecommunications Domain :
                           C++ (3yrs) / Java J2EE (4 yrs)
                           JavaBeans, Swing, JSP, Servlets, Networking, RMI/CORBA/JMS,
                           Multithreading, log4j

                          Experience in Telecommunications Industry and Architectures

                          Middleware Programming.
                                 CORBA:       Orbix, Orbacus, OMG
                                 Proprietary: TIBCO, eJai, JMS

                          XML, Object Oriented System Design skills using UML, Design
                           Patterns, comfortable on UNIX and Windows.

                          SQL and Oracle 8i, 10g

                          Experienced teacher and courseware development skills including
                           using Adobe Framemaker

                          Excellent leadership, communication skills, writing style and willing
                           to travel.

Experience         Nov 2003 - April 2005    Can Factory                            London UK
                   Software Engineer

                   Design and development of Comic Relief User Profile and E-Commerce
                   applications for Sport Relief 04, Red Nose Day 05 and Make Poverty

                   Struts, Java, JSP applications using internal persistence layer (similar to
                   Hibernate) running in the Apache Tomcat Servlet container in
                   development and the Oracle OC4J application server in production.
            Responsibilities included business analysis, design, development, testing,
            customer liaise, design integration, team leading, deployment and live
            support from campaigns concept to production.

            Apr 2002 - Nov 2002     Information Graphics Systems       Mumbai India
            Software Engineer
             Integration project for nation wide Indian telecommunications startup.
             Team leader role integrating OSS’ onto TIBCO message bus using Java
              based integration product working both on UNIX and NT.
             Exposure to many OSS’ and technologies required to integrate them in
              flexible and independent manner.
             Target market over one billion people, scalability a key concern.

            Jan 2001- Apr 2002      Information Graphics Systems New Jersey USA
            Java Instructor and Courseware Developer
             Instructed courses in New Jersey and Chicago Illinois to Telcordia and
              Lucent programmers converting from C and C++ to Java
             Courses range from introductory courses to JavaBeans, Networking, Swing,
              RMI and advanced threading.
             Involved in reengineering courseware, developing modular exercises to
              demonstrate courses and updating as Java versions are released.
             Modeling in UML, all coursework written in Framemaker.
             Experience in public speaking, running timed courses with audiovisual
              media and software exercises for students.

            Dec 1998 - Aug 2000     CiTR Pty Ltd                  Brisbane, Australia
            Software Engineer
             Worked on UNIX developing a distributed C++/CORBA application for
              Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company.
             Application presented dynamically generated web front end to allow
              customers to view their phone bill details through the Telstra web site.
             Team leader role responsible for low level design and implementation.
             Helped install on customer site in Melbourne and liased with customer
              throughout system and integration testing.
             Worked through three development cycle versions and releases of this

Education   1998 Queensland University of Technology                  Brisbane
             Postgraduate Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)
              2nd Class IIA
             Project Title : Workflow, the CORBA Trading Service and Component

            1995-1997 James Cook University                               Townsville
             Bachelor of Commerce. Major in Computer Science
Objective    My goal as a software engineer is to utilise my technical, communication
             and managerial skills in a professional manner to benefit the team that I
             am working for.

             In addition to my technical skills, I have been developing my
             communication skills so that I can converse in both the technical,
             managerial and customer domains.

             I have enjoyed team leadership roles and have long term goals of getting
             into managerial positions in the future.

             I am willing to travel and have already worked on projects in Australia, the
             USA and India.

             More detailed resume available at

Interests    Football, sailing and music, playing guitar and drums.
              Rick Joyce                            Susan Blackwood
References    CEO                                   System Analyst
              Information Graphics Systems          New Jersey USA
              Boulder. Colorado.USA       

              Vinay Krishnan                        Tom Gibson
              Employee IGS                          Retired AT&T Employee
              Mumbai India                          New Jersey. USA

              Jeremy Amer                           Rosemary Syassen
              Software Contractor                   Software Engineer
              Zurich. Switzerland.                  London England

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