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									                                        UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
                                             Joint Legal Assistance Office
                                                    Building 22161
                                                     Box 555023
                                       Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5023
                                      Phone: (760) 725-6172, Fax (760) 725-5038
                                          SERVICE AND HOURS OF OPERATION

Walk-In Hours                                                      Matters Handled by Appointment Only

Tuesday        0700 (Mornings only. First come first serve         Adoptions
Thursday       0700 basis)                                         Divorces
NOTE: Bring all documentation relating to your case with           Detailed Wills/Advance Medical Directives
                                                                   Name Changes
you to your walk-in session. If you do not have the
necessary documents on hand, an attorney may not be able
to assist you.
                                                                   Scheduling an Appointment
Matters Handled During Walk-In Hours                               Appointments are scheduled the week prior on Friday mornings.
                                                                   Appointments can be scheduled in person at 0700 on Fridays or
Consumer Law Issues                                                by calling 725-6172 at 0730 on Friday.
Contract Disputes
Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Review of Contracts                                                Dissolution (Divorce) Class
Non-Support Issues
Family Law Issues                                                  Held every Thursday 1300-1400 at the Joint Legal Assistance
                                                                   Office, Building 22161. This class is mandatory for those seeking
                                                                   assistance with marital dissolutions. Provides background
Services Not Provided by Legal Assistance                          information on divorces and separations in California. NOTE: If
                                                                   you can not make it to the class you may call and schedule an
Living Trusts                                                      appointment to come in and watch the video in our office.
Claims against the government                                      Monday-Thursday 0800-1500, Friday 0800-1100
BCNR Petitions
Fitness Report Rebuttals
Court-Martial or NJP Counseling                                    Naturalization Class (Service Members)
Traffic Violations
DUI/DWI Counseling                                                 Every Thursday at 1430-1500 at the Joint Legal Assistance Office,
Criminal Matters or Bankruptcy                                     Building 22161. This class is mandatory for military members
Conservatorships                                                   who wish to naturalize via expedited processing system.
                                                                   Family Members Benefits
Family Law Hours
                                                                   Every other Thursday at 1500 – 1600 at the Joint Legal
Paperwork for Dissolutions, Adoptions, Guardianships & Name        Assistance Office, Building 22161.
Changes may be picked up Monday-Thursday at 0800-1100.

                                                                   Traveling Legal Briefs
Power of Attorneys and Wills
                                                                   Preventive Law Briefs, Wills and Power of Attorney Briefs, and
Power of Attorneys and Simple Wills may be prepared at our brief   Pre-deployment Briefs may be scheduled by units for classes of
that takes place at our office every Monday-Wednesday at 1300.     75+ attendees. Units deploying, please contact our legal
                                                                   assistance office. Schedule Company or Battalion size Will and
Notary Public Hours                                                Power of attorney briefs at least 3 months prior to deploying so
                                                                   that we have enough time to meet your unit’s request.
Monday-Thursday at 0800-1100, 1300-1500
Friday at 0800-1100                                                Other Joint Legal Assistance Offices

                                                                   MCRD              (619) 524-4111/4110
                                                                   MIRAMAR           (858) 577-1656

                                                                                                   Joint Legal Assistance Office
                                                                                                         Revised 9 August, 2005
This letter is written by a legal assistance attorney on behalf of an individual client, and does not represent an
official position of the Marine Corps or the United States Government.

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