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									                 CHS 30th Class Reunion Newsletter
                                                                                      Issue Number: 1 Date: February 18, 2009

Yes, it says 30 and it’s time to plan for it. Our objective this reunion is fun, casual
                                                 and affordable.
            Details:                                                                       WEBSITE
   Cost: $30.00 /person                                                                 There is a website for Capital
   $35.00 after May 30 .                                                                 High Alumni that will have
                                                                                        updated reunion information.
    To start: Friday, July 17, 2009        CLASSMATES                        
       starting 6:00 p.m. at the                                                            alumni/1979.htm
Fairgrounds Pavilion for an icebreaker.          MISSING CLASSMATES:
  We have the building and the fire,                    Pam Allen
  bring your families, munchies and                   Chuck Blattler
     coolers and we will catch up.                  Margaret Branson
                                                     Dave Covington
                                                        Dan Foster                        If you would like to submit
    Then: Saturday, July 18, 2009
                                                      Eugenie Gies                         pictures from the past and
           starting at 6:00 p.m.
                                                        Ron Green                       present for the always fun slide
  Still at the Fairgrounds in the New
                                                        Kim Hart                         show, please email them to:
 Exhibit Building for appetizer buffet,
                                                     Trisha Haubrick                     Kathy (Murphy) Simkins @
band and no host bar. “Nine Miles Up”
                                                      David Johnson              
 will be rocking so bring your dancing
                                                       John Larson                             Or send copies to:
shoes. “Chili Obrien’s” will supply the
                                                      Hilary Melton                              Kathy Simkins
 buffet from 6pm to 8pm, with meat
                                                       Eric Moore                               3016 Teslow Dr.
 and cheese trays available later in the
                                                       Helen Olsen                            Bozeman MT 59715
                                                       Diane Oman                       Please be sure and identify the
                                                      Debbie Price                           people in the pictures.
                                                       Lyndia Sager
Anyone interested in golfing Saturday                 Dale Simmons                     Send you payment to:
morning should contact Tim Kelly at                  Verlyn Stanland                                Lisa Kuntz We will                    Michelle Whyte                      733 Cherry Ave.Helena MT 59601
set up playing times at Fox Ridge GC                                                                     Or
  (just off York Road). At Fox Ridge                                                              Sherri Wiseman
                                                                                        3725 Clinton East Helena MT 59635
    there is the option of playing the
regulation course or the par 3 course
 (both 9 and 18). We will be playing
                                           YOUR CONTACT INFO:                            CONTACT INFO:
for fun, not a tournament format and
  each person will be responsible for                 In order to keep everyone
his/her own clubs, green fees and/or       informed on the details and to keep the        Christi (Walker) Spurlock
                 cart fees.                 postage costs down we would like to                   406-266-3085
                                            email updated information. If I don’t                Lisa (Sell) Kuntz
                                           have your email address, please update         406-465-3384 or email at:
       CAMPSITES                            me at Please   
    Campsites are available at the         use “30th Class Reunion” as your subject                 Tracy Long
Fairgrounds starting at $15 per night.           so I will know I can open it.            406-443-0723 or email at:
If you are interested contact Keith or                                              
 Kevin at 457-8516 for reservations.                                                      Sherri (Spurlock) Wiseman
         Limited availability.                                                            406-227-8857 or email at:

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