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									                                          Oral Presentation
                                          Professor Kelsey

A 4-5 minute oral presentation on rhetorical devices or informal fallacies is required. You are to find
an example of one of the rhetorical devices or informal fallacies discussed in chapters 5, 6 & 7 of the
Moore and Parker book. The example should come from a magazine or newspaper advertisement,
letter to the editor, etc. If your example comes from a newspaper or magazine bring photocopies for
the entire class.
You may also take your example off a clip from YouTube.
The presentation will consist of you explaining why the passage or clip is fallacious and/or rhetorical,
and also how it could be modified or refined so no fallacy occurs. The instructor or other students
may ask you questions at the end of your presentation.

Note: this presentation is worth up to 4 percentage points of extra credit.
You will be graded on your ability to follow the checklist given below.

Checklist for Presentation:
Good presentations will display the following key points:

               -Your detailed knowledge of the course material
               -Your ability to explain and evaluate the fallacy

        Communication skills
             -Your ability to speak clearly, audibly, and enthusiastically, making eye contact with
             the audience…
             -Your ability to present good posture and poise. Moving about, if not excessive, can
             accentuate your enthusiasm and keep the audience interested.
             -Your ability to respond to any questions and stimulate discussion.

        Structure and Organization
                -Evidence of planning and preparation
                -Evidence of organization of the presentation material
                -Good time management (don’t go over 5 minutes!!!)

How to prepare for your oral presentation
      -Think creatively about how to present your material; make it interesting for the class. How
      can you make your presentation stand out?
      -Take time to practice delivering the presentation. Do not read word for word from a script.
      -Be aware of the kinds of questions you may be asked and be prepared to explain and
      elaborate on your ideas.

Note on nervousness
Accept nervousness for what it is—part of the preparation for public speaking. Moreover, it is a
good thing. It heightens your senses, clarifies your thinking, and gets your blood pumping.
Everyone gets nervous before a presentation. But good preparation will increase your self-
confidence. Once you get going, your good preparation will kick in and before you know it, your
presentation will be over. This should be an interesting and stimulating experience. Enjoy!!!

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