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									                                                                             August 20, 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

        Welcome back for the 2012-2013 school year! I am planning and anticipating a year
filled with challenges, learning, and excitement. The following outline will give you more
information regarding the Language Arts program and our expectations. Please sign and
return the designated portion.

                                     Language Arts
        The goal of the Language Arts program is for students to be able to think critically
and communicate effectively in discussions and in writing. We will be working daily to
become strong readers and sophisticated writers. The habits and practices of excellent
readers will be introduced, in context, through a variety of instructional methods and
activities. Additionally, students will be expected to write journals, narrative essays,
expository compositions, persuasive essays, and other responses to literature throughout
the year.
        Our goal is for every student to become a confident reader, writer, and speaker. My
particular wish is for students to be inspired and empowered by reading, and to consider
how the world they live in and the world of literature collide. As the good doctor wrote,
“Think and wonder; wonder and think” (Dr. Seuss).

                                    Classroom Rules

               1. Respect others, the classroom, and the learning experience.

                   2. Bring assignments, textbooks, and supplies to class.

              3. Raise your hand and listen carefully during class discussions.

       4. Follow the directions on all assignments. Be thorough, neat, and accurate.

           5. Arrive on time and leave the room clean and neat when you depart.

Homework Policy: Language Arts students are expected to be productive and self-
directed in regard to homework. Incomplete/late homework will result in lower grades.
Due dates will be fair and strictly enforced. No extra credit is available to compensate
for missed or poorly done assignments.
 Things To Remember…
       All papers must include a proper heading. Papers without names will have
          points taken off.
       Writing assignments must be typed or written neatly.
       Work that is illegible will be returned without a grade. The assignment may be
          redone and resubmitted; however, only half-credit will be given.

   Requested Materials (please bring to class daily):
      1. 3 ring notebook with appropriately labeled dividers
      2. Lined paper
      3. Several sharpened pencils
      4. Black or blue ink pen
      5. Spiral notebook
      6. Textbook
      7. Independent reading material
      8. Colored pencils and markers for projects

Absences: It is the student’s responsibility to follow guidelines and to obtain missed
class work and/or homework due to an absence. In the event of an absence, students may
call a study buddy, check the class webpage, or see me for assignments.
     Work missed due to absence must be turned in within one week following the
     Meet with the teacher if help is needed.

Letter Grades: Each assignment will be worth a predetermined number of points.
Longer, more complex assignments will be worth more points than a routine homework
assignment. Letter grades are determined by finding the percentage of points earned
compared to the number of points assigned.

      100-98% = A+         89-87% = B+          79-77% = C+          69-67% = D+
      97-94% = A           86-84% = B           76-74% = C           66-64% = D
      93-90% = A           83-80% = B-          73-70% = C-          63-60% = D-
                                                                    59% or lower = F

Current grades are posted regularly for student and parent viewing. Students are able to
inform you of their current status throughout the school year, and you can view current
grades by registering for the Chaparral Parent Portal.

Citizenship Grades:
      1 = Outstanding      3 = Needs Improvement
      2 = Satisfactory     4 = Unacceptable Behavior
        A check is given and recorded in grade book for each conduct rule infraction.
        6 checks in one week = 3 (Needs Improvement) on next progress report.
        Two 6 check weeks within the quarter = 4 (Unacceptable Behavior) on next
         progress report.
        Blatant act of misconduct = double or triple checks, student/teacher conference,
         and phone call home if necessary.

Semester citizenship grades are determined by averaging the 2 quarter grades together.
Progress reports will go home once a month and will need to be signed by a parent. If the
progress report is returned the following day, extra points will be given to the student.

       If you have concerns or questions, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you
as soon as possible: I look forward to an academically strong and
enjoyable classroom environment. With student, teacher, and parent involvement, we can
make this a rewarding and successful year for all students.

       Again, welcome to the class! Here’s to a great year!

Warmest regards,

Ms. Finch
Language Arts

I have read and understand the expectations for Ms. Finch’s Language Arts class.

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