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									         Global AMU Alumni Directory Add/Update Form (
    Purpose: This data will be used to update the Global AMU Alumni directory on the internet.

General Information (To recognize you)
Enrolment No                                                   Name
AMU Stay From (Year)                                           AMU Stay To (Year)
Employer                                                       Profession
First Hall of Residence                                      Second Hall of Residence
Current Place                                                Place of Origin
(To list your name in the local directory of appropriate place)
Current Country                                              Origin Country
Current State/Province                                       Origin State/Province
Current City                                                 Origin City
Contact Information (Please fill at least one, so that other Aligs can contact you)
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Telephone (Mobile)                                           Fax
Pager                                                        e-Mail (Important)
Courses Completed from AMU (To list your name in your Faculty and appropriate class directory)
1. Course Name
From (Year)                                                  To (Year)

2. Course Name
From (Year)                                                    To (Year)

3. Course Name
From (Year)                                                    To (Year)

4. Course Name
From (Year)                                                    To (Year)

5. Course Name
From (Year)                                                    To (Year)

    General Instructions:
      1. Please fill at least one contact number.
      2. Please make sure that you provide your correct e-mail address. If you are new, your password will be sent to this email
      3. Please fill up and send to as attachment in the email.

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