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					                Safe Harbour Metropolitan Community Church

To All Who Attend Safe Harbour Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), To All Who Have Attended,
and To All Those Yet To (or not!):

As members of Safe Harbour MCC Interim Support Committee, we are appealing for your support in our
endeavors. The purpose of this committee is to support the congregation and Pastor through a series of
experiences over a set period of time that will increase the congregation’s awareness of its current
realities and enlarge its understanding of the possibilities for the future, resulting in a much clearer
picture of what is really needed of the next Pastor and facilitate the best possible match in finding the
most suitable candidate. We find ourselves in the position of searching for a new Pastor as our beloved
Pastor of many years, and first Pastor of Safe Harbour MCC, Darlene Young, passed away suddenly last
year. This process will involve mindfulness, discernment, intentionality, and inclusivity with an emphasis
on thriving in transition.

This is an exciting time for Safe Harbour MCC and we enthusiastically extend our hand in invitation to all
to get on board, become part of the dialogue, be part of the change YOU seek! We cannot do it without
you and strongly encourage you to take part – talk to your friends, engage others to take part, forward
the web link to others.

The Interim Support Committee has recently developed a WORSHIP SURVEY for Safe Harbour MCC. You
will find this survey on-line at, or by contacting the church (453-9249) for a
hard copy. We encourage you to not only view it but to also complete it, allowing yourself
approximately 20 minutes to do so, and completing only one survey per person (please and thank you).
The purpose of this survey is to get a general sense of what the community is feeling and looking for as
well as to engage people beyond the survey to become involved in what we are doing. The uses of this
survey are varied, as is evident by the questions posed. We’re interested in having feedback at any
point during this process, however results in by the end of September 2009 will be included in our first
analysis, with the remainder of results being tabulated at the end of November 2009 when the survey
will end. We ask that you be equally as mindful in completing this survey so as to best contribute to the
overall process and end results.

We respect and honour your privacy, and are mindful of your sharing that with us. Be assured that the
information we gather is held in the strictest confidence, and all part of the discernment process. The
personal contact information is held in the same regard. We encourage participants to provide their
personal contact information so that we may continue the dialogue.


Safe Harbour MCC Interim Support Committee

3115 Veith St.
Halifax, NS B3K 5T9

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