Search Engine Optimization Learning Guide by daviesdiaz


									                               Search Engine Optimization Guide For Starters

Do you want to become an internet marketing professional? Are you looking for an accredited institute to get proper
seo training? Well, I must say it is a very good decision and seo is one of the best fields in internet marketing with
lots of potential. There is one thing that you need to focus upon and that is, you must get seo training from an
institute instead of learning it by your own. There is no issue in learning and practicing seo techniques yourself, but
it is also necessary, at the same time, to enroll in a proper training program.

Not everyone understands the basics of SEO. If you are new to SEO or starting out, the whole concept can seem
quite daunting. Here are some SEO definitions and terminology that can help beginners gain a better understanding.

Algorithms are basically like a mathematical formula which a search engine uses to rank the web pages for relevant
search terms or keywords.

Back Link
A back link, also referred to as an inbound link is a link to your own webpage. It is often believed to be one of the
most important factors in establishing the search ranking of a page. This can be done by any organic seo company.

Crawlers also called robots or spiders. These are the programs used by search engines to analyse and scan or "crawl"
through websites to collect information. Crawlers basically collect data so that when you are surfing the internet and
enter a search term on a website, they will provide you with the relevant web sites.

Gateway Pages
Gateway pages, also commonly referred to as doorway pages are web pages designed to attract visitors to a website,
but lead you to another page. They stand on their own and are built to act as doorways to the website. Gateway
pages usually have some text, a link and a logo that draws visitors to enter the site.

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language and it is the basic building blocks of webpages. It is therefore
important that you pay close attention to HTML and the correct tagging techniques for better SEO results.

Link Building
Link building is basically the process of obtaining links from other websites and then getting them to link to one of
your WebPages.

Met tags
Met tags are HTML codes that are added into the header section of the web page and usually refer to the meta
keywords tag and meta description tag. They also allow web masters to provide search engines with information
about their websites.

Search Engines
Search engines are programs that search an index of the web for specified keywords or search terms. The term is
generally referred to systems such as Google that allows users to search documents on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a technique used to help engines find and rank your website higher than other websites. It increases traffic to
your website, and helps to create an online presence.

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