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                     The detailed visual resources in this activity allow
                              a virtual field trip investigation.

  WJEC A Level Geography               Resources in this folder              Suggested activity
  specification statements

AS G2 Theme 2 –                     Introduction                        Introduction to some
Investigating Settlement                                                redevelopment concepts
Change in MEDCs                     Introduction- Teachers’
2.3 What are the                    guidelines file provides the        Class discussion from
issues of the                       activities and teacher prompt       whiteboard
inner city?                         summaries of concepts and           1. Match cartoon to correct
The reasons why regeneration is   aims of waterfront                  phrases.
considered                          regeneration.                       2.Discussion of aims of
appropriate including               Introduction - starter activity     waterfront regeneration.
deindustrialisation, dereliction,   provides the cartoons and
wasteland and social exclusion      headings for the starter activity
and global economic
Evaluation of the success of      Overview                            Overview
regeneration schemes in
social, economic and                Liverpool - Background              Student Activity
environmental terms.                Contains sections on                Read, absorb and think about
                                        1. History of the docks         the questions posed in the
A2 G4 Sustainable cities                2. Merseyside                   background information on:
4.3 What attempts have been                Development                  The history of the docks;
made to find sustainable                   Corporation                  Merseyside Development
solutions to problems                   3. Tourism in Liverpool         Corporation;
faced by cities?                        4. Population change            Tourism.
Strategies to deal with                 5. Web links                    Draw a line graph to show
transport and communications;                                         population change in Liverpool.
disparities in wealth;
areal extent;                     Liverpool Docks tour.               In Liverpool-Background it is
quality of environment.           The home page aerial                argued that Dockland is the
                                    photograph contains red dots        focal point of Liverpool.
                                    which activate text,
                                    photographs and videos of the       The scale of dockland
                                    different types of regeneration     redevelopment in Liverpool is
                                    in the various docks. There are     vast. Twelve distinct areas of
                                    also videos and photographs of      regeneration can be identified.
                                    the whole dockland area on          These date from 1981 to future
                                    this page.                          plans.

                                                                        Student Activity
                                                                        Use the aerial photograph on
                                                                        the home page in the Liverpool
                                                                        Docks tour, to draw a sketch
                                                                        map to locate Liverpool
                                                                        Docklands.Use an atlas to
                                                                        locate Liverpool docklands
                                                                        within the region.
                                                                        Annotate the map with the
                                                                        names of docks. Use the titles
                                   of the individual dock files to
                                   add the date of development
                                   and the type of regeneration
                                   for each dock.

Evaluation:                        Evaluation
The resources for the 12 sites,    Student Activity
with further discussion points     Evaluate the impact of each
indicated, are, from S to N:       development and compare the
       Garden Festival site –     different types of regeneration
        development or Nature
        Reserve?                   For each dock click on the
       Herculaneum Dock –         name on the aerial photo,
        use of interesting         Liverpool Docks tour. Use the
        space.                     information found in each file,
       Brunswick Industrial       which may be in the form of
        site                       text, photographs, video,
       Coburg Quay –              interviews, or planning
        Gentrification             documents, to:
       Customs and Excise             1. evaluate the impact –
       Kings Dock                         complete the Impacts
       Albert Dock - Changing             of redevelopment –
        age focus                          evaluation sheet for
       Pier Head –                        each dock
        Preservation society           2. complete a quality of
       Princes Dock –                     environment Excel file
        Preservation society               Quality of environment
       Trafalgar Dock - future            survey
        planning issues                3. complete a bipolar
       Waterloo warehouse                 survey Excel file Bipolar
       Stanley Dock                       survey

Printable worksheets on which      for each dock development.
to describe and analyse each
development are found in the       At the end of the text
file Impacts of redevelopment –    information for some of docks
evaluation sheet.                  there is a ‘Discussion points’
                                   section to highlight issues
Two Excel files are available to   particular to that development.
complete further surveys.
Quality of environment survey      The list of developments are
and                                arranged geographically S to N
Bipolar survey                     on the drop down menu. You
                                   may like to start with Pier Head
                                   which is the historical centre of
                                   Liverpool docks.

                                   Student Activity
                                   Bring together your data,
                                   description and analysis to
                                   answer the question – What
                                   are the reasons for the
                                   regeneration of Liverpool
                                   Dockland? Evaluate of the
                                   success of the regeneration
schemes in
social, economic and
environmental terms.

Further investigation may help
your answer. Research
relevant web links given in
Liverpool – Background

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