6th Grade Band Syllabus by I5F6rC7C


									                             6th Grade Band Syllabus
                              Mrs. Sauer, Band Director
                           You may reach me at 523-2480
                              Or at esauer@spsmail.org

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Band is a year-long elective course for 6 , 7 and 8 grade students. Elective courses are the
same as core courses in that each major instructional goals and objectives required for your
instruction. You earn a grade in band just as you will in your core classes. Your band grade is
part of your overall grade point average.

You will be receiving your instrument assignments during the second week of school. Please do
NOT purchase an instrument until this time. I will send a letter detailing what supplies you
need, as well as a list of music stores where you may purchase these things. You will have
approximately two weeks to get your supplies after the letter goes home.

Before you begin playing in class, you will be learning about music (note names, rhythms, etc.).
You will have daily written work during this time, which will be a large part of your first quarter
grade, along with class participation.

After you start playing in class, you will have short playing tests. We will have 8-12 of these per
quarter. At this time, the grading emphasis will change from written work to playing tests.

After you start playing your instrument in class, you will not have much (if any) written homework
in band. Your “homework” is to practice your instrument at home. You will be required to
practice for 70-90 minutes each week. These minutes will be recorded on a practice card, signed
daily by a parent or guardian, and turned in the last day of the month. If you turn in a completed
practice log the day it is due, you will receive 100 points. The second day you will receive 90
points, the third day, 80 points, the fourth day, 70 points and any day after that you will receive 0
points. Please be responsible for this.

The sixth grade will have several performances throughout the year. Band is a performance-
based class, and these concerts are mandatory. It is REQUIRED that you attend these
performances. Each will be worth 100 points. I have included the dates I know so far. Please
mark your calendars now and make plans accordingly.

In addition to written work, playing tests, and performances, you will be graded on participation. If
you follow the classroom rules, have your materials daily, display a positive attitude, and do your
best in class every day, you will receive all of your participation points.

                                         Classroom Rules
    1. No food, drinks (except water), or gum AT ALL.
    2. Enter the room, get your instrument, music and pencil, and sit down. Do not play until we
       begin class. If you are not ready to start when I am, you will be counted tardy.
    3. Keep the band room and instrument cubbies CLEAN please!
    5. Show respect to your teachers and classmates at all times.
    6. Any disruption of class will not be tolerated.
    7. Do not abuse your privileges.

Failure to follow these rules may result in a 30 minute detention after school, as well as loss of
participation points. If you forget your instrument, music, and pencil once, you will receive a
warning. Any time you forget after that, it will result in a detention after school that day. If your
horn is in the shop, you will need to bring a note from a parent that day and produce the sales
receipt when you get it back. If your parents have questions about the rules, please have them
call me.
                                    Important Band Dates

September 7—Fundraiser kick-off day. We will be selling candy, wrapping paper and gift items
for approximately a week and a half. The money we raise at this time will determine trips taken,
music and instruments purchased, and any other expenses we may come across throughout the
year. Parents, many of you ask if you could just give a donation instead. I would be very happy
to accept this. Please know, however, that your student will not be able to participate in the
company’s prize program. Students using school instruments, including percussionists, will be
STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to participate in the fundraiser.

January 22—6 Grade Winter Concert 7:00 p.m. at Pershing

May 2 (tentative)—6th Grade Contest at Strafford High School
May 7—6 Grade Spring Concert 6:00 p.m. at Pershing

Please put these dates on your calendars now. I will let you know of any additions or changes in
a timely manner.

Parents and students, please remember that band is a year-long course. You will not be
permitted to change to a different class at the end of the semester. You are making a
commitment for a full year. I’d also like you to think about this as a three year commitment, as we
do have band through 8 grade. We work very hard to prepare you during the first year for the
                                                                th      th
next two years. There are so many opportunities for you in 7 and 8 grade band, so please try
to make a three year commitment to the band and your instrument. You may not change
instruments at the end of each year. If you choose to play clarinet, you will be playing clarinet
for three years, unless we both agree you need to change. If you have any questions about this,
please ask me at the beginning of the year so that we may change your schedule if needed.

The Pershing Band has a website. The address is on the front page of the syllabus or you can
get to it from the Pershing Middle School website (click Music, Art, Technology, Spanish). I try
very hard to keep you informed of what is going on, as well as provide links to permission slips,
practice cards, assignments, etc. I also have a Facebook page, called Pershing Middle School
Band (Organization). If you and/or your child are on Facebook, please Like that page. I will send
reminders and updates out via Facebook all the time.

Parents, please call with any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for your support of
our band program.

Return the bottom portion signed by Monday, August 20.


I have read and understand the information pertaining to band class.



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