CP PHYSICS SYLLABUS – SPRING 2010

Instructor:         Deanna Morrison                                    Text:     Conceptual Physics by Hewitt,
Office Hours:       B35 M 6:30-7 AM, W&F 2:20-4 PM                               Addison Wesley, 2003
E-mail:                    Cost:     $55.97

                         hardbound 3-ring binder (1-1.5 in)
                         loose leaf paper (regular or college rule)
                         graph paper
                         pens and pencils (NOTE: All labs must be done in pencil.)
                         colored pencils
                         calculator (TI-30, graphing calculators not permitted for quizzes and tests)

           *You will not be allowed to leave class to get your materials.

Course Outline:

                         Topics                                                  Chapters
                         Electrostatics                                            32, 33
                         Electric Current                                            34
                         Electric Circuits (series & parallel)                       35
                         Magnetism & Electromagnetism                              36, 37
                         Quantum Mechanics                                           38
                         Wave Properties                                             25
                         Sound                                                     26, 29
                         Light and Optics                                      27, 28, 30, 31
                         Thermodynamics                                         21, 22, 24
                         Nuclear Physics                                           39, 40


             Assignment Categories:                                            Grading Scale:
             Daily work                         10%                            A = 90-100
             Quizzes                            10%                            B = 80-89
             Labs                               20%                            C = 75-79
             Tests                              25%                            D = 70-73
             Semester Project                   10%                            F = 0-69
             Midterm                             5%
             Final Exam                         20%

Any student found to be cheating on a test, quiz, or assignment will receive a “0” on that particular assignment.
Cheating is defined in the Honor Code and on the back of this syllabus.

Make-up Work:
 Work done in class or due on the date of an unexcused absence cannot be made up.
 All pre-assigned work is due on the day you return from an excused absence.
 When you are absent on the day of a test, you are expected to make it up the day of your return.
 It is your responsibility to find out what you missed when you were absent and to arrange to make up quizzes,
   homework, labs, and tests as soon as possible. Labs are sometimes difficult to make up and an alternate
   assignment may be given instead.
 If you are absent any day from Monday through Friday, your makeup work must be completed by 3 PM of the
   following Friday. These Friday deadlines will be posted in class. Makeup work NOT completed by the deadline
   will receive a ZERO.
 Please check my web page on the Brookwood website for daily lesson plans and handouts.
 Help is available during my office hours posted at the top of the page.
 Additional help is available by appointment.

Late Work:
Work is assigned in order to increase understanding and competency. Failure to turn work in at the appropriate
time will make learning difficult. Therefore, late work is not expected, will NOT be accepted, and will result in a
ZERO for that assignment. This includes homework that is not present at the beginning of class. You will NOT be
allowed to go to your locker to get your homework. NO EXCEPTIONS…DON’T ASK!!!!


1.   Be on time to class.
          A. This means you are in your seat and prepared for the start of class.
          B. Brookwood’s TAP policy will be strictly enforced.
2.   Be prepared.
          A. Bring all materials to class each day.
          B. Complete homework and regularly review your notes.
3.   Follow directions the first time they are given.
4.   Be honest.
5.   Be respectful and polite.
          A. Respect your fellow classmates, the teacher, and the school.
          B. Insulting each other will not be tolerated.
          C. Remember the golden rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated.
6.   Follow all policies in the Brookwood Student Handbook.

Students will have one pass per week in our class. Students may use this pass to go to their lockers, to the
restroom, or save the pass for added bonus points to their grades. Failure to follow the class rules will result in the
lass of the pass for the week.

                            Number of Checks                         Consequences
                                   1                                 Loss of pass for the week
                                   2                                 30 minute detention
                                   3                                 60 minute detention + phone call
                                   4                                 Referral to administrator

     *In the event of severe or repeated misbehavior, student will be referred to an administrator.

Definition of Cheating:
Brookwood high School aligns our policies of academic honesty with similar policies found at colleges. To this end,
cheating at Brookwood High School includes any attempt to defraud, deceive, or mislead a teacher in arriving at an
honest evaluation of student achievement.

Cheating includes, but is not limited to the following:
1. Looking at a test, quiz, or exam of another student while taking an evaluation.
2. Attempting to communicate information in any way during an in-class evaluation.
3. Having cheat sheets, or information written on the body or other personal objects.
4. Using programmed calculators or other electronic devices unless expressly permitted by the teacher.
5. Looking at quiz, test, or exam materials prior to their administration.
6. Failing to give credit for the ideas, words, or works of others.
7. Giving information regarding an evaluation to another student who is scheduled to take the same evaluation.
8. Submitting work through the use of technology that is not created by the student, including but not limited to
    file sharing (submitting the same work with different header), copying files to and from disks and websites, or
    purchasing solutions or works from others.

Class Website:
Please check frequently for lots of valuable information: --> Teacher Pages --> Deanna Morrison

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The Parent Portal will be operational after January 21, 2010. Student grades will be updated
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